KIN 220 Final

Which of the following is a true statement

All exercise is physical activity

Which of the following describes experimental design

Can be used to establish cause and effect, is highly controlled

Public health includes all of these areas

sanitation, vaccinations, Physical activity, Urban planning

John Snow is the father of modern


Which of the following influences behavior?

An individual, an individual's environment, an individual's social ties

Which of the following is the most variable form of energy expenditure?

Physical Activity energy expenditure (PAEE)

Which of the following best describes MET?

a metabolic equivalent, one MET=rate of oxygen use at rest, energy requirement of activity described in metabolic costs.

Which of the following is true?

reliability is the ability of a test to yield consistent and reliable results, validity is the ability of a test to accurately assess what it is intended to study.

Exercise is

Usually structured and repetitive

Subjective measurements and considered the gold standard for physical activity measurement


Examples of objective measures for PA include


Select the true statement

Subjective measurements of PA are often the best choice for large population studies

Public health practitioners use the social ecological model because

they can use a top-down approach, can use a bottom-up approach, can target specific barriers

Enjoyment fits into which level of the social ecological model?


Which of the following describes self-efficacy?

Individual's belief in their ability to accomplish a task

Which of the following are constructs of the self-efficacy model?

vicarious experience

Which of the following describes motivation?

Only affected by internal factors, is the direction and intensity of one's efforts, can be intrinsic or extrinsic.

Which of the following are ways to increase physical activity enjoyment?

Change intensity, change mode of activity, change physical activity setting

According to casual attribution theory, which of the following describes an external and unstable locus of control?


Which of the following are sources of self-efficacy?

Mastery experience, vicarious learning, social or verbal persuasion, physiological and affective states

Which of the following describes the Transtheoretical Model?

an individual model that includes most aspects of the individual

What is the definition of interpersonal?

being, relating to, or involving relations between people.

Which of the following best describes a social network?

a web of social ties that surround an individual, the characteristic of those social ties, includes structure and context

Social integration is measured by

Membership in organizations, contact with family and friends, marital status, religious affiliations

Christakis main outcomes of his research include

health behaviors spread in a social network

Which of the following best describes social support?

aid exchanged through social ties

How do social relationships impact health?

Psychological pathways, physiological pathways, behavioral pathways

which of the following is true about health behavior?

It is a behavior that is associated with a state of health

How is social integration related to physical activity?

people who are more socially integrated are more likely to PA guidelines, people who are less socially integrated are more likely to be inactive

which of the following are types of social influence?

social facilitation, the Ringlemann effect, Kohler effect

What is the Kohler effect?

Individuals put forth more effort when in the presence of someone moderately superior, dependent on coaction, dependent on indispensability

Who is more likely to put forth the most effort?

Someone in a conjunctive condition

What is epidemiology?

study of the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events, application of the distribution and determinants of health to the control of health problems

What is a setting?

place bounded in a space and time that provides social stricture and context

within a setting, as opportunities for participation decrease so does group physical activity


When trying to create a setting level change, it is not important to change policy


what is a policy?

standards, legal actions, informal rules

what percentage of trips are made by walking in Manhattan?


which of the following are environmental correlates of walking?

Presence of sidewalks

what best describes appropriate land use?

building communities where land is mixed

Goals of Healthy People 2020 include

reduce obesity, reduce inactivity, increase walking, biking, and other forms of active transportation

what are five social structural factors of physical activity?

social class, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender

Select which of the following is true

health disparity can be defined as the health differences between groups, health inequity suggests that social conditions contribute to differences in health

Who is often affected by health disparities?

ethnic minorities

what is the relationship between neighborhood income and physical activity?

individuals who live in neighborhoods with high incomes engage in more high- intensity PA, individuals who live in neighborhoods with low incomes engage in more low-intensity PA, individuals who live in neighborhoods with middle incomes engage in the most moderate-intensity PA

What is the relationship between age and PA

as individuals age, the PA decreases

what percentage of college educated people engage in recommended levels of PA?


Major indicators of social class include

income, occupational status, education

Who is likely to be the most active?

educated, white, male

in order to create sustained behavior change it is important to target one level of the social ecological model?


Approximately how many calories did John expend only from his resting metabolic rate?

(3,000 * .70= 2,100) 2,000 calories

Approximately how many fat grams did John eat?


Because you know what a healthy diet consists of , what would you advise john

Have a better balance of fat, carbohydrate, and protein in his diet.

All other factors being equal, how much weight did John gain/lose at the end of the day?

Gained 0.5 lbs.

The two compartment model in body composition states that the body is made up of

Lean mass and fat mass

Which of the following body composition techniques is most influenced by hydration status?

Bioelectrical Impedance

A high level of physical fitness guarantees a high level of physical health


which of the following is considered the most valid technique for body composition determination due to the fewest assumptions associated with it


which of the following is a primary risk factor for coronary heart disease

Lack of exercise

Regular aerobic exercise does which of the following

increase insulin sensitivity

what is the effect of aerobic exercise on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Very little

Which of the following exercises has research shown to be most effective in preventing osteoporosis?


Dynamic and isometric exercises are equally beneficial in individuals with hypertension


For optimal health, total blood cholesterol, HDL, and LDL should be

Cholesterol <200, HDL >40, LDL <100

Which of the following statements about exercise and the immune system is false

High intensity exercise is effective in reducing the number of illnesses.

The energy system used to generate ATP during immediate (,5 sec.), explosive exercise is


The type of muscle contraction where the muscle lengthens as it contracts is


Fats require which of the following to be utilized as fuel?


As exercise intensity increases, which substrate becomes the primary fuel source?


which of the following contributes most to total daily energy expenditure?

Resting metabolic rate

To maximize glycogen resynthesis, the best time to consume simple sugars are

following exercise

After an individual reaches the age of 60, resistance training is of little use because muscles have a genetic component, which prevents them from increasing strength


Which of the following statements about the developmental continuum is false

The developmental continuum eliminates the need for the study of aging

which of the following statements is true about changes in children through late adolescents

Males tend to have more aerobic endurance compared to females

Which of the following statements about today's children is most likely false?

Today's children may be fitter and today's children may be more likely to engage in PA than when older.

Which of the following is not a performance-related fitness characteristic?

Body size

What field of study best describes what Kinesiology covers?

The science of physical activity

which of the following questions would be of most interest to an exercise physiologist?

What makes proper posture

which of the following is not directly involved in skeletal muscle contraction


What is the significance of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Chemical form of energy used by all cells

In general, what percentage of chemical energy used by cells during the transformation of energy by the enzyme systems generates mechanical energy (i.e. muscle contraction)


Which of the following does not serve as the systematic circuit in the cardiovascular system?


Why can you use the heart rate as the basis for determining appropriate exercise intensity during aerobic training?

Linear relationship exists between heart rate and exercise intensity.

The two processes by which the cardiovascular system controls blood flow to specific systems are called what?

Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation

which of the following is not a characteristic of the pulmonary system?

Lung volumes increase as a result of training

what is the significance of determining oxygen consumption?

It is one way of determining aerobic energy.

One of the components of an effective training program is overload. Which of the following is the best example of this concept?

Increase the intensity of the exercise gradually over a period of weeks.

In general, the rate of decline in functional capacity with inactivity (detraining) is greater than the rate of increase in functional capacity with training at a rate of

3 to 1

As a muscle contracts, which type of contraction generates the most amount of force and is associated the most fatigue?


Which of the following is not considered an essential component of an exercise session?

The time of day to exercise

The largest influence on Jack's maximal aerobic capacity (Vo2max) is


Which of the following is not a physiological adaptation to Jack's training?

Increased muscle glycogen

Jack's training mostly involves low intensity, long duration exercise. This would most benefit

Lung volume increase

Jack's legs likely have a greater percentage of

Type 1 (slow twitch)

Which of the following is not a physiological adaptation to sprint or strength trainging

Decreased muscle gylycogen

A 30 year-old female would increase muscle strength primarily via

Hypertrophy of the muscle

Endurance training increases blood volume. Which of the following will most directly benefit by this training adaptation

Stroke volume

In general, from which of the following should athletes generate the highest percentage of their calorie intake?


Which of the following has the greatest effects on resting metabolic rate

muscle mass

Which of the following factors has research shown to contribute to differences in body fat