chapter 22 health test illegal drugs

physical, metal/emotional, social

what parts of total health does drug abuse affect?


females who smoke marijuana may experience a decrease in what?


dangers of stimulant drugs include what?


an opiate drug that is used in some prescription cough medicine is what?

near a school

penalties are higher for selling or using drugs where?

anabolic-androgenic steroids

synthetic substances similar to male sex hormones

psychological dependence

needing a drug in order to feel good is a sign of what?

hepatitis B

injecting drugs with a needle increases the risk of what?

gateway drug

marijuana is a ____, a drug that may lead the user to try other drugs


examples of ____ include glue, aerosols, paint, and gasoline


the type of drugs that may cause malnutrition


the drug ecstasy is both a stimulant is both a stimulant and a _____


Oxycodone is a prescription drug that contains a strong ____


the treatment process for drug addiction is called _____


outpatient drug-free treatment usually does not include ____

illegal drugs

chemical substances that people may nit lawfully make, buy, or sell

substance abuse

unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical purposes

designer drugs

drugs made to imitate the effects of other drugs


drugs prescribed for pain relief


drugs that slow down the central nervous system