Phrasal verb 2

level up

acquire skills, points, etc, for a character in a computer game;increase or improve something to make it the same as other things

level with

tell someone the truth, often when they had not known for some time

lie around

act in a lazy or unproductive way

lie down


lie with

have the right to make a decision

lift off

leave the ground- rocket or spaceship

light out

leave suddenly

light up

light or start smoking a cigarette;illuminate

lighten up

be less serious

limber up

do some exercises to warm up before playing a sport or other physical activity

limber up for

prepare for something that will require a great effort

line up

arrange in a line;arrange something in a line;arrange events for someone

link up

connect, join

link up with

connect with someone or contact them

listen out for

listen for a particular noise or sound

listen up

pay attention (often used as a command)

live by

follow a belief system to guide your behaviour

live down

stop being embarrassed about something

live for

believe something is extremely important

live in

live in the place where you work or study

live it up

have a good time by spending a lot of money

live off

use money earned;be financially supported

live on

use money for basic necessities;not be forgotten

live out

stay somewhere until you die;fulfill an ambition or fantasy;not live at the place where you study or work

live through

experience different times

live together

have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

live up to

meet expectations or standards

live with

accept something unpleasant;have a relationship and live in the same place without marrying

liven up

make something more interesting or exciting;improve someone's mood, make them feel more energetic or interested

load down


load up

take illegal drugs;fill a machine or vehicle

load up on

consume a lot of something for a particular purpose

lock away

lock in a safe place;put someone in prison or a mental hospital for a very long time

lock down

make very secure

lock in

lock a place to stop someone leaving;commit someone in such a way that they cannot leave

lock onto

find a target and head for it

lock out

close a workplace to stop workers entering;lock a place to stop someone getting in

lock up

close all doors, windows, etc.;lock something in a safe place;put in prison or a mental hospital

lock yourself away

go somewhere away from people to study or work

log in

enter a restricted area on a computer system

log into

enter a restricted area of a computer system

log off

exit a computer system

log on

enter a computer system

log out

exit a computer system

look after

take care

look back

think about the past

look down on

have a low opinion of

look for

try to find

look forward to

wait for or anticipate something pleasant

look in

make a quick visit

look in on

visit briefly to see if everything's all right

look into

research, investigate

look on

watch something like a crime without helping

look on as

consider, regard

look out

be careful

look out for

take care of someone, make sure someone is cared for;keep alert and try to see

look over


look round

inspect a house

look through

read quickly

look to

expect, hope

look up

consult a reference work (dictionary, phonebook, etc.) for a specific piece of information;improve;find, trace an old friend

look up to


look upon as

consider, regard

loosen up

become more relaxed or comfortable

lord it over

behave in a superior manner

lose out

be at a disadvantage

lose out on

not gain or have something advantageous

lose out to

be less successful

luck into

get something by chance

luck out

be very lucky

lust after

be attracted sexually;want something very much

magic away

make something disappear quickly

make after


make away with


make do with

accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative

make for

head in a certain direction;produce a result or situation

make into

change something into something else

make it

arrive or get a result

make it up to

try to compensate for doing something wrong

make of

understand or have an opinion

make off

leave somewhere in a hurry

make off with


make out

make a cheque payable to somebody;pretend;progress;kiss and pet;discern a small detail;be able to see or hear something;understand someone's nature or personality

make over

change appearance;give money or possessions to someone in a legal way

make towards

head in the direction

make up

stop being angry with someone;put on cosmetics;invent a story

make up for


make up to

increase a sum received to a higher figure

make with

give (usually used as an imperative)

man down

behave without courage or conviction

man up

behave with courage or conviction

mark down

give a student a lower grade for a particular reason;reduce the price of something

mark down as

consider someone or something to be of a certain group, type, etc.

mark off

tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with

mark out

draw lines to enclose an area

mark out for

show promise for the future

mark out from

stand out because of certain qualities

mark up

increase the price of something

marry in

marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc

marry off

find a husband or wife for someone, especially your children

marry out

marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc

marry up

match, correspond;join together or compare to see if they're the same;marry someone from a higher social class or level

mash up

crush something until it becomes a paste;mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources;break or damage

max out

take something to the limit, reach a limit

measure against

evaluate or judge by comparison

measure off

measure something and mark the point where it ends or will be cut;mark a length on something to cut it

measure out

measure or weigh the amount needed;wigh or measure an exact amount

measure up

find the size of something;be good enough, meet the required standard;be good enough;find out the size of something

measure up to

be good enough or worthy of something

meet up

see someone after making an arrangement

meet up with

see someone after arranging to meet them

meet with

have something happen to you;receive or cause a reaction

melt down

heat something solid, especially metal, until it becomes liquid

mess about

not be serious, not use something properly;treat someone badly;have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship

mess about with

have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship;try to improve something, usually making things worse

mess around

not be serious, play with something;treat someone badly;have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship

mess around with

have a sexual relationship outside marriage or a permanent relationship;try to improve something, usually making things worse

mess over

treat someone badly

mess up

spoil or ruin;make something untidy or dirty

mess with

become involved in something damaging or dangerous;annoy, bother;associate (negative);try to repair or improve, usually unsuccessfully

mete out

give people harsh punishments or treatment

mill around

walk around without going anywhere

miss out

not do something enjoyable or rewarding;not include

miss out on

lose a chance, fail to achieve

mix up

confuse;make something lively

mock up

make a model of something to show or test it

moggy off

leave ('moggie off' is also used.)

monkey around

not be serious

mooch about

spend time doing little or nothing

mooch around

spend time doing little or nothing

mop up

resolve a problem;kill or capture the last few enemy soldiers after a victory;eat a sauce with bread to finish it;remove a liquid that has been spilt

mope about

move around being miserable

mope around

move around being miserable

mount up

increase over time

mouth off

speak angrily about something

move ahead

make progress, often after a pause or delay

move along

tell someone to move from a place;develop or progress in a reasonable or satisfactory manner

move away

leave the area where you have been living

move away from

stop doing or using something to change to something different

move down

move a student to a lower level

move in

start living in a place

move in on

approach, often stealthily

move into

start living in a place

move on

change the subject or your job;make people move from a place

move out

leave a place you live or work in;remove;change lane or position to pass a vehicle

move towards

make preparations for something

move up

move to make space;move to a higher level

muddle along

continue without a clear aim or plan

muddle through

do or achieve something without knowing what is required or having a plan

muddle up

take things that are ordered or sequenced and mess them up;mistake a person or thing for someone or something else because they look similar

mug up

study quickly, revise

mug up on

study something quickly, revise

mull over

think about an issue or problem

muscle in

become involved in something when your involvement is not wanted

muscle in on

become involved in something despite opposition to your involvement

muscle into

become involved even though there is opposition to your involvement

muscle out

use power, contacts, etc, to force someone out

naff off

get lost, go away (used as imperative)

nag at

repeatedly criticise someone verbally

nail down

succeed in getting, achieve;understand fully;get full information from someone;succeed or achieve something

name after

give someone a name to remember another person

narrow down

remove less important options to make it easier to choose

nerd out

play safe and avoid taking a risk;discuss something in great detail

nip off

go somewhere quickly

nip out

go somewhere quickly

nod off

fall asleep

nod through

pass a law, regulation, etc, without considering or debating it seriously

nose about

look for something hidden or secret

nose around

look around for evidence

nose out

find out, discover- usually information, secrets, etc;narrowly beat someone

note down

write something short like a phone number for future reference

nut out

find an answer to a problem

occur to

enter one's mind

open up

start to talk freely about something;open a shop or business for the day;allow goods into a market

operate on

perform surgery

opt for


opt in

choose to be part or a member of something

opt into

choose to be a member or part of something

opt out

choose not to be part of something

order about

boss or command someone in an unpleasant way

order around

boss or command someone in an unpleasant way

order in

have food delivered

order out

expel someone

order out for

have food delivered

order up

arrange to have something supplied or delivered

owe to

be the reason for something

own up


pack away

put something where it belongs

pack in

stop doing something;end a relationship;fill a venue;break down, stop working

pack it in

stop doing something (used as an imperative)

pack off

send someone away

pack out

fill a venue

pack up

stop doing something;finish work;break down, stop working;collect things and put them where you keep them

pad down

sleep somewhere for the night

pad out

make a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn´t particularly relevant

pair off

begin a romantic relationship;introduce people, hoping they will start a relationship;form pairs

pair off with

form a pair with someone

pair up

form a pair

pal about

be friendly and spend time with someone

pal around

be friendly and spend time with someone

pal up

become friends

palm off

get someone to accept something that isn't true;pretend something is better than it is in order to sell it

pan out

the way a situation develops

paper over

try to conceal a problem without really fixing it

pare back

if you pare something back, you reduce the size or numbers

pare down

reduce, decrease

part with

give something away, especially when you don't want to

pass around

give out to everybody there

pass as

be believed to be something

pass away


pass back


pass by

go past without stopping;visit briefly;miss an opportunity

pass down

transmit information or give property to younger generations

pass for

be accepted as something, usually when not

pass off

convince something that something is real;happen in a certain way

pass on

give a message to someone;decline an invitation or opportunity;die

pass on to

change topic or subject

pass out

faint, lose consciousness;distribute

pass over

ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior;ignore, refuse to discuss

pass round

distribute, give to people present

pass through

visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly

pass to

give ownership or responsibility to someone;become owner of or responsible for something

pass up

decline a chance

pat down

search or frisk someone

patch together

create or assemble something quickly without much planning

patch up

fix or make things better;give an injured person basic medical treatment

pay back

repay money borrowed;take revenge on

pay down

pay a debt over time

pay for


pay into

deposit money

pay off

completely repay a debt;produce a profitable or successful result

peck at

eat very small amounts

peel away

leave a group by moving in a different direction

peel away from

leave a group by moving in a different direction

peel off

leave a group by moving in a different direction

peel off from

leave a group by moving in a different direction

peel out

accelerate rapidly from stationary

peg away

keep working at something

peg down

fasten something to the ground

peg it


peg out

put washing outside to dry;die;mark out an area of land by driving pegs into the ground

pen in

confine people or animals to an area and prevent them from leaving

pen up

keep people or animals in a restricted area and prevent them from leaving

pencil in

make a provisional appointment

pep up

make something more interesting;make someone more enthusiastic, energetic or interested

perk up

feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier

peter out

lose impetus and stop

phase in

introduce gradually

phase out

remove gradually

phone in

telephone your place of work to pass on information;telephone a TV or radio programme;work or perform without much enthusiasm or effort

pick apart

criticise, find fault

pick at

eat unwillingly;criticise

pick off

target individuals to change a group

pick on

bother, annoy, criticize or make fun of someone

pick out

choose;identify from a picture

pick through

search something that is disordered for something

pick up

improve;learn quickly;collect;receive (a broadcast);collect (a person) (this differs from the 'collect a thing' meaning - as that means 'collect and bring back' whereas this means either (i) 'collect and drop off on your way' or (ii) 'collect and bring to the same destination'

pick up after

tidy a mess someone else has made

pick up on

correct someone when they say something wrong;notice something that most people don´t;react to something;comment on something said earlier in a conversation

pick yourself up

recover from a fall or problem

pig off

used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone

pig out

eat a lot

pile in

enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way

pile into

enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way

pile on

add or give more or something;exaggerate or talk in a way to affect someone's feelings

pile out

leave a place quickly, in a disorganised way

pile up

accumulate;accumulate in a pile or heap

pin down

get a fixed idea, opinion, etc, from someone;discover exact details about something

pin on

attach the blame to someone

pin up

fix something to a wall, or other vertical surface, with a pin

pine away

suffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc

pine for

want or miss something or someone

pipe down

be quiet (often as an imperative)

pipe up

to speak, raise your voice

pit against

compete or force to compete

pit out

go into the pits (car racing)

pitch for

try to persuade someone to give your work, business, a job, etc

pitch in

work together to help achieve an objective

pitch into

criticise severely or attack someone

plant out

put a young plant that has been grown in a pot or greenhouse into the ground

plate up

put food onto a plate to serve

play about

be silly;be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful

play along

pretend to agree or accept something in order to keep someone happy or to get more information

play around

be silly;be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful

play at

pretend to be something

play away

be sexually unfaithful when away from home

play back

listen to or watch something you´ve recorded

play down

try to make something seem less important

play off

play a game to decide who the winner is;make people compete against each other so that you benefit

play on

continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop;continue playing music;exploit a weakness;pun

play out

progress, often till it finishes;pretend that something is real and reduce its effect;play something to the end;unwind (e.g., fishing line)

play up

behave badly

play up to

flatter someone;behave in a way expected

play upon

exploit a weakness

play with

touch and move something to occupy your hands;not eat much of a meal;consider something, but not seriously

plead out

plead guilty to get a reduced sentence or fine

plough back

re-invest money you have made into a business

plough into

collide into at speed

plough on

continue doing something you don´t want toe

plough through

eat a big meal;read something that is difficult or takes a lot of time;move through somewhere where there is little space or there are obstacles

plough up

break the surface of soil

plow back

re-invest money you have made into a business

plow into

collide into at speed

plow on

continue doing something you don´t want to

plow through

eat a big meal;read something that is difficult or takes a lot of time;move through somewhere where there is little space or there are obstacles

plow up

break the surface of soil

pluck at

pull or fiddle with something nervously

pluck up

muster, acquire, gather

plug away

do something with determination despite any difficulties

plug in

connect machines to the electricity supply

plug into

be involved with, get information about

plump down

put something in a place without taking care

plump for


plump up

make something like a cushion bigger and softer by shaking it

plump yourself down

sit down heavily

point out

make someone aware of something

poke about

move things around or search in a casual way to try to find something

poke around

move things around or search in a casual way to try to find something

polish off

finish, consume

polish up

improve something quickly

pony up

pay for something

poop out

get too tired to do something

poop out on

fail to keep an appointment

pootle along

travel in a leisurely way

pop down

travel somewhere to visit

pop down to

go somewhere quickly to do something, often to buy or get something

pop in

visit for a short time

pop off

talk loudly, complain;go out for a short time;kill, shoot

pop out

go out for a short time

pop up

appear, like windows and boxes opening on a computer screen;appear unexpectedly

pore over

read, look at or study carefully

potter about

spend time doing little things for pleasure

potter around

spend some time doing little things for pleasure

pour down

rain hard

pour forth

emerge from a place in large numbers

power down

cut the electricity supply to a computer or electronic device

power off

cut the electricity to a computer or device to turn it off

power up

turn a computer or electronic device on so that it is ready to use

prattle on

talk too much

press ahead

calk too much

press for

apply pressure to get permission or to obtain something

press forward with

continue or go ahead with a project, process, plan, etc

press into

bring or force into use

press on

continue with something

press upon

pressure someone to accept something offered

prey on

catch and kill an animal for food;exploit or harm

prey upon

catch and kill an animal for food;exploit or harm

price in

include the affects of possible future events when assessing the value of something

price up

charge more for something

print out

make a hard copy of a computer document

prop up

support something, both physically and financially, politically, etc.

pry out

obtain information someone is unwilling to give up

psych out

work out or anticipate someone´s intentions;make someone less confident

psych up

prepare someone mentally

pucker up

move your lips into position to receive a kiss

pull ahead

overtake, move in front

pull apart

destroy an argument, theory, etc;stop people or animals fighting;make someone unhappy or upset

pull away

when a vehicle moves from a place

pull back

score a goal or point when losing;move away from a place, especially when talking about soldiers;move away from someone;decide not to do something or not to be involved with it any longer

pull down

demolish;make someone depressed;earn

pull for


pull in

when a train arrives at a station;attract;stop a car by the side of the road;arrest or take someone to a police station for questioning

pull off

manage to do something difficult or tricky;start moving (vehicles)

pull on

put clothes on

pull out

start moving (train);move into traffic;withdraw;remove soldiers from an area

pull over

stop by the side of the road;make a vehicle stop

pull through

recover from and illness or problem

pull to

close a door or window that has been left open

pull together

work together as a team

pull up

slow and stop a car;inform someone that they are wrong

pull yourself together

become calm or regain control of your emotions

pump (money) into

invest in something

pump in

invest, put money in

pump out

remove liquids coming in using a pump;produce, emit a lot of something

pump up

encourage, make someone feel confident;fill with air;increase substantially

push about

bully, treat badly

push ahead

continue, especially when something is difficult

push along

leave, go home

push around

bully, treat badly

push in

get in a queue without waiting

push off

go away (imperative);push against the side of a pool, river bank, etc, tostartswimming

push on


push out

force someone to leave

push over

push someone or something with enough force to make them or it fall

push through

force something to be accepted or legal

put across

communicate, convey a message

put away

put something back in the correct place;put someone in prison

put back

rearrange something for a later time

put by

save for the future

put down

kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc.;stop holding (but withdraw support gently)

put down for

commit to make a payment

put down to

give as an explanation

put forward

propose, suggest or nominate

put in


put in for

make a request

put off

postpone;stop liking something or somebody

put on

get fat;deceive, lie;start wearing

put out

broadcast;disturb or trouble someone;extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.

put over

successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.)

put through

connect someone by phone

put together


put towards

make a financial contribution

put up

allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days;increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.;show skill or determination in a contest, competition, fight, etc

put up to

encourage someone to do something

put up with


quarrel out

argue with someone about a specific subject

quarrel with

dispute or disagree with something

queer up

mess up, ruin

quieten down

fall silent

quit on

stop working, associating or being friends with someone, especially when they need support;stop working or functioning

race off

hurry away, leave somewhere quickly

rack off

used to tell someone to go away because they're annoying you

rack out

sleep, take a nap

rack up

acquire a lot of something;damage

rain down on

fall in large numbers

rain off

be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive)

rain out

be postponed or stopped by rain (usually passive)

rake in

earn, make money easily

rake it in

make a lot of money

rake off

cheat someone by charging them too much

rake over

talk, think, etc, about something negative in the past

rake up

bring something back to people´s attention

ramble on

talk at length without getting to the point

ramp up

increase amount, price, speed or power of something;strengthen

rap out

say something firmly and loudly

rat on

inform authorities about someone's wrongdoings;fail to keep a promise

rat out

inform the authorities about someone

rat through

look for something hurriedly

ratchet up


rattle off

quote figures rapidly

reach out

stretch your arm to get something;try to help, or contact someone to try to help

reach out for

try to achieve something difficult

reach out to

ask for help;offer help;try to communicate and establish good relations with people

read off

read a list aloud for someone to write down

read out

read aloud rather than silently

read up on


reason out

come to a conclusion or solution after some thought

reckon on

the minimum expected

reel in

catch a fish on a line and pull the line to land;attract people, especially customers, to get them to do what you want them to

reel off

quote statistics or facts rapidly;score a lot of points or win a lot of games one after the other

reel out


rein in

control someone or something to stop them causing more trouble

rent out

let, grant a service or allow usage for a fee

ride off

go away on a bike, horse, etc

ride on

depend on

ride out

survive a difficult time

ride up

move higher on the body (of clothes)

ring back

return a phonecall

ring in

telephone to inform or confirm something

ring off

finish a phone conversation

ring out

make a sudden loud sound

ring round

telephone a number of people, usually to try to get some information

ring up

telephone;achieve an amount or number;enter figures into a till or cash register

ring with

when a place is full of a loud sound

rip off

charge excessively or obtain money unfairly

rip on

criticise or insult

rise above

not be affected by something negative like bad luck, criticism, etc.

rise to

respond positively or well to a difficult or challenging situation

rise up


rock up


roll back

retreat;reduce or remove

roll by

pass (time)

roll in

arrive somewhere, especially if late;arrive in large numbers, for military vehicles

roll off

produce or issue, usually from a machine

roll on

when something continues to happen;said when you can't wait for something nice in the future

roll out

launch or introduce a new product, initiative, etc.

roll up

to appear in large numbers for an event;an imperative used to attract people to a public event

romp in

win easily

romp through

do something easily or quickly

room in

to keep a mother and baby together after the birth

root about

look in a place to try to find something

root around

look in a place to try to find something

root for


root out

look for and find;find the source of a problem and remove it

root up

dig a plant out of the ground

rope in

get somebody to help

rope into

get someone to help or become involved, usually when they don't want to

rope off

extend ropes or barriers across or around an area

rough out

make a draft or sketch of something without much detail

rough up


round down

reduce a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero

round off

finish something in a satisfactory manner;change a number, up or down, to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero;make an edge curved

round on

criticise or attack fiercely

round out

make something more complete

round up

increase a number to the nearest whole number or number ending in zero

row back

retreat from a position

rub along

have a reasonably good relationship

rub down

dry or clean something with a cloth;massage or rub someone to help them relax

rub in

apply a substance like cream or ointment and rub it until it is absorbed

rub it in

emphasise how bad a situation is to make someone feel worse

rub off on

pass a quality or characteristic to people

rub out

delete ink or pencil with an eraser;kill

rub up against

touch someone in a sensual or sexual way

rub up on


rule out

exclude a possibility

run across

meet or find accidentally

run after

chase, pursue;try to become romantically involved with someone

run against

oppose, make difficulties

run along

go away, leave (often as an imperative)

run around

be very busy doing many things

run away

escape from people chasing you;leave home because of problems with other family members or to elope

run down

hit a pedestrian with a vehicle;lose energy or power;criticise, disparage;find the source or origin of something

run for

campaign for a position

run in

arrest, take to police station for questioning;drive a new car carefully in order not to damage the engine;pay a casual visit;insert

run into

cost;meet by accident

run off

make photocopies

run on

be powered by

run out of

have none left

run over

explain quickly;hit with a vehicle;exceed a time limit

run through

practise a dramatic work like a play quickly;stab or wound deeply with a knife, sword, etc.

run to

go to someone for help;include in things you like;have enough money to buy something, often negative

run up

move quickly to where someone is;hoist, raise a flag;do or make something very quickly;spend a lot of money on credit

run up against

encounter problems, often unexpected

run up on

approach someone without their knowing

run with

keep company, normally bad

rush away

leave a place in a hurry

rush in

enter or go indoors in a hurry;make someone enter somewhere quickly;do something without thinking carefully

rush into

do something too quickly

rush off

depart in a hurry

rush out

release or put something on sale quickly

rustle up

make something quickly without much preparation

sack out

fall asleep

saddle up

put a saddle on and prepare an animal to ride

saddle with

give someone a task or responsibility that is difficult or hard work

sag off

not go to school or work, or leave early when you shouldn´t

sail into

criticise angrily

sail through

pass easily, succeed

sally forth

leave somewhere safe or comfortable

sally out

leave somewhere safe or comfortable

salt away

save money

save on

reduce or avoid consumption to cut costs

save up

for money for a particular purpose;collect or store something for future use

saw off

to remove something by cutting it with a saw

saw up

cut into pieces with a saw

scale back

make something smaller than originally planned;reduce the activity or expenditure in your life

scale down

make something smaller than originally planned

scale up

increase, make bigger

scare away

frighten someone some much that they go away

scare off

make someone so frightened that he or she away

scout about

look in different places for something

scout around

look in different places for something

scout out

search for something

scout round

look in different places for something

scout up

try to find someone for a task or requirement

scrape along

manage with little money

scrape by

just manage to pass something

scrape in

just get enough to succeed, pass or be accepted

scrape into

be accepted somewhere, but only just

scrape through

pass a test but only just

scrape together

manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

scrape up

manage to collect enough of something you need, usually money

scratch around for

search for something that is hard to find

screen off

separate a part of a room with something like a curtain, screen, etc.

screen out

exclude;block light;stop noticing something

screw around

waste time;be sexually promiscuous

screw over

treat harshly or cheat

screw up

do badly or fail

scuzz up

spiil, ruin, contaminate

see about

arrange, consider

see into

accompany someone into an office

see off

chase somebody or something away;go to the airport, station, etc., to say goodbye to someone

see out

accompany a guest to your front door when they are leaving your house

see through

continue with something to the end;realise someone is lying or being deceitful

see to

deal with something

seek out

search for something until you find it

sell off

sell a business or part of it;sell something cheaply because you need the money or don't need it

sell on

convince someone;buy something then sell it to someone else

sell out

have no more of something left because it has been bought;lose all artistic integrity in return for commercial success

sell up

sell a house or business to move somewhere or do something different

send back

return something

send for

ask someone to come and help

send in

order people into a place to handle a problem;write to get information

send off

expel a sports player from a match;post a letter

send off for

order something by post

send out

send something to a lot of people

send out for

order takeaway food by phone

send up

imitate/impersonate for comic effect

set about

start doing something;attack

set apart

dstinguish, be better than or different from others

set aside

overturn a court verdict or decision

set back


set forth

state or outline an opinion;start a journey

set in

change season noticeably

set off

explode a bomb;ring an alarm;start a journey;counterbalance a debt;provide a visual contrast that looks good;cause, trigger events

set on


set out

display, show;start a journey;arrange, organise

set to

work hard or enthusiastically

set up

prepare equipment, software, etc., for use;start a company;provide someone with the money needed to live;trick, deceive

set upon


settle down

start living a fixed and routine life

settle for

accept whatever is available

settle in

get used to

settle on


settle up

pay a debt

sex up

change information to make it more attractive to the reader or listener

shack up

live with someone when you are in a relationship;live somewhere temporarily

shade in

make a part of a picture darker

shade out

leave a place without saying goodbye

shake down

search;extort or cheat money from someone

shake off

get rid of an illness

shake out

shake clothes, cloths, etc to remove dirt or creases

shake up

upset or shock;make major changes to improve or save a company, organisation, etc;mix things in a container by shaking hard

shape up

develop in a positive way;improve to reach an acceptable standard

share in

have a part in a project, activity, etc

share out

divide and distribute

shave by

reduce by a certain amount

shave from

remove, cut off

shave off

shave completely;reduce by a small amount

shell out

spend money on something, especially when you think it´s too expensive

ship off

send someone away, often because of a problem

ship out

send goods to a place;leave a place

shoot away

leave somewhere quickly

shoot back

return quickly

shoot for

have as a goal

shoot off

leave promptly and quickly

shoot out

go out for a short time

shoot up

increase quickly;take illicit drugs intravenously;damage with gun-shots;increase quickly, grow

shop around

look around for the best price, quality, etc.

shore up

support something to make it stronger

short out

short circuit

shout down

make so much noise to stop someone being heard

shout out

say something loudly, often to attract someone's attention

show around

take someone to a place to show them certain parts

show in

take someone into an office or other room

show off

behave in a way so as to attract attention;display something you are proud of;make the qualities of another thing more apparent

show out

take someone to out of a room or building

show over

take someone around a site

show round

take someone to a place to show them certain parts

show through

when a feeling can be seen despite attempts to conceal it

show up

attend something or arrive somewhere;become clear or apparent;make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed

shrug off

disregard something, not consider it important or harmful

shut away

imprison or remove someone's freedom

shut down

close a business, shop, etc.;turn a computer off

shut in

prevent someone from leaving

shut off

close, prevent access

shut out

exclude;not allow a player or team to score

shut out of

exclude someone from an activity, etc

shut up

top talking or making noise;close for a period of time

shut yourself away

withdraw from company

shy away

retreat or shrink from something unpleasant or frightening

shy away from

avoid doing something because you lack confidence

side with

support someone

sidle up to

approach someone discreetly

sift through

examine a lot of things carefully

sign away

give away legal or property rights

sign for

write a signature on behalf on someone

sign in

register in a hotel;open a computer program that requires a name and password;write your name when entering a place

sign into

open a particular computer program that requires a name and password

sign off

end a message;close a claim for unemployment benefit;stop doing something to leave;give someone a letter to be away from work

sign off on

give official approval

sign on

open a claim for unemployment benefit;agree to participate;start broadcasting;employ

sign on with

sign a document joining or agreeing to something

sign out

close a computer program that requires a name and password;sign something to show you have borrowed something

sign out of

close a particular computer program that requires a name and password

sign up

give your name to do something;subscribe

sign with

make a contract with

summer down

become calmer, make less noise;become less excited, noisy or angry

sing along

to sing when a piece of music is being played or performed by someone else

sing out

reply loudly;sing loudly

sing up

sing louder

single out

select or choose one from a group

sink in

slowly come to be understood

sit about

sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working

sit around

sit idly, doing nothing

sit back

wait for something to happen without making any effort;relax in a chair

sit by

not try to stop something

sit down

help someone to sit

sit for

pose for an artist or photographer;look after children while their parents are out

sit in

occupy a building to protest about something

sit in for

take on someone´s responsibilities while they are absent

sit in on

attend as an observer

sit on

be on a committee;to handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly;hold information back or keep it secret

sit out

not take part

sit over

eat or drink slowly

sit through

stay till the end of something dull

sit up

suddenly take notice or pay attention;move from lying down to a sitting position

sit with

reconcile different positions

size up

assess a situation or person carefully;make something bigger or produce bigger products

skin up

make a cannabis joint

skive off

avoid doing work or other duty

slack off

reduce one´s effort, perform with less enthusiasm and energy

slacken off

become less busy or intense

slag off

criticise heavily

slant toward

favour one viewpoint, bias

sleep around

be sexually promiscuous

sleep in

sleep longer than usual

sleep off

sleep in order to recover from excess alcohol, drugs, etc.

sleep on

think about something

sleep over

spend the night at someone else's house

sleep through

not wake up

sleep together

have sex

slice off

cut, remove an amount or part of something

slice up

cut completely into pieces or slices

slip away

lose an opportunity or the chance of winning, succeeding, etc;pass quickly (time)

slip by

pass quickly (time);lose an opportunity or the chance of winning, succeeding, etc

slip down

be enjoyable to drink or eat

slip in

try to include something discreetly when speaking

slip into

put clothes on quickly;acquire bad habits or fall into a bad or negative state or condition

slip off

leave a place discreetly;remove clothes

slip off to

go somewhere discreetly

slip on

put clothes on quickly

slip out

leave discreetly

slip through

escape notice and be approved

slip up

make an error

slob about

be lazy, do nothing

slob around

be lazy, do nothing

slope off

leave somewhere without letting others know

slough off

get rid of, dispose;lose or shed outer layers of skin;ignore or trivialize an injury or insult

slow down

reduce speed;become less active

slow up

slow the progress of something

slug it out

fight or argue

smack of

appear to have a negative quality

smash down

demolish or break something down

smash in

break something by hitting it repeatedly

smash up

destroy, break into many pieces

smoke out

force someone out of a place they're hiding in

snaffle up

consume, take, buy something other people may want

snap off

break a piece off something

snap out of

control negative emotions

snap to it !

do something quickly

snap up

get, acquire or buy something quickly

snarl up


sneak out

depart furtively

sneak up on

approach someone furtively

sneeze at

to dismiss casually, usually used negatively

sniff around

look around to see how good something is or to try to find something better

sniff at

disapprove or be scornful

sniff out

find something by smell (usually for dogs);find out information, especially when people don't want anyone to know

snitch on

divulge secrets, inform authorities about someone

snuff out

extinguish a small flame by covering it;kill;end something suddenly

soak up

absorb;spend time doing or experiencing something enjoyable

sober up

stop showing the effects of alcohol or drugs

sock away

save money in a bank account, investment, etc

sock in

close access to a place because of bad weather

soften up

weaken;do things to please someone in the hope that they will do what you want

soldier on

continue even when things get difficult

sort out

resolve a problem

sound off

to express your opinions forcefully

sound out

check what someone thinks about an issue, idea, etc.

space out

become detached from reality and unaware of what is happening around you, usually through drug use

spaff away

waste (money, time, resources, etc)

spark off

cause something, usually unpleasant, to happen

spark up

light a cigarette or joint

speak out

talk openly and freely

speak up

talk more loudly

speed up

move faster;make something faster

spell out

explain something in great detail;write or say the individual letters that make up a word

spew out

expel, throw out

spew up


spice up

add spices or herbs to increase flavour;make something more interesting or exciting

spiff up

make something smart or more presentable

spike up

increase sharply

spill out

when large numbers of people leave a place at the same time;come or flow out of a box, container, etc;express or display emotions openly

spill over

when something bad has a wider impact on other people or situations;flow over the edge or top of a container

spin off

produce an unexpected additional benefit;form a separate company from part of an existing one;create a TV show using characters from a popular show

spin out

lose control (vehicle);make something last as long as possible

spirit away

remove someone secretly from a place

spirit off

remove someone secretly from a place

spit it out

an informal way of telling someone to say something they are unwilling to say

spit out

say something angrily

splash down

land in the sea (space capsules)

splash out

spend a lot of money on something that is not essential

splash out on

spend a lot of money on something

split up

divide into groups;finish a relationship

spoil for

really want something

sponge down

clean something with a sponge

sponge off

accept free food and support without any shame or qualms

sponge on

accept or get money without doing any work

spring back

return to original position after being bent, forced or when pressure is removed

spring for

pay for, often generously

spring from

appear suddenly and unexpectedly;be the cause of something

spring on

surprise someone

spring up

appear suddenly

spruce up

to smarten, make something neat and tidy

spur on

encourage someone to continue

square away

finish or sort something out

square off

confront someone or prepare to fight them

square off against

confront someone or prepare to fight them

square up

pay back a debt;confront someone or prepare to fight them

square up to

accept responsibility or guilt

square with

match, conform to;check with someone that something is OK

squeeze up

get more people into a space than normal or comfortable

stack up

put things in a pile;accumulate;increase, accumulate something;be logical, make sense;build up the number of planes waiting to land at an airport

stack up against

be as good as something

staff up

employ someone for something specific

stamp out

get rid of something

stand about

spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little

stand around

spend time in a place waiting or doing nothing or very little

stand aside

leave a position so that someone else can take it

stand back

keep a distance from something;try to understand something by taking a different perspective

stand by

support someone;be ready and waiting for something to happen

stand down

leave a job or position so that someone else can take it;finish being asked questions in a court

stand for

accept or tolerate behaviour;the words represented by certain initials

stand in for

substitute someone temporarily

stand out

be extraordinary and different

stand up

move from a sitting or lying down to a vertical position;fail to keep an appointment

stand up for

defend, support

stand up to

keep your principles when challenged by an authority;resist damage

stare down

look at someone until they cannot look at you

start off

make something start;begin life, a career or existence;begin a journey;make someone laugh

start off on

help someone to start a piece or work or activity

start on

begin to use or consume;criticise angrily

start on at

criticise or nag

start out

begin a journey

start out as

begin life, existence or a career

start out to

intend, plan

start over

begin something again

start up

open a business;begin, especially sounds;when an engine starts working;make an engine work;sit or stand upright because someone has surprised you

stash away

store or hide something in a safe place

stave in

push or break something inwards

stave off

delay, prevent something from happening

stay away

not come

stay away from

avoid, not come

stay in

not go out

stay on

remain longer than anticipated

stay out

not go home

stay over

stay overnight

stay up

not go to bed

steal away

leave a place quietly or secretly

steal out

leave in a stealthy or quiet manner

steal over

be gradually overcome by an emotion or feeling

steal up

approach quietly or secretly

steal up on

approach a place or someone quietly or secretly

steer clear of


stem from

originate, be caused by

step aside

leave a job or position so that someone else can take over

step back

look at something from a different perspective

step down

leave a job or position so that someone can take over;reduce

step forward

offer help

step in

get involved by interrupting something

step on it

an imperative used to tell someone to go faster, especially when driving

step out

leave a place for a very short time

step to

confront;chat, talk to

step up


stick around

stay in a place for some time

stick at

continue doing something despite difficulties

stick by

support someone when they are having difficulties;support a plan, opinion or decision

stick down

write something quickly or without thinking about it;join surfaces with glue

stick it to

criticise someone;treat someone badly or unfairly

stick out

be easily noticed;extend part of your body;continue doing something difficult or unpleasant

stick out for

demand a salary raise

stick to

not change;restrict or limit and not change

stick together

support each other

stick up

stand on end;rob using weapons

stick up for

support or defend

stick with

not change something;stay near someone;not be forgotten;continue with something difficult or unpleasant

stiffen up

become rigid;make something rigid

stir up

make trouble for someone else

stitch up

sew something so that it is closed;finalise a deal;cheat someone or make them look guilty when they aren´t

stomp off

leave somewhere angrily

stomp on

treat badly or defeat

stop around

visit someone for a short time.

stop back

return somewhere

stop behind

stay somewhere when other people leave

stop by

visit somewhere briefly or quickly

stop in

stay at home;visit briefly

stop off

break a journey

stop out

be out late, especially when you are expected home

stop over

stay somewhere when on a journey

stop up

stay up late;fill or block something

store up

memorise or commit something to memory for later use;do something that will probably cause problems later;keep or accumulate something to use later

storm off

leave a place angrily

storm out

leave a place angrily

stow away

hide in a vehicle to travel without people knowing;store something in a safe place

straighten out

make something straight;deal with a problem;make clear and resolve;improve someone´s behaviour

straighten up

stand straight;tidy

stretch out

lie down with your limbs extended in a relaxed manner

stretch to

manage to supply an amount of money even though it is more than you would like to give or pay

stretcher off

carry an injured player off the pitch, field, etc.

strike back

attack, take action against someone who has hurt you

strike down

kill;make someone ill;disallow a law, decision, etc

strike off

remove someone's professional licence to practise

strike on

have a good idea

strike out

start doing something new and different;try to hit someone;start going towards a place;cross writing out;fail

strike up

start (conversation, relationship);start performing music

strike upon

have a good idea

string along

deceive someone for a long time;accompany someone because you haven´t got anything better to do

string out

make something last as long as possible

string together

put words together into a coherent text

string up

hang somebody

strip away

reduce or remove

strip down

remove parts to make something more efficient or basic

strip down to

remove clothing to a certain level

strip of

remove a title, award or position

strip off

remove clothes

strip out

remove;remove details like unnecessary figures to make something clear

strip to

remove clothing to a certain level

stub out

extinguish a cigarette

stuff up

make a mistake, do badly, spoil

stumble across

find something accidentally

stumble upon

find something accidentally

stump up

pay for something

suck in

become involved in something unpleasant

suck into

become involved in something unpleasant

suck up

try to ingratiate yourself

suck up to

ingratiate yourself with someone

suit up

get dressed or put on a uniform for an activity or task;wear a condom

sum up


summon up

get the energy or courage to do something

suss out

come to understand

swallow up

take control of something much smaller, like a company or state;consume or take a lot of time, money, etc;destroy, make disappear

swan about

move in a dramatic or affected manner

swan around

move in a dramatic or affected manner

swan in

enter in a dramatic or attention-seeking manner

swan off

leave somewhere in a defiant or pompous manner

swear by

have great confidence in

swear down

promise that something is true

swear in

take an oath to hold a public office

swear off

decide to stop doing something, usually something harmful

sweep through

pass easily, succeed;move quickly through

swing around

change your opinion quickly;turn around quickly

swing at

try to hit

swing by

visit a person or place on your way somewhere

swing round

change your opinion quickly;turn around quickly

switch off

stop a machine or something electrical working;stop paying attention

switch on

start a machine or something electrical working;feel an emotion of behave in a certain way

switch over

change from one provider or source to another

syphon off

take business, support or votes from someone;divert money illegally

tack on

add something that wasn´t planned

tack onto

add or attach something that wasn´t planned to something

tag along

accompany someone, especially if they haven´t specifically invited you

tag on

add an additional point to something written or spoken

tag onto

add an additional point to something written or spoken

tag with

add a keyword link or bookmark to a blog entry or webpage

tail away

become silent or inaudible

tail back

form a traffic jam

tail off

become silent or inaudible;decrease

take aback

surprise or shock

take after

look like, resemble

take apart

take something to pieces

take aside

get someone alone to talk to them

take away


take back

make someone nostalgic;retract a statement, admit that something was wrong

take down

make notes or write down in full;remove

take in

absorb information;deceive;make clothes smaller;assume care or support

take it

accept criticism

take it out on

abuse someone because you're angry

take it upon yourself

take responsibility, often without consulting other people

take off

make great progress;reduce the price of an item;when a plane departs or leaves the ground;remove

take on

allow passengers on a ship or plane;assume a responsibility;employ

take out

borrow a library book;borrow money from a bank or other official lender;extract or remove;go out socially with someone, especially a date;obtain insurance;kill, murder

take over

assume control of a company or organisation;start a job or position that someone had occupied before you

take through

explain something to someone

take to

make a habit of something

take up

fill or occupy time or space;make clothes shorter;start a new hobby, pastime, etc.

talk around

persuade;talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it

talk at

talk to someone and not give them a chance to reply or listen to them

talk back

respond rudely to a person in authority

talk down

try to make something sound less important;persuade someone not to jump off a high place to kill themselves

talk down to

talk in a way to show your superiority not communicate

talk into

persuade someone to do something

talk out

discuss a problem or issue to find a solution

talk out of

persuade someone not to do something

talk over


talk round

persuade;talk about a problem or issue without really dealing with it

talk through

guide someone through an issue

talk up

make something appear more important or significant than it really is

talk yourself out

talk until you have nothing left to say

tap for

get money off someone

tap into

use or exploit a plentiful resource for your benefit

tap off with

have sex with

tap out

play a rhythm quietly;use all the money available

tap up

approach a footballer illegally to get them to change teams

taper off

gradually become smaller or weaker until stopping

team up

work with someone or a group to achieve something

tear apart

disturb or upset greatly

tear at

pull or try to pull something to pieces

tear away

stop someone doing something unwillingly;remove a surface violently

tear down


tear into

criticise strongly or angrily

tear off

remove part of a form or letter using your hands, not scissors;leave at high speed;remove with force;remove completely

tear out

depart rapidly

tear up

rip into pieces;destroy;have eyes fill with tears

tee off

start or launch an event;place a golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole;annoy someone

tee off on


tee up

place a golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole;make preparations before starting or launching something

tell apart

see a difference between two things

tell off

chide; talk angrily to someone about something they've done wrong

tell on

report someone to an authority

tense up

become nervous, tense or unable to relax

text out

cancel an appointment by sending a text message

think over

consider something carefully

think through

consider all the possibilities and outcomes of a situation

think up

create or invent something, especially when lying

thrash out

discuss for a long time until an agreement is reached

throw away

discard something when no longer needed

throw in

join, accompany;add something to a deal

throw off

remove item of clothing quickly;get rid of;produce light or heat

throw on

put clothes on quickly

throw out

get rid of;dislocate;reject;produce heat, fumes;expel

throw over

end a relationship with someone;reject, refuse to accept

throw together

make or arrange quickly

throw up

vomit;produce problems, results, ideas, etc;leave a job or position suddenly;create clouds of dust or splash water into the air

throw yourself at

make it clear you are sexually attracted to someone

throw yourself into

do something enthusiastically or energetically

tick along

make reasonable progress without any serious problems

tick away

pass (of time)

tick by

pass (of time)

tick off

annoy;scold;put a mark on an item in a list when it has been dealt with

tick over

continue working, but without improving;operate but without moving (engines)

tickle up

improve a document

tide over

use something carefully so as not to finish it

tidy up

put things in the correct place in a room

tie back

fasten or secure so that it doesn´t obstruct

tie down

secure something to prevent it moving;remove or restrict freedom;stop people (often police or military) going where they are needed

tie in

agree, be connected or support;associate with

tie in with

occur at the same time

tie up

tie or fasten something securely;stop someone doing something;fasten;block a road, etc

tighten up

make something more secure or function better

time out

end or close because of a time limit;end or close something because of a time limit

tip off

secretly inform the police or authorities

tip over

spill, make something fall on its side

tire of

get bored of something

tire out

make someone exhausted

toddle off

leave, go home

tone down

make something sound more moderate

tone in with

combine in a pleasing way

tone up

make stronger or firmer

tool up

provide equipment;arm yourself or somebody

tootle off

leave, depart

top off

finish something in a special way;fill something completely that is not empty

top out

stop increasing, reach the highest point

top up

refill something that isn't empty yet

toss about

discuss something freely and openly, but not very seriously

toss around

discuss something freely and openly, but not very seriously

toss aside

discard, throw away

toss back

drink quickly

toss down

drink quickly

toss for

make a decision by throwing a coin and seeing which side lands face up

toss off

write something quickly and carelessly

toss up

decide something by throwing a coin and seeing which side lands face up

touch down

land (planes)

touch for

borrow money

touch off

cause a problem to occur

touch on


touch up

improve the appearance of something;touch someone in a sexual way

touch upon


toughen up

make stronger

tow away

remove a vehicle, especially if parked illegally

toy around with

treat or deal with something without taking it seriously

toy at

pretend to think about or think about in a casual way

toy over

think about something

toy with

not eat much of a meal;consider something, but not very seriously;move or play with something to occupy your hands;treat insincerely

track down

find after a long search

trade down

sell something and replace it with something cheaper

trade in

exchange something old as part of the price of something new;leave your wife or husband to marry someone younger

trade off

bargain, make a deal or compromise;accept something you don´t really want to get something you do want

trade on

exploit, use something to your advantage

trade up

buy larger or more expensive items;leave your wife or husband and marry someone better looking, richer, etc

trade upon

exploit, use to your advantage

train up

teach someone the specific skills they will need to carry out a job or task

trickle down

pass benefits from economic expansion through the economy to the less fortunate

trickle up

when financial benefits given to poor people or small businesses pass on to the wealthy

trigger off

make someone angry;start, set off

trip out

be under the influence of psychoactive drugs

trip over

fall;fall because you hit an obstacle

trip up

make a mistake

trot off


trot off to

go somewhere

trot out

make a statement (meant negatively)

trudge through

do something slowly, with difficulty, unwillingly or considerable effort

trump up

charge or accuse someone falsely

try back

phone back

try for

make an attempt to get something

try it on

provoke someone by being annoying or behaving badly;attempt to get something, usually by deceit, without great hopes of success

try on

put clothes on to see if they fit

try out

test;test something to see if you like it or want to buy it

try out for

be tested for a sports team

tuck away

put something in a safe place;eat a lot

tuck in

tidy the ends of items of clothing by placing them inside something;start eating enthusiastically;arrange the sheets, duvet or blankets to make someone, usually a child, comfortable in bed

tuck into

start eating something

tuck up

arrange the sheets, duvet or blankets to make someone, usually a child, comfortable in bed

tune in

watch or listen to a TV or radio show

tune in to

watch or listen to a TV or radio programme

tune out

ignore, not pay attention

tune up

improve the performance of a machine or engine;tune a musical instrument before playing

turf out

force someone to leave;get rid of, throw away

turn against

stop liking and start disliking

turn around

make something successful or profitable that has been doing badly;produce or complete work;react negatively

turn away

not allow someone to enter a place

turn down

reduce volume, temperature, etc.;reject an offer, invitation, etc.;fold the top covers of a bed down to make it ready for someone to go to sleep

turn in

go to bed;hand in, submit

turn into


turn off

stop a machine

turn on

cause someone to feel attraction or pleasure;start a machine;attack

turn out

produce;produce an unexpected result;stop a light;attend

turn over

give to the authorities

turn to

try to get help;take up a habit

turn up

appear;increase volume, temperature, etc.

type in

enter computer data or text

type out

write a full or finished version of a text on a computer

type up

type a finished version

urge on

encourage;persuade or pressure to accept something

urge upon

persuade or pressure to accept something

use up

finish or consume all of something

usher in

be at, mark or celebrate an important point in time;make important changes happen

vacuum up


vamp up

make something more exciting, attractive, etc;invent, maker up, improvise

veg out

relax, do nothing