Romeo and Juliet Act IV and V

foreshadows their death

shakespeare Lit: If a character sees a ghost:

he tells paris that 3 days is too soon but he was willing to wed

what is the irony about paris approaching friar lawrence about the wedding?

she will commit suicide

what does juliet say she will do if the friar cannot help her out of this wedding?

jump off a tower; be homeless; be chained to bears; sit in a field of poisonous snakes;

examples of what juliet would rather endure than marry paris:

romeo will be informed and be ready to take her away to mantua

what does the friar promise juliet will happen once she awakens in the tomb?

her pulse will stop and she will lose color in her lips and face making her seem dead and sickly

what are the effects of the potion that the friar gives to juliet?

they will bury her body in capulet tomb under the friar's instructions

what will happen when juliet is found "dead"?

cons- lack of communication; wake up & freak out; sad parents; poor/broke- can't live alone

what flaws might be involved in the friar's plan?

juliet agrees to marry paris

what causes capulet to say "my heart is wondrous light"?


what literary device does juliet's monologue about her fears of the potion show?

friar could kill her to keep the secret marriage hidden bc one would be exiled and one would be dead; she could see tybalt's ghost; she could go insane; the nurse could stop her; she could wake too early and have to wed paris;

list some of juliet's fears

if the potion fails she can kill herself

what is the purpose of the dagger?

juliet's soliloquy; foreshadows her death; explains fear that friar could potentially kill her to hide the secret marriage

what if it be a poison which the friar subtly hath ministered to have me dead

it emphasizes how juliet's parents are oblivious to what is happening to their daughter

how do the actions in the wedding preparation scene contrast the seriousness of juliet's soliloquy?

the nurse

who find juliet "dead

lady-believes the nurse and says she'll die without her; cap-examines juliet- says cold=dead; can't speak without her

contrast the differences of lady cap vs cap reactions to juliet's death

death is his new heir/son-in-law; lady thinks there's no point of life

how does capulet feel about life now that juliet is dead?

he admonishes them- she's so well in higher place (heaven) yet you drive yourself mad; you wanted her to advance to higher life- how much higher can you be than in heaven w/ god

what consolation does friar offer to the capulets concerning juliet's death?

trying to displace blame and suspicion from himself from her death; he convinces the capulets that they're responsible for juliet's death

by giving his speech to the capulets about juliet's death, what is he doing?

to take away from the tragedy of juliet's death; comedy- peter wants to fight the musicians for not playing a love song

why does shakespeare decide to end this act on a comical note?

because he avenged the death of mercutio who was the prince's cousin "avenged the death of my own kinsman

why does the prince agree to exile romeo and not kill him?

the original pharmacy

what is an apothecary?

benvolio- bc he knew that romeo loved juliet and wanted him to know that she was dead- didn't know whole story

who sends balthasar?

horrified; wants to kill himself

how does romeo react to the news of her death?

romeo hears balthasar and thinks juliet is dead and is going to go to her tomb to die next to her

what is the result of friar john not making it to romeo?

to look upon juliet's face and remove the ring from her finger

why does romeo tell balthasar that he's at the tomb?

paris; he was gonna put flowers in juliet's grave

who is hidden in the graveyard when romeo arrives?

he threatens to arrest him again; romeo doesn't know that it's paris- the county noble who is related to the prince and mercutio

why does romeo kill paris?

romeo; it shows that her cheeks and face have color again and thinks she is still beautiful in death

hath no power yet upon thy beauty. thou art not conquered. beauty's ensign yet is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks, and death's pale flag is not advancéd there-

he doesn't believe she is alive; says he will stay forever in the tomb with her and kisses her and drinks the poison

what does romeo do after ignoring the major clue?

romeo says juliet looks so alive- yet he ignores it and thinks she's dead but we know she is alive

what is one example of dramatic irony?