Bio-Med Final Exam 2016

All of the following are functions of the blood except?

Producing blood cells

Genes contain instructions for assembling...


How many hemes are found in sickle cell hemoglobin?


Due to the altered shape of the hemoglobin, a person with sickle cell disease will have all of the following symptoms except

weakened immune system

Hydrophobicity is important to amino acids because...

it determines the shape of the protein

As a result of the amino acid guanine being replaced with valine, the new amino acid has a _______ property.


Which of the following is true of a hydrophobic region of a protein?

it will fold when exposed to oil

Meiosis differs from Mitosis because...


If a disorder shows a homozygous recessive pattern of inheritance, then an infected individual must inherit ___ copies of the inherited gene.


A pedigree can be used to...

show how a trait is passed from one generation to the next

Most directly, hydrophobicity is important to amino acids because...

it helps determine the function of the protein

Chromosomes become chromatids during which phase?

Mitosis prophase

Sickle Cell disease is what type of inheritable disorder?

Homozygous recessive

Which of the following is the biggest unit and would include all of the others as subunits.-DNA-Genes-Chromosomes-Nucleotides


(sure or false)Type 2 diabetes that can be reversed if lifestyle changes occur.


A _____ solution is a less concentrated solution in terms of the amount of solute dissolved in the solution.


Type 1 diabetes is a result of...


Upon examination of a blood glucose insulin graph, a doctor concludes that the body's glucose levels rise over time and the insulin levels remain the same. What can the doctor conclude about the patient?

He has type 1 diabetes

What is the major function of carbohydrates?

to provide a major source of energy or ATP

What type of diabetes is most prevalent?

Type 2

_____ feedback counteracts or stops the initial action.


What are the building blocks of nucleic acids?


______ is the movement of solvent molecules across a semi-permeable membrane specifically water molecules.


All of the following are units of energy except for:-calorie-joule-Calorie-Newton


Which of the following indicators is not paired with the macromolecule it tests for?-Brown paper, lipids-benedicts solution, glucose-Biuret solution, nucleic acids-Lugol's iodine, starch

Biuret solution, nucleic acids

When comparing two solutions, a _____ solution has a greater solute concentration.


What is the function of lipids?

to provide long term energy storage, insulation, and protection

Long term effects of diabetes include all of the following except:-kidney failure-blindness-neuropathy-pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer

Which of the following macromolecules will provide the most energy:-lipids-proteins-nucleic acids-carbohydrates


Which macromolecule contains enzymes and hormones?


When macromolecules are assembled they go through the process of...

dehydration synthesis

The energy we get from food comes from its...


Which of the following subatomic particles is paired correctly with its function:-proton / found outside the nucleus-neutrons / negative charge-electrons / large mass-protons / positive charge

protons / positive charge

Which is better? Overestimating the area of a crime scene or underestimating the area of a crime scene?


This type of search is often used outdoors. It is the most methodical and thorough, and can be described as an overlapping series of lanes in a cross pattern.


This type of search is often used on small, circular crime scenes. Investigators start from critical points and travel outward along many straight lines from this point.


This type of search is often on crime scenes with no physical barriers, such as with open water, etc. It can either begin at critical point of crime scene or outer edge of the crime scene.

Wheel / Ray

This type of search method is used on outdoor crime scenes. Members of the search team proceed at regular intervals along straight lines.

Strip / Line

What is one of the first things that are measured during an autopsy?

The amount of blood and body fluids lost

What part of the body creates initial difficulty with completing internal examination?

The skin

What does a pathologist measure when removing organs?

Weight, volume, and surface area

Which of the following positions is typically filled by that of a physician?

Medical examiner

Which of the following deaths would not require and autopsy?

Death in a hospital with an attending physician able to render cause of death

_____ the transport system of the body responsible for carrying out oxygen and nutrients to the body and carrying away carbon dioxide and other wastes

cardiovascular system