Softball Unit

pop fly

A ball that is hit high into the air in fair or foul territory


When you swing and miss the ball.


A pitch that isn't swung at and doesn't go through the strike zone.

force play

When the runner is forced to advance to the next base.

tag play

When the runner isn't forced to advance to the next base.


When the ball is hit on the ground it is deemed a 'grounder'

two handed-catch

Using both hands to catch the ball, one in the glove the other supporting it.


'Run Batted In'. When you hit gets somebody home

foul ball

a ball struck with the bat so that it does not stay between the lines (the foul lines) that define the width of the playing field

called strike

A strike that is in the strike zone and not hit by the batter.

strike zone

The area over home plate and between the batters forward armpit and top of the knees.


After four "balls" the batter advances to first base


When the bases are loaded and teh batter gets a home run for a grand total of four runs.

full count

when the pitcher throws 2 strikes and 3 balls


runners may over run ___ base only


no ____ bases

on deck

next batter to hit

infield, outfield

The playing field is divided into the _______ and the _______.


when both teams have had their turn to bat

three strikes have been called, a fly ball is caught, the batter does not stand in the batter's box

The batter is out if and when...

lead off a base

Runners cannot _____ ____ ___ _____, they must be on the base until the ball has left the pitcher's hand.

advancing to the next base

After a fly ball has been caught, the base runner must tag the occupied base before ________ __ ___ ______ _____.

they are tagged with the ball before reaching a base, the ball gets to 1st base before the runner, the run more than 3 feet out of the base line to avoid being tagged.

A runner is out if...

force out

when the runner has to advance to the next base to make room for the following base runner


There are __ players on a softball team.