What was one lesson the Greeks learned after fighting a war with the Persians?

They learned they needed each other for security.

What is the name of the league that the Athenians and other city-states joined for their common defense against the Persians?

They joined the Delian league

What did the Delian league develop into?

It developed into an Athenian Empire.

In Athens direct democracy who could vote on laws and policies?

All citizens could vote on the laws and policies.

What form of democracy do we in the United States have?

In the United States we have a representative form of democracy

What duties did the ten officials known as generals in Athens have at the assembly where they met every ten days?

They carried out the assembly's laws and policies.

8) Why did the Athenians choose Pericles as their statesman?

He was their favorite general.

9) What did Pericles think people needed to help make Athens more democratic?

He believed people's talents were more important than their status or social standing.

10) Who did Pericles allow to run for public office?

He allowed lower class male citizens to run for office.

11) What did Pericles have rebuilt in Athens?

He had new temples and statues built. He also had the Parthenon rebuiltp

13) What is a philosopher?

A philosopher is a thinker who ponders questions about life

12) In the arts who did Pericles support?

He supported artists, architects, writers, and philosophers.

What enabled Athens to have a bustling economy?

Slaves enabled Athens to have a bustling economy.

How did slaves enable Athens to have a robust economy?

Prices would be cheaper due to the cheap labor of slaves.

What did the Greek farmers grow?

Grains, vegetables, fruit, grapes and olives

17) What did the Herders produce from their sheep and goats?

They produced wool, milk and cheese.

18) How did the artisans and merchants make their wealth?

They sold pottery, jewelry, leather goods, and other products.

19) When did Athenian men work?

They worked in the morning, exercised and attended the assembly.

20) How did the upper class Athenian men spend their evenings?

They had all male meetings where they drank, dined, and discussed politics and philosophy.

21) What was life like for an Athenian woman?

An Athenian woman's life revolved around the home and family.

How old were the Athenian women when they got married?

They were 14 or 15 years old when they married.

23) Who had more freedom to move around in Athens a poor Athenian woman or a wealthy Athenian woman?

A poor Athenian woman did as she could go out on her own a wealthy Athenian woman had to have a male relative accompany her in public.

What were the occasions that took place that would allow an Athenian woman to leave the home?

She could go to attend a funeral or festivals.

25) Could Athenian women learn to read?

Yes, but not at school.

26) Did Athenian women have the right to own property?


27) Who looked after widows?

The sons or other male relatives took care of widows.

28) Which non-Greek woman influenced Pericles?


29) Why did historians give the name "Peloponnesian War" to the war fought between Sparta and Athens?

They named it after the location where Sparta was which is on the Peloponnesian Peninsula of present-day Greece.