Understanding HIV and AIDS

HIV infection through blood transfusions is very rare in the US because all donated blood is carefully screened.


HIV/AIDS can only be transmitted through sex.


Which of the following fluids CANNOT transmit HIV?


Can a person be exposed to HIV by washing his or her clothes with the clothes of an infected person?

no, because the virus is only contained in certain bodily fluids and survives for a limited time outside of the body

Which of the following methods has the highest risk of transmitting HIV?

sharing needles

If a person has had unprotected sex and, within a few weeks, develops flu-like symptoms that include sore muscles and joints and swollen lymph nodes, what is the BEST reaction?

It could be the flu, but it could also be an HIV infection. It is very important to be tested at a medical facility.

How does HIV harm the body?

It destroys immune cells, leaving the body defenseless.

After extended use of the drugs that treat HIV, the virus often becomes resistant and the drugs no longer work.


If tattoo needles are sterilized, the chances of HIV infections are greatly reduced.


Which of the following can be a symptom of AIDS?

severe weight loss

Which of the following is NOT currently a function of HIV/AIDS medication?

curing the patient

The healthcare cost associated with the treatment of HIV/AIDS is generally inexpensive and fully covered by health insurance.


When can HIV NOT be passed from mother to infant?

when sharing utensils

It is impossible for infants to contract the virus from their mothers during childbirth.


If an HIV positive individual has followed treatment exactly as recommended becomes ill with flu-like symptoms and seems to be getting worse instead of better, what is the most likely situation?

The individual's CD4+ count should be tested right away because an opportunistic infection in a person with HIV is a sign that the infection may have developed into AIDS.

Which of the following could be a sign of AIDS in a person infected with HIV?

all of the above