down and contour

two main types of feathers

Down feathers

the type of feather that is close to the body and provide warmth

Contour feathers

the type of feather that is streamlined- flying surface


when birds use their beaks to spread oil on their feathers to make them water resistant. Oil comes from a gland near the bird's tail


when birds sit on eggs and use their body heat to warm them


When birds are hatched fully aware. Ex.- ducks


When birds are hatched weak and naked. They have to be taken care of. Ex.- eagle, robins, bluebirds... most birds

high metabolism and need energy to fly

why do birds eat so much and so often

large eyes, air sacs, wings, rapid heart rate, rigid skeleton, flight muscles, hollow bones

7 adaptations for flying

they burn energy quickly, so they need more oxygen to make ATP

Why do birds have a rapid heart beat?


Upward pressure on a wing that keeps the bird in flight.