what are altered states of consciousness?

a shift in the quality and pattern of mental activity

what is the conscience level?

mental events that you are aware of

what is nonconscious level?

outside of conscience awareness

what is subconscious level?

activity kept out of conscious

what is a circadian rhythm?

24 hour day and night

what is melatonin?

a gas released in the brain that signals for the body to go to sleep and helps with day and night cycles

what are the different types of brain waves?

beta alpha theta delta

what are the two categories of sleep?

nonREM and REM

what are hpynogogic images?

produce mild hallucinations, like the feeling of falling

Why is REM often called Paradoxical sleep?

Because the brain is very active yet the body is essentially paralyzed

what is REM Behavior disorder?

the persons muscles are not paralyzed during REM sleep and can and do act out their dreams

How many times a night do you dream?

Five times

How long do Rem periods last?

15 to 45 min

How much time elapses between REM cycles?

30-90 min

What is REM rebound?

the tendency for REM sleep to rebound due to REM sleep sleep depreciation

how many hours of sleep do newborns receive?

17 hours per day

how much sleep do adolecents need?

9 hours per night

how much sleep do adults need?

7 hours per night

how much sleep do elderly people need?

6.5 per night

what is the repair theory of sleep?

activities during the day deplete key features in our brain that are replenished or repaired by sleep

what is the adaptive theory of sleep?

it suggests that sleep keeps us from wasting even more energy

list some effects that occur due to sleep deprivation?

it makes you stupid fatter ,suppress cells, moody, hallucinate

what is microsleep?

sleep lasting only seconds

how many sleeping disorders exist?

over 100

what is insomnia?

persistent problems falling and staing asleep

what is sleep apnea?

a person stops breathing for 10 or more seconds in their sleep

what is narcolepsy?

excessive sleepiness and may fall asleep at unpredictable and inapropriot times

what is cataplexy?

loss of muscle controll directly into REM sleep

what are night terros?

Occur durring first few hours of stage 4, screaming, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing; not a nightmare

when does sleepwalking occur?

stage 4 sleep

what is hypnosis induction?

the process used to hypnotize a person

what is posthypnotic suggestion?

suggestions given to the subject durring hypnosis about preferring a particular behavior to specific que when the subject comes out of hypnosis

what is hypnotic analgesia?

reduction in pain after undergoing hypnosis

what is posthypnotic amnesia?

not remain being what happened during hypnotic if the hypnosis suggests that

what is age regression?

refers to the subject being asked to regress in time to an earlier age.

what are some uses of hypnosis?

reduce pain, medical, dental, loss of weight, quit smoking, quit drinking

what are two hypnotic theories

social role playing