ch 11 business and society

inviolability of national sovereignty

respect host country's economic and social development

social equity

pay should ensure equity between gender, race and ethnic groups

market integrity in business transactions

restrictions on political payments & bribes

human rights and fundamental freedoms

beliefs in inherent worth & dignity of all


employees placed in assignment outside of their home country


personal characteristics and achievements, value personal welfare over group harmony


group memberships & contribution to success of the group

gift giving

bribe or relationship building


biased & discriminatory or disloyal to friends & family

high power distance

acceptance of inequality; likely to accept boss power as part of hi status

low power distance

deemphasize status and class distinctions; boss's power is accepted because he or she has knowledge, not just because the boss


payment to someone to secure a sale or to obtain approval or assistance

universal ethics

thou shall not kill and thou shall not steal

golden rule

do unto others

collectivist culture

may say "maybe" when they mean "no

ethical relativist

when in rome do as the romans

ethical imperialism

assumes absolute truths that would require same standards and behaviour in every culture