Part 2. 1.2 Questions with Who

inform somebody of

(v) th�ng b�o cho ai v? vi?c g�

the schedule changes

nh?ng s? thay ??i v? l?ch tr�nh

at the hospital

? b?nh vi?n

work on the design project

l�m d? �n thi?t k?

pick up this document

??n l?y t�i li?u n�y

who is supposed to

ai l� ng??i ???c cho l� s?

organize the reception

t? ch?c bu?i ?�n ti?p


(adj) ph?c t?p

talk with her client

n�i chuy?n v?i kh�ch h�ng c?a c� ?y

pay the pill

thanh to�n h�a ??n

organize the annual meeting

t? ch?c bu?i h?p th??ng ni�n

a copy of the contract

m?t b?n sao c?a h?p ??ng

repair the copy machine

s?a m�y photocopy

at the coffee shop

? qu�n cafe

across the street

? b�n kia ???ng

the Planning Department

Ph�ng K? Ho?ch


nh�n vi�n k? thu?t

talk with her boss

n�i chuy?n v?i s?p c?a c� ?y

please leave it to me

h�y ?? t�i lo li?u vi?c ?�