IR" (to go or going to) practice

To go to or going to

ir a

I go to or I am going to

(yo) voy a

you go to or you are going to

(t�) vas a

he goes to or he is going to

�l va a

she goes to or she is going to

ella va a

you (formal) go to or you are going to

usted va a

they go to or they are going to

ellos van a

you all go to or are going to

ustedes van a

we go to or we are going to

(nosotros) vamos a

I go to church on Sundays.

(yo) voy a la iglesia los domingos

You are going to play tennis tomorrow.

(t�) vas a jugar tenis ma�ana

Alicia goes to the gym on weekends.

Alicia va al gimnasio los fines de semana.

Manuel is going to take a test.

Manuel va a tomar un examen.

You and I go to school everyday.

T� y yo vamos a la escuela todos los d�as.

You all (Spain) are going to the library.

Vosotros vais a la biblioteca.

Diego goes to the cafeteria in the morning.

Diego va a la cafeter�a en la ma�ana.

Sergio and you are going to the museum with me.

Sergio y t� van al museo conmigo.

I am going to school soon.

(Yo) voy a la escuela pronto.

You all are going to learn French.

Ustedes van a aprender franc�s.

We are going to study now.

(Nosotros) vamos a estudiar ahora.

He is going to the bank now.

�l va al banco ahora.

Bernardo is going to the park with you.

Bernardo va al parque contigo.

They go to the Ceramics class on Tuesdays.

Ellos van a la clase de cer�mica los martes.

Do you go to the movie theater often?

�Vas al cine a menudo?

Do you all go to the shopping center sometimes?

�Van ustedes al centro comercial a veces?

Are you all going to the beach this weekend?

�Van ustedes a la playa este fin de semana?

Is Daniel going to the hospital later?

�Va Daniel al hopital m�s tarde?

Does your mom go to the post office often?

�Va tu mam� a la oficina postal a menudo?

We are going to ski in the mountains next week.

(Nosotros) vamos a esquiar en las monta�as la pr�xima semana.

Are you going to the Bakery to buy bread now?

�Vas a la panader�a a comprar pan ahora?

No, I am going to the library.

No, (yo) voy a la biblioteca.

Are you all (Spain) going to the concert tonight?

�Vais vosotros al concierto esta noche?

No, we are going to the theater.

No, (nosotros) vamos al teatro.

Does Manuela go to the supermarket every day?

�Va Manuela al supermercado todos los d�as?

I am going to the bank.

(Yo) voy al banco.