The first of the seven sacrament and one of the three sacraments of Christian Initiation by which one becomes a member of the Church and a new creature in Christ

Original Sin

From the Latin "origo" meaning "the beginning"-The sin of the first human beings


The Rite, which takes place on the first Sunday of Lent, by which the Church elects or accepts the catechumens for the Sacraments of Christian Initiation at the Easter Vigil

Paschal Candle

AKA Easter candle- a big, tall candle that is lit at the Easter Vigil by a flame from the new fire


Influence resulting from a person's desire to gain approval or avoid disapproval


the process by which Christians of all ages are taught the essentials of Christian Doctrine and are formed as disciples of Christ


An unbaptized person who is preparing for full initiation into the Catholic church


The day on which Christians celebrate Jesus' Resurrection


A period following the reception of the sacraments of initiation that aims to more fully initiate people into the mystery of Christ

Common Priesthood

The name of the priesthood shared by all who are baptized


A perfumed oil blessed by the bishop and used in some sacramental liturgies


The proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and witness


The title given to catechumens after the Rite of election while they are in the final period of preparation for the Sacraments Initiation


Rites within the RCIA that support and strengthen the elect through prayers

Rite of Election

The Rite, which takes place on the first Sunday of Lent by which the church elects or accepts the catechumens for the sacraments of initiation at easter vigil

Name 4 events in salvation history associated with water that help us to understand the meaning of the sacrament of baptism.

1. The water of life-creation 2. The great flood 3. From death to life- the exodus 4. The Waters of the Jordan

What is the RCIA?

the process by which and unbaptized person called a catechumen are prepared to become full members of the church

What are the four periods and three steps of the RCIA?

Periods: Period of inquiry, period of the catechumenate, period of purification and enlightenment, period of post baptismal catechesis or mystagogy. Steps: rite in acceptance into the order of the catechumens, rite of election, celebration of the sacramen

Describe 4 aspects of formation presented in the catechumenate

catechesis, spiritual development, liturgy, apostolic witness

What are the essential elements in baptism?

white garment and lighted candle