s.s pt 1


landowner in the Dutch colonies who ruled like kings over large areas of land

proprietary colony

colony whose owner owned all the land and controlled the government


people who refuse to use force or to fight in wars

How did William Penn earn the respect of Native Americans?

He believed that the land belonged to Native Americans and that settlers should pay for land.

How was the Quaker religion different from the Puritans?

The Quakers were pacifist and believed everyone had an inner light. They also respected everyone's religions.The Puritans started wars and forced people into religion

indentured servant

people who agree to work without pay for a certain period of time


a plan of government


people who are unable to pay their debts

tenant farmers

farmer who works land owned by another and pays rent either in cash or crops

Why did Spain send missionaries to the Pacific coast and the Southwest

It is so they can protect their claims and to convert people to a particular faith

How did the economics of the French differ from those of the English in North America?

The French had trading posts and sold fur.The English sold land and crops

List 3 religious groups that left England and describe their beliefs

*Protestants- wanted to change the Anglican Church*Pilgrims- wanted to set up their own church*Catholics- believed in one God