Supreme Court Cases Test 2

Everson vs. Board of Education

establishment clause

Cantwell vs. Connecticut

free exercise clause

Engel vs. Vital

state sponsored prayer out of school

Abbington vs. Schemp

students can't be required to read bible verses and recite the LORD's prayer. (8 to 1)

Lemon vs. Kurtzman

established lemon law; stated laws must be secular, neutral, and cannot excessively mingle church and state

Stone vs. Graham

Kentucky required teachers to post the 10 commandments in the classroom, 5 to 2 unconstitutional

Wallace vs. Jafree

must only say "moment of silence

Lee vs. Weisman

Rabaii spoke at a graduation service in Rhode Island, supreme court said a religious speaker can't be at a graduation, ours is "student sponsored

Santa Fe ISD vs. Doe

student said a prayer before every football game, 6 to 3 unconstitutional because tax payers paid for the intercom

Van Orden vs. Perry

10 commandments can be posted on capitol grounds

Schneck vs. USA

speech can be limited if it presents a clear and present danger

Gitlow vs. New York

first incorporation case defendent lost, created a bad tendency test

Tinker vs. Des Moines

supreme court said symbolic speech is ok and that students have rights

Bethel School District vs. Fraser

gave a speech with inuendos, used Tinker as a precedent

TX vs. Johnson

burned a flag, 5-4 said it was ok, congress then passed a flag protection act and US vs. Eichman said burning is ok (battle between branches)

Barron vs. Baltimore

said Bill of Rights only applied to the national government