CH 28-30

What policy has China adopted to limit population growth?

Families may only have one child

Like Beijing, Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, is among the cities with the most ________ in the world

Worst air pollution

In China, monsoons

Blowing westward bring warm, moist air in the winter

The southern part of the Korean peninsula has a _______ climate, with temperatures moderated by the surrounding seas

Humid subtropical

Northeastern China has abundant deposits of _______, which is a source of cheap but highly polluting fuel


Which best summarizes the changes that took place in Japan during the Meiji Restoration

Japanese society underwent a period of rapid modernization

An addition to a wealth of iron ore and coal, North Korea has the world's largest _____ deposits


Japan is looking to supply its energy needs in a sustainable way. As a result,

Japan is exploring many sources of alternative energy

The March 2011 earthquake and tsunami led to a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plants. What happened as a DIRECT RESULT of the meltdown?

Much radioactive material was released into the atmosphere

Instead of properly disposing of waste materials, South Korean sanitation companies pumped untreated sewage directly into the

Pacific Ocean

Why does so much of Japan's population live in the Tokaido corridor?

It is an urbanized lowland, not a mountainous area

An example of South Korea's desire to increase its energy efficiency is the government's plan to change the type of ____in every public building


The T'aebaek Mountains begin in North Korea and stretch along the ______ following the east coast into South Korea

Sea of Japan

After resisting Mongol invaders, Korea became known as the "Hermit Kingdom" because of its


Since the 1960s, South Korea has transformed itself from one of the world's poorest states to a highly ______ society


Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake, formed when tectonic activity created a

A depression along a fault line

While North Korea and South Korea have different medical care policies, both countries value


What lead to the end of Japanese isolation in the mid-1800s?

Commodore Perry of the United States arranged to open Japan's ports to U.S. ships

Why is acid rain still a serious problem in Japan, despite tighter regulations on air quality?

Air pollution from China is carried in the atmosphere over to Japan

Most of China's population lives

In the plains and valleys along its three major rivers

Which of the following helps protect Japan's resources?


Most of North Korea's rural population lives in the

Coastal lowlands and river valleys

What is the role of industry in Japan's economy?

Japan's economy is primarily focused on industrial manufacturing and manufactured goods

Because much of Japan's landscape is mountainous, the majority of Japan's people live

On terraces carved into mountain sides

In 1989 student _______ , or citizens who speak out against government policies, held protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square demanding democratic reforms


Tok Islands

A group of rocky islets claimed by South Korea and Japan


Type of tree that grows in the northern highlands of the Korean peninsula


An organization, often a farm, whose members work together and share expenses and profits


A cease-fire


South Korea's capital and largest city


A key aspect of family life in South Korea in which ancestral worship is central


The largest city and capital of North Korea


A plan to increase forest coverage


The other marine life caught along with the intended harvest

Drift nets

Sometimes called "Wall of Death


A person who believes there is no God

Altay Shan

A mountain range that lies along part of the border between China and Mongolia

Merchant Marine

A country's fleet that engages in trade


A large desert in North-Central China and Southern Mongolia


A fine, yellowish-brown topsoil made up of particles of silt and clay, carried by the wind

Three Gorges Dam

An infrastructure project that involved the relocation of over a million people


An area's original inhabitant

Economic Sanctions

Trade restrictions


A mountain range that separates China from south Asia


A violent tropical storm that forms in the western Pacific Ocean, usually, in the late summer