ADP 3-09 / ADRP 3-09

What ADP/ADRP covers Fires?


What are the core competencies of Fires?

• Air Defense Artillery.• Field Artillery.

What are the critical capabilities of Fires?

• Target Acquisition.• Target Discrimination.• Target Engagement.

What are the principles of Fires?

• Precision.• Scalable.• Synchronized.• Responsive.• Networked.

What are the characteristics of Fires?

• All Weather.• Precision/Near Precision Fires.• Mass Area Fires.• Air and Space Integration.• Inherently Joint.

What are the defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or missiles in the atmosphere, or to nullify or reduce effectiveness of such attack either through surveillance actions or active engagements of aerial threat?

Air defense artillery

What is Fire support?

Fire support is fires that directly support land, maritime, amphibious, and special operations forces to engage enemy forces, combat formations, and facilities in pursuit of tactical and operational objectives.

What is the objective of fires planning?

To optimize combat power

How is fire support planning accomplished?

Fire support planning is accomplished using targeting and the running estimate.

What is a Target?

A Target is an entity or object considered for possible engagement or other action.

What does targeting provide?

Targeting provides an effective method for matching the friendly force capabilities against enemy targets.