Business 10 Final

The rapid changes that characterize today's business world means that clear goals are no longer necessary. (T/F)


In most high tech industries, the best way to respond quickly to rapid technological changes is to keep most authority and responsibility in the hands of a few managers who provide precise, detailed directions to the workers. (T/F)


The four key managements functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. (T/F)


Jack a manager with TTTC, has just participated in a meeting that looked at future trends in the toy industry, and identified new challenges and opportunities for Tiny Tots. Jack's participation in this metting was part of the organizing function of manag


Continuous planning is not necessary, because plans that worked well in the past are likely to continue to work well in the future. (T/F)


The top managers at the Sax Department Store find that their employees do not really share a common sense of purpose or have a common set of values. This suggests that top management has not provided a clear for the firm. (T/F)


Condoleza is manager for a small manufacturing firm. She spends most of her time assigning specific tasks to workers and evaluating their performance on a daily basis. These responsibilities suggest that Condoleza is a middle manager. (T/F)


Controlling provides managers and workers with feedback that helps them adjust to deviations from plans. (T/F)


The process of creating individual departments to do specialized tasks is called departmentalization. (T/F)


Centralized authority provides for the delegation of authority to employees who are then better able respond to customers' needs. (T/F)


Because top managers supervise the firm's most talented workers, they generally have a broader span of control than middle or first line managers. (T/F)


In a line organization, there are many specialists who serve as advisers and assistants to the managers who make decisions. (T/F)


Bench-marking requires organizations to compare each function against the best in the world. (T/F)


To better serve customers, many firms are restructuring to empower front-line employees. (T/F)


The formal organization of a firm provides the lines of authority to follow in routine situations. (T/F)


Since motivation comes from within an individual, there is little that managers can do to help motivate workers. (T/F)


A major conclusion of the Hawthorne studies was that the best way to motivate workers was with monetary incentives such as pay raises and bonuses. (T/F)


According to Maslow, people will try to satisfy lower order needs before they turn their attention to higher order needs. (T/F)


Jimmy is a talented musician, and has already won a number of awards. Still, he practices about two hours every day, trying to reach his highest potential. Jimmy is motivated by self-actualization needs. (T/F)


Herzberg used the term hygiene factor to refer to an element of job content that was particularly important as a source of worker motivation. (T/F)


According to William Ouchi, two of the main features of the Japenese approach to management are individual decision-making and rapid promotions. (T/F)


For management by objectives to be successful, workers must be willing to accept the objectives set by top managements without question and without hesitation. (T/F)


According to Victor Vroom, the effort employees exert on a specific task depends on their expectations of the outcome. (T/F)


How are managers today different from managers in the past?

Managers today emphasize teamwork and communication

Which of the following goals best describes today's view of the organizing functions?

Pleasing the customer at a profit.

Which of the following activities would be a part of the leading function of a manager?

Training and coaching workers to help them understand their job and perform it effectively.

A ___________ is an overall explanation of why an organization exists and where it is trying to head.


Jamal is part of a management group that is examining whether his company, State Engineering, should offer some important new services that would broaden its business by appealing to a different group of potential clients. Jamal's group is involved with:

Strategic Planning

Middle Managers are responsible for:

Developing tactical plans and controlling.

_________________ involves creating a vision for others to follow, establishing corporate values and ethics, and transforming the way an organization does business so that it is more effective and efficient.


Which of the following best summarizes the type of leader future organizations are likely to need? In the future, organizations will need leaders who:

Provide the sense of stability and orderliness the organization needs to withstand the challenges posed by a CHANGING ENVIRONMENT.

Ho Han has just spent two hours going over quality reports to determine whether his department is meeting quality standards he set for the current month. Ho's efforts are part of the ___________ function of management.


Which of the following correctly identifies the rationale behind the unity of command principle of management?

Workers can become frustrated and confused if they have more than one boss.

Which of the following determines the degree of decentralization a firm might use?

The degree to which lower level management is empowered to make decisions.

Vaughn Studios organizes its operation by activity, such as production, marketing, accounting, and finance. Vaughn utilizes _____________ departmentalization in order to maximize their efficiency:


In a ____________________ organization, specialists from different parts of an organization are brought together to work on specific projects, but these specialists still remain part of a traditional line and staff organizational structure.


All of the following are advantages of the matrix organizational EXCEPT:

It requires cooperation between employees and managers.

Eileen is employed by the personnel department of a corporation with several hundred employees. Her main function is to advise and assist managers in other departments, such as marketing and production, when they make staffing decisions. Eileen's position


Independence Elctronics prides itself as a world-class producer of components used in CD and DVD players. The outstanding performance of the the production department indicates that his activity is one of the firm's ___________.

Core Competencies

In an inverted organization, the job of management is to:

Assist and support front-line people

Which of the following statements would Elton Mayo be most likely to make soon after concluding his Hawthorne studies?

Employees who ENJOY THEIR WORK ENVIRONMENT and believe they are respected are likely to be more productive workers.

According to Maslow, a higher order need:

Becomes a source of motivation after lower order needs are satisfied.

Julie has worked for the Warwick Corporation for several years. Recently, management recognized her as one of her company's best workers. Her fellow employees respect and admire her, and she feels good about herself. The type of needs that are likely to m

Physiological needs

Herzberg found that good pay:

was a hygiene factor rather than a motivator

Ramon works at Chicago Medical Instruments. His Job recently redefined so that he now has more flexibility in the hours he works and more say in the procedures used on thee job. This suggests that Chicago Medical Instruments is trying to change Ramon's Jo


Theory Y managers would tend to:

Have confidence in the ability of workers to solve problems that arise during work.

One of the reasons management by objectives is an effective way to implement the ideas of goal-setting theory is that it:

Provides a method to get everyone involved in the process of setting goals

Two things shared by many companies with highly motivated workforces are:

open communications systems and self-managed teams