Theology semester 2 exam review

First gospel / proclamation of the good news


Eve WASNT perfect

Was Eve perfect?


In Christianity God reaches to _____ and in every other religion man reaches to _____

Because Mary was without sin, so she couldn't have any intimate relations with Joseph. Also, Jesus has 2 natures, His Human Nature was passed on by Mary, and His Divine Nature was given to Him through God.

Why could Joseph not be Jesus father?


Catholic means _________

The other 5 covenants

The new covenant includes/ encompasses

It was made by Jesus and Jesus can't be broken

Why can the new covenant not be broken?


divine revelation -tried to reveal that he _____us our primary response to divine revelation should be ____

Giving something

Charity is _________

Since Adam and Eve ate from the tree, we all have Original Sin. We can not take that away. We have darkened minds,& weakened wills. Also, Eve suffered childbirth. Adam had to work harder, and they ended up dying.

Consequences of original sin and tarabael

He needed to cleanse the earth

Why did God flood the earth ?

New Adam figure

Noah planted a vineyard who is Noah?


Flood is a type of what

Multitude of descents
a land where he could dwell
A blessing to all the nations of the world

3 promises God gave Abraham

Includes those truths that were put down in written form as well as those handed on orally

Deposit of faith-

According to the laws of nature, nothing can move itself. logically, all movement would eventually be traced back to the first moment of the universe St. Thomas Aquinas concluded that there is an "unmoved mover," the entity or force that ultimately put al

First mover argument -

Teaching office of the Church

Magisterium is the ___________

How the decisions are made

Papal infallibility -

1. apostolic age - come from time of apostles
2. Inspired by the holy spirt
3. Orthodox- constant w, what the church was teaching
4. Used @ mass

How the early church decided which books are in the New Testament -

Vulgate Greek translation of the Old Testament - Septuagint

Translation of the bible that Jerome did-

The free and undeserved gift that God gave us to respond to a vocation to become his adopted children

Definition of grace


Principle minster who does the action of the sacraments?

a member of the church-the mystical body of Christ- on earth, in purgatory, or in heaven. The church may officially declare a member of the church in heaven to be a saint by canonization, adding him to the liturgical calander and promoting his public vene

Definition of Saint

God's work in keeping creation in order-a task in which he invites us to participate

Definition of governance

the disordered state of human appetites or desires to due to the temporal consequences of Original Sin.

Definition of concupiscence

Adam and Eve's abuse of their human freedom in disobeying God's command.

Definition of original sin

Aramaic word for father that expresses affection and familiarity, roughly equivalent to the word "dad" or "daddy

Definition of Abba

a representation such as a statue or picture. Each person is made in the image of God; that is, like God insofar as having intelligence, free will, and the capacity to love

Definition of image

Jesus' familial relationship, or "sonship" to God the Father

Definition of Filiation

Spiritual perfection or purity arising from a likeliness unto god, who is perfectly holy.

Definition of holiness

Form -words and matter-things used

What are the 2 parts of sacrament


Why did God create

Body and soul

2 parts of man


T OR F: Original sin was removed in baptism, not all of the effects were taken away

an angel personally assigned by God to protect and intercede every human being

guardian angel


T OR F: What part of the bible the prophecies of Christ come from ?

Jewish group not Christian

T OR F: Heresies Essenes -


T OR F: When did Jesus accept the cup of his passion ?

Jesus felt all of the emotions that we do.

T OR F: How much humanity did Jesus share w/ us ?

T:Son of man comes from Daniel

T OR F: Other title Jesus used for himself -


T OR F: Blessed mother in the Koran


T OR F:did the Jews accept Jesus as messiah

Positive and negative aspects of free will

What gifts did God give to man that he didn't give to the rest of creation


Feast day on this past Sunday ?

What the Jews were celebrating on Pentecost

Giving of the lam

Stone tablets

Wen God gave the law to moses he gave it on what


Natural faith-

The Five Ways are to prove the existence of God based on reason.
1) The Argument from Motion
2) The Argument from Causes
3) The Argument from Possibility and Necessity
4) The Argument from Degrees of Perfection
5) The argument from Governance

Aquinas's 5 ways-


What a type is -

Jesus Christ

Fullness of divine revelation-

Why did Archangel Gabriel call Blessed Virgin Mary "Full of Grace"?

Essay question #1

How can Mary be called "Co-Redemptrix" if Jesus is the only redeemer between God and Man?

Essay question #2

The 10 Commandments say we can only worship God, is veneration, honor, of the Blessed Virgin Mary idolatry?

Essay question #3

Liturgy of the Word

Which part of Mass could we have without a priest?

Saint Augustine

Who said "We all have a God size hole in our heart"?

The birthday of the Church

What is Pentecost?

9 days of prayer

What is a Novena?


Who was given the 10 Commandments?

On Mount Sinai

Where was Moses given the 10 Commandments?

On stone

What were the 10 Commandments written on when God gave them to Moses?

Saturday and Sunday

What two days did the Jews celebrate Mass on?

The Liturgy of the Word

What did they celebrate on Saturday?

The Liturgy of the Eucharist

What did they celebrate on Sunday?

This is because the Temple was destroyed and Resurrection of Jesus was on Sunday

Why do we not celebrate Mass on Saturday?

Apostolicity, orthodoxy, inspiration & litturgical use.

What are the 4 chriterias used to make up the new testament?


T/F: Did Jesus experience the emotions we do?

The Resurrection

What is the central event in our religion?


Who were the 5 covenants in the Old Testament with?


Who is the new Eve?


Who is the new Adam?

The nation (land)
Blessing for all nations

What did God promise Abraham?

His son, Isaac

What did God tell Abraham to sacrifice?


T/F: Is there evidence outside of the Bible that Jesus existed?


Why are the body and soul important?

To live a holy life

What is our #1 purpose on Earth?


What is removed through Baptism?

Original Sin

What do we still have after Baptism?


Why did God create the Heavens and Earth?


Know about Guardian Angels


Know the gifts God gave mankind


Know advantages and disadvantages of free will

When he broke the bread

When did the Apostles realize it was Jesus?


Chapter 5: Fulfilling the Paschal Rite vocabulary sheet-

1. Last Supper

The Passion of Christ - the sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb and the eating of its flesh to redeem mankind- began at the [1]___________ in the Upper Room and ended on Calvary.

2. Mass

The [2]_______ is the un-bloody re-presentation of Christ's Paschal Sacrifice.

3. Hebrews

In Egypt, the [3]___________ were given a ceremony, a rite, a liturgy for them to preform: that of the Paschal Lamb.

4. Lamb
5. Flesh
6. Blood

To spare the life of their firstborn, all Hebrew families had to sacrifice the [4]_______, eat its [5]________, and sprinkle its [6]________ on the door posts.

7. New Covenant

This is the only time Christ spoke of a [7]_________ with the people.

8. Melchizedech

Christ's priesthood was according to the order of [8]_________, who offered a sacrifice of bread and wine and not according to the Levitical priesthood, which offered a variety of animals as sacrifice.

9. Holy Communion

Likewise, Christians are fed by the flesh of Christ in [9]__________ and saved by the Blood he poured out on the Cross.

10. Cross

From the [10]___________, he cries out the Messianic Psalm 22, "Eli, eli, lama sabactani?"; the people thought of Elijah the great prophet.

That which is positively immaterial, having no dependence on matter for its existence or activities. God is uncreated pure Spirit; angels are created pure spirits; humans souls are created spirits. Spirits have the power to know and love.


A latin translation of the greek "Homoousios" meaning "of the same substance. The three persons of the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


The quality of being unchangeable or unalterable.


Latin for "and the Son." This addition to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed expressed the double procession of God the Holy Spirit from both God the Father and God the Son. Beginning in the tenth century, the bishops of the East condemned this Western a


The Greek word with a multitude of meanings, including word, account, meaning, reason, argument, saying, speech, story, and the like. The Gospel of St. John refers to Jesus, the Son of God the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, as the Logos.


The personal name of the God of Israel revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai, meaning "I Am Who I Am." This is rendered Lord in most Bibles.


The essence of a being considered as the principle of activity and defining its particular characteristics.


From the Greek oikoumene, meaning "the whole world"; a formal synod of bishops from the whole inhabited world converted to define doctrine, regulate the Christian life, or apply discipline in the Church. The first ecumenical council was held at Nicaea AD

Ecumenical Council

Christian teachers and writers of the early centuries whose explanations of the Apostolic Faith and personal sanctity are a witness to the Tradition of the Church.

Fathers of the Church

The celebration of the Sabbath, or seventh, day on which God rested after the work of the six days of creation was completed, in an inheritance from Judaism. In honor of Christ's Resurrection, Sunday is observed as the Christian Sabbath and must include r


One of the thirty-three men and women whose teachings are especially helpful to understanding Christian doctrine.

Doctors of the Church

Refers to any religious tradition that believes in more than one god, such as Zoroastrianism and most expressions of paganism.


From the Greek for "hidden"; hence, used to describe writings of unknown or spurious authorship. These writings are neither authentic nor inspired by the Holy Spirit, nor part of the Bible. Protestants often classify as apocryphal the books of the Old Tes


The quality of having perfect knowledge, an attribute that only belongs to God.


A representation such as a statue or picture. Each person is made in the image of God; that is, like God insofar as having intelligence, free will, and the capacity to love.


The quality of being present everywhere, an attribute that belongs only to God.


The obstinate denial by a baptized person of some truth that must be believed with divine faith.


The first official creed of the Church, adopted by the bishops at the Council of Nicaea AD 325. It was later amended at the Council of Constantinople AD 381. This is version of the creed used in the Mass today.

Nicene creed

The quality of being all-powerful, an attribute that only belongs to God.


Greek for "God-bearer," often translated as "Mother of God." Used since the early centuries of the Church, this title of Mary was defended by the Third Ecumenical Council.


Refers to any religious tradition that believes in one God, such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


The quality of being perfectly good, an attribute that belongs only to God.


Those characteristics that uniquely describe God: omniscience, omnipresence, omnibenevolence, perfection, and eternity.

Divine Attributions