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What was the religion in Teotihaucan?


Who was K'ak Tiliw Chan Chaak?

He was the son of Lady Wac-Chanil-Ahau, built many monuments in the cities he ruled, ascended the throne of Naranjo at the age of 5, greatly expanded and beautified the Maya capital

What Mesoamerican group practiced human sacrifice?

Maya, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec

What type of government was Teotihuacan?


What type of agriculture was practiced by the Maya?

Terraced landscaping and irrigation

What caused the collapse of Teotihuacan ca. 650 C.E.?

we don't know

What was the feathered serpent culture god Quetzalcoatl?

God of agriculture and the arts

What was the benefit of chinampas?

Year-round agriculture was possible

What were the main dietary staples among the Maya?

Corn and beans

Who typically were the Maya sacrificial victims?

Captured nobility from other areas

Maya society was organized in which family system?


Describe women in the Maya society.

They were central to the religious and economic life of every home

What type of writing did the Maya have?


What group was the earliest Mesoamerican civilization?


What were the major states in the postclassic periods?

Toltecs and Aztecs

How was the Aztec monarch determined?

a council of aristocrats

What was the capital of the Aztec Empire?


What was the calpolli?

the base of the altepetl

How were the Aztecs able to form their empire?

ruthlessly conquering other peoples

What was the principal reason for human sacrifice among the Aztecs?

Huitzilopochtli required a diet of human hearts

What group lived in cliff dwellings?


What factor most likely led to the abandonment of Chaco Canyon?


Describe the Hopewell peoples' economy.

hunting and gathering, with limited agriculture

What was the social and political organization in the North American tribes dependent on?


What group developed based on long-distance trade?


What city was known for its Mound Building?


What civilization was isolated mountainous?

Andean civilization

Why were the llamas and alpacas valued by the Incas?

Wool, food, transportation

What was the mit'a?

a system of work organization by ayllu

What was the ayllu?

The important family structure in Andean civilization

What was the type of government of the Moche civilization?


Who was Huitzilopochtli?

The Aztec god that was the focus of the cult of the hummingbird

What were the two Andean cities that preceded the Incan civilization?

Wari and Tiwanaku

How did the Inca ensure the loyalty of defeated regions?

By forcing the heirs of defeated rulers to live in the royal court

Where were the Toltecs located?

Central Mexico

Where were the Aztecs located?

Lake Teccoco in Mexico

Where were the Mayas located?

Central America

Where were the Teotihuacas located?


Where were the Incas located?

Cuzco, Peru

Where were the Moches located?

North Peru

Where were the Tiwanaku located?


Where were the Waris located?

Ayucucho, Peru

Where were the Southwestern Desert Cultures located?

Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah

What culture was located in the Ohio Valley, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Ontario, and Florida?

The Hopewell culture

Where was the Mississippian culture located?

Cahokia (Missouri)

What culture built a large terraced pyramid?

The Tiwanaku

What was the most notable Mexican-influenced civilization?


What culture had a monarchical government system?


What caused the decline of the Anasazi civilization?

drought,overpopulation, and warfare

What caused the decline of the Moche civilization?

natural disasters and pressure from the warlike Wari people