Of Mice and Men Short Answer Questions Chapter 1

Physical description of George and Lenny

George-smallish, cares for Lennie
Lennie-big, acts kind of childish

What is George's first complaint to Lennie?

Lennie! Don't drink so much!

What trouble did George and Lennie have in Weed?

They ran George and Lennie out of Weed.

What is in Lennie's pocket? Why does he have it?

He has a dead mouse in his pocket so he can pet it.

George's long speech about what he could do if he was alone. What could he do?

He could get a job, work, and have no trouble.

Lennie offers to live in a cave. What is George's response?

He wants Lennie to stay.

Why are George and Lennie different from the other guys who work on ranches?

They travel together.

What are George and Lennie going to do someday?

They are going to have a house with some pigs, cows, and a few acres of land.

What two things does George want Lennie to remember?

-Hide in a bush
-Tend to the rabbits

Why did George want to camp overnight instead of going to the ranch?

They are tired.

What does George answer when the boss asks what he is trying to put over?

He ain't bright.

Identify and describe Curley.

young, brown face and eyes, curled hair

The swamper said "Seems like Curley ain't givin' nobody a chance." Explain

Says everybody should pick on people their own size.

What advice did George give Lennie after Curley and the swamper leave.

Don't act scared or Curley will sock him.

Identify Slim and Carlson.

tall, had damp hair, Skinner
powerful, big stomached man

What does Slim have that Lennie wants?