Although Sysprep resets the activation of windows server 2008, you can only reactivate windows server 2008 __ times.


____ can only be used for capturing and applying full images of an OS. It cannot be used to apply updates to an OS or software applications. It supports only .wim file type unlike the third party applications for imaging.


Mounting a .wim file as a read/write volume requires ___


ImageX images can only be mounted in ____, ____, and ____

windows xp with sp2, windows vista, and windows server 2003 with sp1.

Using the ___ image format you can modify images by adding or removing files. This connects an NTFS folder to the selected image. After mounting, you can use windows explorer or the command prompt to work with the files.


____ works by counting the number of physical client computers requesting activation and then storing information on these computers in a table based on client machine identification (CMID) numbers, which are unique client IDs stored in the ___ database.


___ is installed by default in windows server 2008 and windows vista. It uses the ____ for activation. The only requirement is that you must add your product key to the server hosting KMS with the following command ____

KMS (key management services)
software license manager script (slmgr.vbs)
slmgr.vbs /ipk

Server 2008 editions
standard allows ___ VM guests to be hosted.
Enterprise allows ____ VM guests to be hosted.
Data center allows ____ VM guests to be hosted.


For installing roles and features in server core, you can use the ____ tool.

optical component setup (OCSetup)

Because Server Core lacks a GUI, you must configure it from the command prompt using such tools as ____, ____, ____ or from remote systems using ____ and ____

OCsetup, WIMIC, Net.exe
rmtshare.exe, WinRM

The Server Core version of the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition can be upgraded to the Full version without completely reinstalling the OS. True or False?


You can use OCsetup.exe to install Active Directory Domain Services on a Server Core version of Windows Server 2008 Standard edition. True or False?


To capture a drive partition containing an operating system, you need run ImageX by booting from Windows PE. True or False?


You can use the same image file for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008. True or False?


TFTP and multicast are based on reliable network protocols and transport services. True or False?


The Windows Automated Installation Kit is installed by default as part of the Windows Deployment Services role installation. True or False?


ImageX automatically saves all changes you make to a mounted image. True or False?


By default, Windows Server 2008 has a grace period of 30 days in which to activate. True or False?


Which component would you install on a Windows Server 2008 server to manage the deployment of OS images over the network?
a. ImageX
b. Sysprep
c. WindowsPE
d. Windows Deployment Services

d. Windows Deployment Services

Which utility do you use to mount image files for adding device drivers and data?
a. ImageX
b. Sysprep
c. WindowsPE
d. Windows Deployment Services
e. Windows System Image Manager

a. ImageX

Which utility do you use to create answer files for unattended installations?
a. ImageX
b. Sysprep
c. WindowsPE
d. Windows Deployment Services
e. Windows System Image Manager

e. Windows System Image Manager

Which utility do you use to generalize computers before imaging by removing specific information such as user settings and the security identifier?
a. ImageX
b. Sysprep
c. WindowsPE
d. Windows Deployment Services

b. Sysprep

Which Windows Server 2008 process improvement simplifies the development of service packs and updates?
a. Modularization
b. Windows Imaging Format
c. XML-based answer files
d. Installation scripts
e. File and Registry redirection

a. Modularization

Which extension is used for ImageX-based image files?
a. .wmi
b. .wim
c. .iso
d. .img

b. .wim

Which of the following are not requirements for running WDS?
a. DHCP must be active and available on your network.
b. DNS must be active and available on your network.
c. An NTFS partition must be available for storing images.
d. WDS must be running on a

d. WDS must be running on a domain controller.

You have a Windows Server 2008 server named MSN-SRV001 that has been configured for company Before imaging the machine for deployment, you need to generalize the image so that Windows Welcome runs on the next reboot of the server. Which of the fo

c. Choose Out-Of-Box Experience in Sysprep
e. Run Sysprep.exe.
g. Choose the generalize check box in Sysprep

Which command-line utility do you use to manage product activation and licensing in Windows Server 2008?
a. ImageX
b. Slmgr.vbs
c. Servermanagercmd.exe

b. Slmgr.vbs

What type of media cannot be used to run Windows PE?
a. CD
b. DVD
c. USB flash drive
d. distribution share

d. distribution share

19. Which command can you use to mount an image using ImageX?
a. ImageX /mount c:\imagefolder\ "Standard" "c:\Images\Server2008.img"
b. ImageX /mnt c:\imagefolder\ "Standard" "c:\Images\Server2008.wim"
c. ImageX /mount c:\imagefolder\ "Standard" "c:\Image

c. ImageX /mount c:\imagefolder\ "Standard" "c:\Images\Server2008.wim

Retaining settings and applications is one reason for performing a(n) ____ installation instead of a(n) _____ installation.

Clean, upgrade

___ is a customizable/Limited 32-bit operating system that can be used for installation, troubleshooting and recovery of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.


____ is the command-line tool for capturing a Windows image file.


____ is an unreliable transport service used by Windows Deployment Service to install multiple images to clients across a network.


To use Windows System Image Manager and ImageX, you need to install the __________.

Windows Deployment Services

You have been asked to review the licensing for a future Windows Server 2008 deployment at Ditka's Coffee Traders (DCT). Based on the following information, recommend the options that require the fewest CALs to be purchased by the client. Select two answe

c. Use Per User or Per Device licensing mode
d. Install 20 User-Based CALs

Used for transferring images across the network. It is the key component of the Preboot eXecution Environment, the backbone of WDS. It's traffic is connectionless in nature, meaning the sequence of data packets or data grams is not guaranteed.

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

Allows multiple computers to receive communication simultaneously


The recommended tool for creating your image distribution shares and the unattend.xml answer file
Gives you access to all the configurable settings in Windows Server 2008

Windows System Image Manager

Command-line tool that organizations can use to
Capture, modify, and apply file-based disk images for rapid deployment
Can capture an entire disk partition or a specific folder


A limited 32-bit operating system based on the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 kernel code
Designed for installing, troubleshooting, and recovering Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista
Benefits over MS-DOS
Windows PE supports NTFS 5.x file syst

Windows Preinstallation Environment

A new recovery environment built into Windows Server 2008 and based on Windows PE 2.0
A complete diagnostic and recovery solution
A platform for building your own recovery solutions

Windows Recovery Environment

Prepares an installation of Windows for imaging and deployment by
-Modifying a system to create a new SID and other unique information the next time it starts
-Removes user and computer-specific information that should not be transferred to new images


What are the four tasks you can do with an image using ImageX?

Capture an image
Append an image
Modify an image
Apply an image

Provides a key to activate individual computers or a group of computers within your environment

Multiple Activation Keys (MAKs)

Internal service for activating all computers in an enterprise network without requiring the computers to contact Microsoft

Key Management Services (KMS)

License that grants to a user or computer device the right to access the server


License of choice in situations where many users access resources from a few client computers

Device-based CALs

Allow one user to access server resources from unknown or multiple devices

User-based CALs

Configuring Server Core
From network adapter settings to roles and domain membership You can....

set all the configurations for Server Core through the command prompt

Configuring Server Core
Can be used to create a user account


Configuring Server Core
_____ is used to change the server name, modify domain membership, and turn on a remote desktop

Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC)

Windows server 2008 uses a single answer file using the ___ format.


An ___ is a text file that provides configuration settings during the installation of an operating system.

answer file

Because WDS is an enterprise deployment solution, your environment must meet what requirements before you can install and use WDS?

1.The computer must be a member of an active directory domain.
2. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) must be active and available on your network.
3. Domain Name System (DNS) must be active and available on your network.
4. New Technology File System (NTFS) partition must be available for storing images.

How does WDS help the multicast process?

With WDS, the server repeats the communications so that clients can begin installing the image at any time during the communication.

_____works well on production networks without interfering with existing network communication because it controls congestion and data flow. It is also independent of WDS and AD. This means that you do not need to have AD or an active WDS implementation t


With ___ you can start a computer from a network or removable media, which provides network resources and other resources necessary to install and trouble shoot windows vista. You can also use it to boot a server and create an image file using ImageX.

Windows PE

___ is a new recovery environment built into windows server 2008 and based on windows PE 2.0. It is a complete diagnostic and recovery solution as well as a platform for building your own recovery solutions.

Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE)