Server Day 4 Assessment BFG

What is our greet time?


What are the 8 points you should cover in the 2 part menu presentation?

1. Introduce yourself
2. Ask if they have ever dined at Bonefish
3. Wood burning grill
4. Grilled fish- hand cut
5. Briefly mention Happy Hour, point out featured wine list and wine list on main menu, bottled beer and hand-crafted martinis
6. Mention and

What is the last point to cover in the 1st part of the menu presentation?

Signature appetizer- Bang Bang Shrimp.

When should you use a movie device at the table to take a guest's order?

1. First round drinks and appetizers
2. Check reconciliation
3. Large party service

Debris awareness is:

Everyone's responsibility.

Keeping busy at ALL Times is important because:

It keeps us from growing complacent, It helps to keep the restaurant well maintained and organized and it promotes teamwork. (All of the above)

When our friends come in to dine while we are working we should:

Remember that we are at work with a job to do and quickly acknowledge their presence and immediately resume taking care of the needs of the restaurant.

We should always ID someone who looks under ___ years old, regardless of whether you have seen them drink before.


What date should appear on someones license in order for them to be 21 as of today?

Current month, day and 1995.

When a guest would like a cold glass with their beer, the server that runs it should:

Automatically pour the beer for the guest as a step of silent service.

What items should be left on a properly pre-bussed table?

One beverage glass and linen per guest.

What should we do if a guest asks where they can find the restroom?

Walk the guest to the restroom.

What is the guest right of way?

Making a grand gesture by moving to the side and insisting that our guests go first whether through an aisle way or around the bar area. We always want them to know that they come first.

If you are having a bad day:

You leave your problems at the door as to not affect the guest's experience.

Positive feedback should be accepted graciously while negative feedback should be rejected and ignored without concern. True or False?


Valuables should be locked in the trunk of your car or left at home. True or False?


It is ok to use your cell phone when working if a guest doesn't see it. True or False?


If a guest asks you where the bathroom is you should always:

Walk with the guest to show them until they know the way.

Unpolished silverware can ruin the guest's entire experience. True or False?


What area in the restaurant is considered a "no fly zone"?

The host stand.

What are the Top 10 Points of Service?

1. Immediate Greet
2. First Round Drinks/Appetizers
3. Take the Order, Offer Bread
4. Turn in the order
5. Run your fresh bread
6. Two-minute verbal food check
7. Pre-bus! Manicure!
8. Suggest Dessert/Coffee
9. Present the check
10. Team bus!

What is a marking plate and how is it used?

A plate with a few pieces of silverware and folded linen. After properly probating a table a guest may no longer have silverware. As a part of silent service we will replace their missing item by taking the marking plate to the table and placing the missi

What are the 8 common food allergens?

1. Dairy
2. Eggs
3. Peanuts
4. Wheat
5. Soy
6. Tree Nuts
7. Fish
8. Shellfish

What are the proper steps of a bread and pesto presentation?

1. Offer bread and pesto to the guests after you take their entree order (or with the Mussels Josephine).
2. Run fresh bread and pesto.
3. Describe the ingredients of our pesto to the guests.

Rank in order of importance, the items that need to be run first.

1. Hot food
2. Bar Drinks
3. Salads
4. Bread
5. N/A Beverages

When should we do a verbal food check?

2 minutes

What are some examples of consolidation on the floor?

Pre-bussing your table and any others on your way to the kitchen.
Ask someone to take a refill so you can run hot food.
Have someone make a cappuccino so you can run drinks.
While someone is bussing a table, go get the paper and silverware to reset the ta

What things should NOT be done when taking an order?

Kneel or crouch at the table.
Sit down at the table.
Lean on the table.
Speak in restaurant lingo.
Memorize the order without writing it down.

What doe it mean to be a "Big City Bar"?

A Bonefish "Big City Bar" is a bar filled with superb drinks, service, presentations and an extremely high level of hospitality. Our founder's vision was to create a Big City Bar that would offer the "pleasure and details of a superb experience" at a casu

What should you always do if a guest pays by credit car?

Thank them by name.

Give 3 examples of professionalism.

Meeting guest's needs without verbal interruptions.
Remaining accessible to your tables at all times.
Recognize a guest's needs before they are requested.
Have a crisp, clean and wrinkle free Chef Coat.
Always using the Art of Language.
Having self-respon

Name 3 examples of the Call Back System.

Food runner, heard!
Back-up drink runner, heard!
Bus on 405, heard!
Follow, heard!
On bar!
Off bar!
Glassware to the bar, heard!
Bread to 103, heard!

When running food to the guests where do we deliver the protein?


Coffee creamers should be filled up how far per cup of coffee that is served?