US history honors final stratman

this cartoon of 1863 echoes Lincoln's warning that "the enemy behind us is more dangerous than the enemy before us." Of whom is he speaking?


the most widespread of the new African American organizations formed after the civil war were...


when former enslaved people were offered the opportunity to learn to read and write, they responded with..


most freed African Americans were unable to buy land from whites because they...

lacked money or credit

after the war, African americans wanted southern land to be...

redistributed for their own use

plantation life changed in the south after the war because many freed African americans refused to work for...


congress rejected Lincoln's reconstruction plan because it was too...

lenient to the south

radical republicans thought that Johnson's reconstruction plan was too...

lenient toward former confederates

when Johnson defiantly violated the tenure of office act, he was...

impeached by the house

because of the compromise of 1877,

federal troops were withdrawn from the south

all of the following were passed by congress to weaken southern resistance to reconstruction except the...

tenure of office act

what did the 13th amendment fail to provide for but was granted through the 14th amendment?

rights of citizenship

what was a primary goal of the radical republicans during reconstruction?

make white southerners suffer and ensure rights of African americans

the goal of the ku klux klan during reconstruction was to...

intimidate African Americans

he was the 19th president who won the office in a disputed election through a political deal made with southern democrats...

Rutherford b. hayes

he was a member of the senate and a co-leader of the radical republicans who sought the removal of president Johnson from the white house

Charles sumner

under the congressional reconstruction plan, the south was separated into _______ military districts...


which cabinet member did president Johnson dismiss, thus violating the tenure of office act?

secretary of war- Edwin stanton

what percentage of the house of representatives is needed to impeach the president?


these acts empowered the federal government to combat violence against African americans with military force...

enforcement acts of1871

what did the 13th amendment provide or guarantee?

freedom to slaves

what did the 14th amendment provide or guarantee?

citizenship to all people born in the US

what did the 15th amendment provide or guarantee?

all male citizens, including African americans, the right to vote

under the military reconstruction act what two things would happen to former confederate property?

it would be confiscated by the government and land was redistributed to men both black and white

under the military reconstruction act what did all former political and military officers of the confederacy relinquish?

their right to vote

nativists in the 1880s were most known for their...

anti-Catholic and anti-foreign attitudes

what president of the gilded age was the only one to be elected twice, but in non-sequential terms?

grover cleveland

in his "gospel of wealth", Andrew Carnegie articulated the view that...

the wealthy were morally obligated to use some of their wealth for the improvement of society

the railroad strike of 1887...

was the first time a president ordered US troops to stop a strike

how were America's large cities in the latter half of the 19th century characterized?

crowded tenements, increasing segregation of social groups by income, and poor treatment of water, sewage, and waste

what were the political objectives of the populist party?

government ownership of major industries such as railroads and telegraphs, replacing the fixed income tax with a graduated income tax, and the free and unlimited coining of silver

social darwinists would most likely support what?

non-regulation of businesses

the most effective and enduring labor union in the post-civil war era...

focused on such goals as high wages and shorter hours for skilled workers

what groups were included among the new immigrants of the late 19th century?

Italian peasants seeking a better life, Russian jews escaping religious persecution, and greeks and Slovaks seeking a refuge from civil wars

this capitalist created US steel, the nation's first billion-dollar corporation, by using vertical integration

Andrew Carnegie

what were most likely to "help" immigrants adjust to city life in the late 19th century?

politicians from Tammany Hall

how were settlement houses characterized?

located in poor working-class and immigrant neighborhoods, staffed by college-educated middle class men and women, and taught household skills to immigrants

what contributed to the development of suburbs in the late 19th century?

low cost and abundant land, improved streetcar and railroad transportation, and ethnic and racial prejudices

how were national politics in the gilded age characterized?

businesses operating without government regulation, but with government support

the issue of patronage was addressed with the passage of the...

Pendleton act

what attribute was the most important for the settlers to posses for building new communities in the west?


many treaties between native americans and settlers fell apart because of differing concepts of...

land ownership

what two issues dominated national politics in the late 19th century?

the money supply and the protective tariff

in the 40 years following the end of reconstruction, fundamental changes in the american system were brought about as a result of federal legislation in what areas?

immigration, civil service, and interstate commerce

tammany hall was successful because...

they provided needed jobs and services to immigrants in return for their votes

what was one negative result of farm mechanization

overproduction and failing prices

what labor organization endorsed the philosophy of "bread and butter" unionism by concentrating on higher wages, shorter hours, and improved working conditions?

the AFL

what was the most important impact of the great strikes in the late 1800s?

employers began to rely on the federal government for protection against strikes

what democratic ideal found expression on the frontier?

equality of opportunity for all

what is old immigration?

immigrants were from northern and western Europe and they assimilated into American life easily

what is new immigration?

immigrants were from southern and eastern Europe, middle east, and asia and their language and cultural barriers made assimilation difficult

how does a monopoly work?

they took over businesses by buying the whole business and its patents

what is a cartel?

loose association of businesses who agree to limit product and higher prices to increase income

what is a trust?

a business agrees to hand over running the business to a board of trustees who will make decisions for it

what are push/pull migration factors?

factors that make an immigrant want to leave their country, and the factors that make them want to come to another

most progressive reforms centered on...

protecting workers

some americans felt personally involved in the European war primarily because...

they still felt close ties to their old countries

manifest destiny and the Monroe doctrine were the basis for...

American expansionism

the united states sought to control Hawaii as a result of...

trade with china and japan

as a result of the peace treaty with spain, the united states gained...

the Philippines, guam, and Puerto rico

in china, the united states competed with other nations for...

equal access to Chinese consumers

before independence, panama was a province of...


president taft maintained stability in the western hemisphere through...

economic investment

anti-imperialists argued that imperialism rejected the principle of...

liberty for all

with this political reform, voters could now vote for or against laws already passed by state legislature...


what events led to the Spanish-american war?

Cubans rebelled against Spanish rule, us sugar plantations were destroyed on cuba, and the maine was blown up in Havana harbor

president Roosevelt maintained stability in the western hemisphere primarily through...

military intervention

with this political reform, voters were now able to propose new laws...


what were effects of world war I on life in the US?

immigration increased, government curbed civil liberties, and women found higher paying jobs

fear of spies and sabotage in the US during the war resulted in...

restrictions on immigration, abuse of german-americans, and repression of free speech

from George Washington's presidency in the 1790s until the Spanish-american war in 1898, the US had officially followed a policy of...


with this political reform, voters marked their allots in the privacy of a curtained booth...

secret ballot

which two women were considered the original founders of the women's suffrage movement?

susan b. Anthony and Elizabeth cady stanton

president McKinley used what to gain US control throughout western and Asian territories?

military intervention, economic investment, and political expanisionism

anti-german feeling in the US during WWI was encouraged by...

great britain

after the Russian revolution, americans were...

more willing to join the allies

imperialism appealed to the American ideal of...

the pioneer spirit

with this political reform, voters could now vote to remove corrupt politicians from office...


what first caused internal division within the woman suffrage campaign?

alice paul's militant-style protests

the 16th amendment gave congress the power to...

tax on income

the 17th amendment allowed for...

direct elections

the 18th amendment prohibited...

selling of alcohol

the 19th amendment gave...

women the right to vote

what were the three arguments used by anti-imperialists?

moral, political, and practical

as a result of women's suffrage...

women began serving in juries

African americans migrated to the north because...

the north offered more opportunities for jobs and education

in new York city during the 1920s, African Americans attained...

achievements in music and literature

writers such as Langston hughes and signers such as Bessie smith were part of a movement called...

the harlem renaissance

during the 1920s, national politics were...

controlled by the republican party

the teapot dome scandal involved the...

illegal leasing of government oil reserves

jazz was brought to northern cities by...

southern African Americans

the new morals and manners of the 1920s were reflected in...

women's fashions, lack of adult supervision on dates, and reckless drinking

in the 1920s, a common assumption about working women was that they...

would quit their jobs when they married

life became easier for women in the 1920s primarily as a result of...

technological changes

how did the migration of Americans help to create a common culture?

by causing people to interact with people from other regions

which factor contributed to the growth of the entertainment industry in the 1920s?

increased leisure time

how did radio contribute to the development of a common culture in the 1920s?

allowed the country to share the same jokes, commercials, and music

what contributed the most to the creation of national idols in the 1920s?

the entertainment media

why did prohibition seem to fail during the 1920s?

it proved difficult to enforce

what was the primary goal of the ku klux klan?

restoration of white protestants to positions of authority in government

why did some states ban the teaching of evolution in the schools?

the theory contradicted biblical accounts of creation

one result of prohibition during the 1920s was...

the rise of organized crime

the stock market crash affected...

millions of americans, many of whom had never owned stocks

the collapse of the American economic system...

led to a world-wide depression

as a result of the crash and a sever drought, farm prices...

fell even more than in the 1920s

wage cuts and unemployment eventually affected...

all levels of society

during the depression, working women were...

accused of taking jobs from men

after hoover took action in 1932, federal efforts and funds...

were too little and too late

which new deal agency was created to help business?

national recovery administration

how did president hoover attempt to solve the nation's economic problems?

by encouraging private and local relief efforts

what was the major reason for Roosevelt's overwhelming victory in 1932?

he promised federal relief programs and controls on business

why did the political left criticize the new deal?

it did not go far enough in its program to help the common people

which of the following greatly harmed FDR's popularity?

his court-packing reform

frances perkins is most noted for...

becoming the first woman appointed to a president's cabinet

those who criticized the new deal programs as being socialistic belonged to the...

political right

new deal programs gave strong preference to...

men and young male adults

the popular Louisiana politician who pushed for more equal distribution of wealth was...

huey long

what six new deal programs/associations are still in effect today?

fdic, ssa, sec, tva, fha, and flsa

why were many americans reluctant to enter the war?

they thought europe should solve its own problems

after which event did England and france declare war on Germany, signaling the beginning of WWII?

german invasion of poland

which military-related job was not open to enlisted women?

front line soldier

which of the following was true of native americans during the war?

worked as code talkers in the pacific

why did japan invade Manchuria?

area was rich in natural resources that japan lacked

a camp in which people are confined or isolated especially during times of war is known as...


henry ford contributed to wartime production by...

turning his automobile assembly line to aircraft production

americans spent the wages they earned in wartime jobs in all of the following ways...

buying paperback books, investing in war bonds, attending baseball games and movies

which of the following best describes women who went to work during the wartime?

all ages, ethnic, and economic groups

the distribution of goods in a limited amount during times of scarcity is known as...


a fictional defense plant worker used to attract women to the work force during WWII was known as....

rosie the riveter

what three nations represented the axis powers?

Italy, japan, and germany

which of the following events led the US to enter WWII?

Japanese bombardment of peal harbor

what prevented American consumers from spending large sums of money?

shortages of consumer items

which group's constitutional rights were suspended during the war?

Japanese americans

of the following options, which was not considered as an alternative to dropping the atomic bomb?

use of biological warfare

what did Italy, Germany, and japan have in common in the 1930s?

they were fascist nations seeking world dominance

what was the united states' position during the early years of WWII?

remained neutral but loaned war supplies to britain

after the US entered WWII, which nation did the allies concentrate on defeating first?

north africa

as the country began to revive economically following the depression, most American companies were eager to...

convert their factories from consumer to wartime goods

during WWII, which group was banned by the army from engaging in combat?


which allied military campaign led to the liberation of france?

operation overlord

to finance the war, the US government did all of the following...

launched bond drives, used deficit spending, and raised income taxes

which adjective best describes the mood on the home front during WWII?


what were major league baseball clubs forced to do during WWII?

enlist women players

which of the following events led great Britain and france to enter WWII?

german invasion of poland

how did the government try to create a sense of domestic participation in the war effort?

by involving americans in collecting recyclables

what could americans do to have "a financial stake in American democracy"?

buy saving bonds

before WWII, most working women were...

single and young

during the war, increasing numbers of women began to work as...

steelworkers and welders

with the war over, many americans assumed that workingwomen would...

become full time homemakers again

which of the following events led the soviet union to enter WWII?

german invasion of russia

what did the cost-plus system allow businesses to do?

make a profit by producing war materials

wahat was the major difference between the Yalta conference and the Potsdam conference?

turman replaced Roosevelt as the us representative

the _________ was the imaginary line that divided the capitalist west form the communist east.

38th parallel

a _________ in eastern Europe was controlled politically and economically by the soviet union.

satellite nation

the __________ provided vital supplies to a region blockaded by the soviet union.

berlin airlift

the term _______ refers to the indirect conflict between the united states and the soviet union that began at the end of WWII.

cold war

after WWII, American leaders developed a policy of _____________ to resist and stop soviet aggression.


according to the _______, if one country in Indochina fell to communism, others would soon follow.

domino theory

in the late 1940s, the _______ investigated the motion picture industry for left-wing activities.


the _________ divided Vietnam into communist north Vietnam and anticommunist south Vietnam.

17th parallel

the _____________ pledged american financial aid to all European nations following WWII.

marshall plan

all of the following increased tensions between the united states and the soviet union...

creation by stalin of a totalitarian state, delayed opening of western front in Europe, and exclusion of the soviet union from the manhattan project

shortly after WWII, the first major disagreement between the united states and the soviet union involved...

the polish government

in the early postwar years, the united nations was largely ineffective because...

security council members exercised their veto power

the Truman doctrine and the marshall plan were examples of...

kennan's containment policy

NSC-68 recommended that the united states...

quadruple its defense budget

during the Korean war, the united states succeeded in...

keeping south korea free from communism

in the early years of the war in Vietnam, the united states...

sent aid to france

after world war II, the united states became involved in the affairs of latin American nations in order to...

protect US financial investments in latin america

both Truman's federal employee loyalty program and joseph McCarthy's hearings...

worked to prevent communism from infiltrating American society

what impact did joseph r. McCarthy have on American society?

he encouraged a widespread fear of communism