plsc part 1

what subject is part of agronomy?

grain production

which is not a horticultural profession?

growing trees for lumber

growing pecans and walnuts for consumption is what facet of horticulture?




commercial horticulture crops occupy about what percent of land?


the horticultural industry provides how much of consumed food?


who is credited with the first recorded use of ornamental plants?


who is most likely to garden?

college educated, 50+ years old, high income

which is false about ornamental horticulture in the US?

gardening is the second outdoor leisure activity, second to recreation walking

what percent of water on earth is liquid and useable by land living plants and animals?


21% of the atmosphere is composed of what?


what percent of carbon dioxide is found in the atmosphere?


what is the loss of water though stomate on plant leaves called?


the soil and mineral portion of the earth is what?


arrangement of sand, silt, and clay gives soil its what?


legume plants have the ability to extract what from the atmosphere?


what elements are needed in small quantities for plants to grow?

manganese and iron

what element is necessary for plant growth but unnecessary to supply because it is supplied by air pollution?


what gas must enter into the plant to cause photosynthesis?

carbon dioxide

why is human driven plant genetic truncation is dangerous?

the loss of a major food crop to a plant disease would be catastrophic to humans

which of the following is true about 19th century industrialization?

control of raw materials shifted from public to private sector

what would reduce the amount of eutrophication of the Delaware river?

reducing the amount of fertilizers applied on land

what is the most effective method to reduce pollution damage to ornamental plants?

breed and select plants tolerant of air pollutants

what is true about air pollution to ornamental plants?

it may vary with kind of plant

a pH of 5 is how many times more acidic than a pH of 6?


the combination of household garbage and garden debris accounts for what percent of solid waste?


in the US, what percent of solid waste is buried in landfills?


what would speed up composting?

chopping the materials into small pieces

what is false about water?

detergents and pesticides are #1 and #2 pollutants

in western US, what about water on land you own?

could be owned by someone else

what is false about pesticides?

all pesticides are agricultural chemicals

what percent of the US population lives in communities of 50,000+ people (urban)?


what is true about eastern vs western views of nature?

western cultures see man as a central figure in nature

who were the first people to establish public gardens and grow plants in containers?


what happened during the 11th-14th century?

monasteries kept horticulture alive

where did renaissance gardens start formally and transition into naturalistic landscapes using imported ruins?


how much does landscaping increase a property's value?

5 to 20 (4x)

what is false about landscaping regulations?

laws have greatest impact on suburban housing developments

how do the 3 major areas of property differ?

function of the area

what is a common mistake in designing the public area of a home?

accenting the driveway

what is false about enclosing the private area of a landscape?

fences are less expensive than plants to form an enclosure

where would a compost pile be located?


growing cut flower and potted flowering plants in a greenhouse is what subdivision of ornamental horticulture?


what method of farming involves only growing one crop on a given area?


what is pollution?

the addition of a substance or form of energy to the environment that is potentially harmful to life when it is added at a rate faster than the environment can accommodate it

what are the 4 basic needs provided by an indoor or outdoor environment?

beauty, space, privacy, order or organization

since the Civil War, what has the US contributed landscaping?

wilderness parks and front lawn

what are the primary objectives of landscaping a home?

increase beauty, usefulness, and monetary value

what are 2 constraints that landscape architects face?

need a client, design has specific purpose and must fit community, restrained by climate and topography, difficult to change after execution

what can be located in the private or service area of a landscape?

hobby greenhouse and children's play equipment

what is part of agronomy?

nature and properties of soils

which crop is not included in horticulture?

corn grown for use as a forage

growing fruit is which subdivision?


is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable clearly and legally defined?


what is false about ornamental horticulture in the US?

a max of 50% of households participate in some aspect of horticulture

what is false about the history of horticulture?

first use was by the greeks

who is least likely to garden?

high school educated, 20-49, low income

area of earth with living things is what?


how much of earth's water is unavailable for use by plants and animals because it is too salty?


what are the openings in plants used in transpiration?


how much CO2 is in the atmosphere?


what does ozone in the atmosphere do?

shield UV and cosmic rays

what was the first metal used by man?


what is the average topsoil depth worldwide?

6 inches

how many tons of minerals per person, per year, are extracted in the US?


what element needed by plants is supplied by commercial fertilizers?


how much of a soils volume should be pore space of air and water?


what does a soil's ratio of sand, silt, and clay determine?


what is needed for photosynthesis?

CO2 and water

what is a problem with monoculture?

increased pest problems on crops

at what pH do most plants grow?