Community Test #2

Biologic Terrorism CH22 p


Chemical Terrorism CH22 p


Disaster CH22 p


Disaster Nursing CH22 p


Man-made Disaster CH22

EX: War, Terriorism, (CBRNE:Chem, Bio-anthrax, Rad, Nuc-bomb,Exposure), Accidents

Mass Casuality Incident CH 22 p558

Usually GREATER 100 Casualties (increase need for resources, check availability of personnel and supplies govern triage and tx dec
EX: Bombing, May 3rd Tornando, Carbon Monoxide

Multiple Casuality Incident CH22 p558

GREATER than 2 but LESS then 100 persons injured
EX: Bus Crash, Wrecks,

Mitigation CH22 p561

describes actions and/or processes that can be used to prevent or reduce the damage caused by a specific disaster event.
Immediate impact on ppl reduced by ability of emerg personnel to org evacuations and dec risk of injury/death

Natural Disasters CH22 p 559

EX: Hurrican, tornadoes, flash floods, blizzards, typhoons, earthquakes, avalanches

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) CH22 p


FIVE Dimensions of Disaster CH22 p561


Devoloping Impact (MASS) CH22

EX: Ice Storm, Contagious Illness

Immediate Impact (MASS) CH22

EX: Bomb

Phases of Disaster (three) CH22 p561

Preimpact, Impact, Postimpact
or Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Preimpact CH22 p561

PLANNING:Assess probability and risk, Agency/Org Planning(emerg operation centers, regional plan group), Coalitions

Preimpact CH22 p561

Mitigation (evac-early warning, personal plan), Prevent Occurence (Infrastruct maintenance-torn. shelter, fire prev-alarm system checks)
Education of Public/Professional

Impact Phase CH22 p562


Postimpact Phase (2) CH22 p562

Triage, Assessing, Retx
Emergency (rescue/1st Aid): Pre-hosp-triage,search, palliative care
Recovery(from emerg to return)

Altered Standards of Care (HOSPITAL)

You don't funx in the same way you would with normal routine and tx of ppl
*Pre-hosp care (such as emergency med serv sys EMS)
*Hosp. and acute care facilities
Where do you look for Guidance-->* Agency for Healthcare

Principle of Disaster ch22


Scarce Resource CH22

Goal change=save as many as possible

Acute Care Issues CH22


Strategic National Stockpile (not in book)

Must be declared national emergency first
Huge warehouse of vaccines, med, equip, and supp in event of emergency we are prepared
national repository of life-saving pharm/med mat
Delivered to site of disaster by FED GOV
GOAL=to reduce morbidity/mortality i

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) CH22

ID train/nontrain ppl to help in a disaster
train and make sure skills and expertise can contribute

Mission Statement of MRC CH22


National MRC Organization CH22

Each MRC community is unique with diff resources and partners
Each MRC dev it struct according to need of community