Art Final Exam


any of a number of polymers containing alternate silicon and oxygen atoms, whose properties are determined by the organic groups attached to the silicon atoms, and that are fluid, resinous, rubbery, extremely stable in high temperatures, and water-repelle


a piece of sculpture having delicately balanced units constructed of rods and sheets of metal or other material suspended in midair by wire or twine so that the individual parts can move independently, as when stirred by a breeze.


To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane.


a permanent, fast-drying painting medium consisting of colored pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder medium (usually a glutinous material such as egg yolk or some other size).


To score a pot or piece of clay means to scratch hatch marks into it

Flat nose pliers

Designed for making sharp bends and right angles in wire. Flat nose pliers can also grip flat objects and work well for straightening bent wire. Box-joint construction for dependable use and smooth operation.

Needle nose pliers

are both cutting and holding pliers used by artisans, jewelry designers, electricians, network engineers and other tradesmen to bend, re-position and snip wire.


the relationship among the elements of a visual that helps all the elements function together.


a slender, pliant twig; osier; withe. something made of wickerwork, as a basket.


tall, coarse plant, the tough fiber of this plant, used for making rope, coarse fabric,


a string or wire on which papers are strung for preservation and reference.


is a lightweight casting/sculpting material which has a granite look and texture when hard. Mixes with water to achieve a thick paste like a cement mix.


art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.


can be described as having equal "weight" on equal sides of a centrally placed fulcrum. When the elements are arranged equally on either side of a central axis, the result is Bilateral symmetry.


to form into coils or ringlets, as the hair.


a paint, prepared especially for artists


a plate, box, or open frame for holding work and for guiding a machine tool to the work, used especially for locating and spacing drilled holes; fixture.


prominence, as of form or outline

Round nose pliers

a specialized plier characterized by their rounded, tapering jaws and most commonly used for creating loops in pieces of wire by electricians and jewellers.

Square knot

A common double knot in which the loose ends are parallel to the standing parts, most often used to join the ends of two cords or lines.

Kinetic sculpture

An art form, such as an assemblage or sculpture, made up of parts designed to be set in motion by an internal mechanism or an external stimulus, such as light or air.

Wire cutters

a tool for cutting wire.


a papier-mache-plaster mix that turns into a nice soupy mess that you can actually 'sculpt' for rock faces or dirt roads or just about anything. It has a very fine grainy texture when dry, so it looks like rock or dirt. It takes paint VERY well, especiall


The lightness or darkness of tones or colors. White is the lightest value; black is the darkest. The value halfway between these extremes is called middle gray.

Subtractive sculpture

the oldest form of sculpture and involves removing material, as in wood carving or stone sculpture, to create a finished work.

Etching cream

comprises the techniques of creating art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. Traditionally this is done after the glass is blown or cast, although mold-etching has replaced some forms of surface etching. The remova

List Some Paint Properties

quick drying.
corrosion resistance.
water resistance.
heat resistance.

Steps to Washing a Brush

1) Rinse Brush
2) Dime size amount of soap
3) Wash Brush
4) Rinse Brush
5) Reshape Bristles
6) Put away Bristles Up