The American Revolution Review Colonization to French and Indian War to Revolution

Great Migration 1620-1640

This involves the migration of some 80,000 people out of Britain, 20,000 of them came to the New England colonies.

4 Key Reasons for colonization (why people left Britain)

political, social, economic, religious

What are the three different types of colonies?

Proprietary, royal, and corporate.

Economic development of a colony was affected by where the colony was located. What are the 3 regions of 13 British Colonies?

New England, Middle, and Southern.

The New England colonies produced?

Finished products: guns, clothing, rum, ships.

The Middle Colonies produced?

Grains, nicknamed the "Bread Basket Colonies

The Southern Colonies produced?

A variety of crops tobacco, rice, indigo. These are farming colonies (remember the hands of slaves)

Which colony was most strict in their Puritan faith?

Massachusetts (remember the boot people were kicked out, dissenters, from the colony for not following the Puritan church).

This war in North America was started over territory debates between France and Britain over the Ohio River Valley area (west of the Allegheny Mountains)

French and Indian War 1754 - 1763

The French and Indian War was known over in Europe as the?

Seven Years War

How long was the French and Indian War

9 years

Was the Seven Years War only fought in North America?

No, also in Europe and India.

Who allied with the French in the French and Indian War?

French colonists and a variety of native tribes

Who allied with the British in the French and Indian War?

Some colonists and the Iroquois Confederacy

One way the British government controlled the economy of the colonies was preventing them from trading with other nations. These are known as the?

Navigation Acts

What document officially ended the French and Indian War?

Treaty of Paris 1763

What document officially ended the American Revolution?

Treaty of Paris 1783

Following the French and Indian War the British government did not allow the colonists to move west past the Appalachian Mountain line. This is called the?

Proclamation of 1763

How was the economy of Britain after the French and Indian War was over? strong or weak?

Weak, Britain spent a lot of money on the War and now needed to tax to raise money.

Who created this cartoon and why?

Ben Franklin created this cartoon to symbolize to the colonists they were stronger united as one force against the French than as separate colonies.

This map illustrates the territory conflict started between which two countries which led to what war?

France and Britain, The French and Indian War

Map interpretation, looking at the countries represented on this map and the physical features (mountain ranges) what does the line symbolize?

Proclamation Line (Proclamation of 1763)

What did the British Parliament do in an effort to enforce the Proclamation of 1763?

Sent British troops to the colonies.

Who wins in the French and Indian War?

The British

How did the British government prepare to rebuild their country's economy after the French and Indian War?

Taxing the colonies

Why did the colonists revolt and refuse to pay the variety of taxes the British government imposed upon them?

They claimed "no taxation without representation

What does "no taxation without representation" mean?

We will not pay taxes to a government that we have no representation in.

Who were the two main parties involved in the American Revolution?

British and the Americans (Patriots)

What two countries joined the American Revolution to assist the Patriots?

Spain and France

Who won their independence in the American Revolution?

The American Patriots

Did the colonists declare their independence during the war or after it was over?

During the war

Which document was written to share that the colonists were officially seeking independence from Britain?

The Declaration of Independence

Who is the main author of the Declaration of Independence ?

Thomas Jefferson

Who worked with Thomas Jefferson to edit the declaration?

John Adams and Ben Franklin

This document served as the initial framework for government for the new country of the United States.

Articles of Confederation.

On what day was the Declaration of Independence officially approved?

July 4, 1776

The Articles of Confederation were adopted in Nov of 1777, but when were they ratified (officially accepted) by all 13 states?

March of 1781

What did the Stamp Act do?

Placed a tax on almost all printed goods.

Why were the Articles of Confederation eventually replaced?

The need for a stronger Federal Government.

What document replaced the Articles of Confederation and when did that occur?

Our current Constitution in March of 1789.

At what meeting was the Constitution created?

Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.