World History Final semester 2

18th centruy philosphical movement where intellectuals' applied the scientific method to find the natural laws of society and government
a. Renaissance
b. Realism
c. Enlightenment
d. Scientific Revolution


18th century intellectual thinkers of the Enlightenment were called what?
a. Philosophes
b. Jacobins
c. Philanthropists
d. Sunderlands


idea where governments are divided into 3 separate branches
a. social contract theory
b. separation of powers
c. spirit of the law
d. Separation of Church and state

spirit of the law

theory by Voltaire he believed would enhance tolerance within a nation
a. Social contract theory
b. Separation of powers
c. Spirit of the law
d. separation of church and state

separation of church and state

Religious philosophy based on reason and natural law
a. Lutheranism
b. Deism
c. Baptist
d. Methodism


meaning to "leave it alone".
a. Laissez-faire
b. Physiocrats
c. Lasze-faire
d. La-Z-Boy


social gatherings in the home of Enlightenment era citizens
a. Meet and Greet
b. Commune
c. Salon
d. New Age assembly


Leonardo da Vinci is an excellent example of Renaissance Italy's social ideal because he
a. Was a politician, and politicians were considered the pinnacle of human achievement
b. came from a wealthy family and greatly improved his family's status in socie

was a painter, sculptor, architect inventor, and mathematician

the peace of Augsburg formally
a. Made Martin Luther the patron saint of the Holy Roman Empire
b. Accepted the division of Christianity in Germany
c. Established the doctrine of Lutheranism
d. ended the war between France and Morocoo

Accepted the division of Christianity in Germany

the high Renaissance in Italy is associated with which three artists?
a. Leonardo Da Vinci, Jan van Eych, and Albrecht Durer
b. Raphel, Donatello, and Jose Suarez
c. Masaccio, Donatello, and Filippo Brunelleschi
d. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelang

Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo

the publication of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
a. was immediately seen as a threat by local businesses
b. Attacked the abuses in the sale of indulgences, beginning the Protestant Reformation
c. was largely ignored until decades after Luther's death

Attacked the abuses in the sale of indulgences, beginning the Protestant Reformation

_________ was the best known of all Christian humanists
a. Desiderius Erasmus
b. Filippo Brunelleschi
c. Lauren Cain
d. Albrecht Durer

Desiderius Erasmus

name the 4 Italian city-states in which the Renaissance was started

Republic of Florence, Republic of Venice, Duchy of Milan, Roman Papal States

what city in northern Europe developed as a cultural center for learning similar to Italy?


Martin Luther argues that through _____ alone, you can be saved


who made up the First Estate in French society?
a. Nobles
b. Monarch
c. Clergy
d. Peasants/Middle class


who made up the second estate in French society?
a. nobles
b. monarch
c. clergy
d. peasants/middle class


who made up the third estate in french society?
a. nobles
b. monarch
c. clergy
d. peasants/middle class

peasants/middle class

who was Jean-Paul Marat?
a. Leader of the Reign of Terror
b. a radical Jacobin journalist
c. military dictator
d. Napolean's brother who ruled Spain

a radical Jacobin journalist

which of the following movements had the biggest effect on the French Revolution?
a. Scientific Revolution
b. Industrial Revolution
c. Great Awakening
d. The Enlightenment

the enlightenment

Which of the following answers was NOT a cause of unrest in France before the revolution?
A. Bad water
B.bad harvests
C. High taxes
D. High food prices

Bad water

Which Estate was excused from having to pay taxes in Pre-revolution France?
A. First estate
B. Second estate
C. Neither
D. Both


What is another way of categorizing the class known as the bourgeoisie?
A. The monarch
B. Laborers/tradespeople
C. Peasants and commoners
D. Upper middle class/merchants,bankers,etc.

Upper middle class/merchants,bankers,etc.

What world event was the biggest inspiration to the French people and the revolution?
A. English civil was
B. Battle of trafalgar
C. American Revolution
D. Spanish inquisition

American Revolution

What factor did NOT contribute to the revolutionary mood in France?
A. New ideas about government
B. Serious economic problems.
C. Lack of a Navy
D. Weak leadership by King Louis XVI

Lack of a navy

An assembly of Representatives from all three Estates used in Pre-revolution times to act as the voice of the people and help the King with major decisions?
A. National Assembly
B. The directory
C. National convention
D. Estates-General


What was the original intent and goal of the National Assembly?
A. Draft a French Constitution
B. Raise a revolutionary army
C. Fight back against the British
D. To storm the Bastille

draft a french constitution

What does the establishment of the National Assembly immediately signal in France?
A. A new empire
B. The end of absolute monarchy
C. Beginning of Republican government
D. Both b and c

The end of absolute monarchy

What peasant led rebellion was known for its targeting of the nobility all over France in the early parts of the French Revolution?
A. The Women's Riot
B. The Great Fear
C. The Reign of Terror
D. Abby Benusa's birth

The Great Fear

What was the National Assembly's adopted statement of revolutionary ideas?
A. Declaration of independence
B. Declaration of citizens rights
C. Declaration of the rights of man
D. Napoleonic code

Declaration of the rights of man

What countries did the legislative assembly preemptively declare war on In Fear of them trying to reestablish the French monarchy?
A. Britain/Russia
B. Austria/Prussia
C. Spain/Portugal
D. Sweden/britain


A radical newspaper editor and journalist who called for mob violence and the killing of any Girondin faction members?
A. Jean-Paul marat
B. Robespierre
C. Georges Danton
D. Francisco Goya

Jean-Paul marat

Who was the leader of the committee of public safety who insulted the Reign of Terror?
A. Jean-Paul marat
B. Robespierre
C. Georges Danton
D. Francisco goya


Radical leader of the Paris commune who forced the Legislative Assembly to suspend the monarchy.
A. Jean-Paul marat
B. Robespierre
C. Georges Danton
D. Francisco goya

Georges danton

Who was the French queen of Austrian descent that was guillotine?
A. Marie Antoinette
B. Anne Bolden
C. Maria Theresa
D. Olympic de gouges

Marie antoinette

What time government body called for a bicameral legislature and an executive branch of 5 elected men?
A. National Assembly
B. The directory
C. National convention
D. Parisian commune

The directory

In whose army did Napoleon Bonaparte fight for once the French Revolution fighting began?
A. Monarchy's
B. Revolutions
C. Neutral
D. Trick question, he wasn't born yet


Who defeated napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar and was his biggest nemesis?
A. Sir Francis Drake
B. Sir Francisco goya
C. Admiral Hannibal barca
D. Admiral Horatio nelson

Admiral Horatio nelson

What division of the military was Napoleon especially gifted at and where he earned his reputation as a strategic genius?
A. Naval strategy
B. Land strategy
C. Cavalry
D. Air force

Land strategy

Government run schools intended to educate students so they could later be used as government officials by napoleon.
A. Concordat
B. Codificate
C. Devonomics
D. Lycees


Agreement between the Church and France recognizing influence of the Church, but restricting it's influence in national affairs?
A. Concordat
B. Codificate
C. Devonomics
D. Lycees


Comprehensive system of laws making uniform law across the country of France
A. Congress of Vienna
B. Continental system
C. Napoleonic code
D. Untied declaration

Napoleonic code

What enlightenment idea did this comprehensive system of laws restrict?
A. Freedom of the press
B. Freedom of religion
C. Interpretation of the laws by judges
D. Government Jobs appointed by merit

Freedom of the press

Shell governments set up by Napoleon and run by his family members or loyal friends the controlled his conquered territories.
A. Subsidiary governments
B. Puppet governments
C. Regional lordship
D. Continental system

Puppet governments

Where was napoleon's first defeat during his quest for a total European empire?
A. Battle of Austerlitz
B. Battle of borodino
C. Battle of Trafalgar
D. Battle of valmy

Battle of trafalgar

What battle ensured British naval supremacy for the next 100 years and ended any plans for invasion by France?
A. Battle of Austerlitz
B. Battle of borodino
C. Battle of trafalgar
D. Battle of valmy

Battle of trafalgar

How long was Napoleon able to have fill Control of his empire at its height?
A. 2 yrs.
B. 3 yrs
C. 4 yrs
D. 5 yrs.


What is a blockade?
a. lego statue
b. forcible closing
c. cannon
d. all of the above

forcible closing

intended to make France and its controlled territories more self-sufficient and destroy Britain's economy.
a. continental system
b. peninsular war
c. russian campaign
d. hundred days

continental system

which event was triggered by Napoleon marching his army through Spain and replacing their King?
a. continental system
b. peninsular war
c. russian campaign
d. hundred days

peninsular war

what is a guerilla?
a. a mammal
b. small band fighters
c. spanish forces
d. Napoleon's Special forces

small band fighters

which of these events resulted in the decimation of Napoleon's army?
a. continental system
b. american revolution
c. russian campaign
d. hundred days

russian campaign

what tactic did Alexander I implement against Napoleon?
a. Frontal assult
b. Blockade
c. Double envelopment
d. scorched-earth policy

scorched earth policy

Approximately how many soldiers did napoleon lose in the Russian Campaign?
a. 300,000
b. 180,000
c. 590,000
d. 240,000


what was the name of the first island that Napoleon was exiled to but later escaped?
a. Corsica
b. Elba
c. St. Helena
d. Mount St. Helens


What island was Napoleon exiled to and die on after he was captured for the second time?
a. Corsica
b. Elba
c. St. Helena
d. Mount St. Helens

St Helena

who were the "5 greatest powers" in the decision making process of the Congress of Vienna?
a. britain, sweden, france, austria,spain
b. Britain, austria, prussia, spain, sweden
c. russia, prussia, austria, britain, france
d. sweden, france, austria, russi


in what way was the Congress of Vienna a success?
a. involved cooperation of a continent's nations.
b. created a new balance of power
c. created a time of peace
d. all of the above

all of the above

what were the two benefits to Napoleon of selling the Louisiana Purchase to the U.S.?

1. more money
2. punish british

at what battle was Napoleon and the Grand Army finally defeated, ending his final bid for power, resulting in the dissolution of the French Empire?

battle of Waterloo

what was the name of the international council assembled for the goal of creating a new European order?

Congress of Vienna

what were napoleon's 3 large disasters that weakened his empire, eventually causing it to fall?

1. Peninsular was
2. continental system
3. russian campaign

how was jean-paul marat killed? and how was Maximilien Robespierre killed?

marat- stabbed while working in bathtub
robespierre- guillotined

William the Conqueror became the first Norman King of England after winning what battle?
a. Battle of Aegospotami
b. Battle of Waterloo
c. Battle of Yarmuk
d. Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings

who was elected by the French nobility to be the first King of France?
a. Henry III
b. Philip II Augustus
c. Hugh Capet
d. John

Hugh Capet

Which Byzantine Emperor codified Roman law into 4 new books?
a. Frederick II
b. Justinian I
c. Otto I
d. Charlemagne

Justinian I

What are William the Conqueror's exploits in England referred to as?
a. Norman takeover
b. French takeover
c. French conquest
d. Norman conquest

Norman conquest

What was the name of William the Conqueror's compilation of all land use, ownership, and worth in England?
a. Domesday Book
b. Doomsday Book
c. Census
d. Farmer's Almanac

Domesday Book

Which ruler was the first person given the title of Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope since Charlemagne?
a. Frederick II
b. Otto I
c. Phillip II Augustus
d. Justinian I

Otto I

Who did William the Conqueror overthrow to become the King of England?
a. Robert of Normandy
b. King Henry III
c. King Harold II
d. King Edward the Confessor

King Harold II

Which document guaranteed the rights of habeas corpus?
a. Magna Carta
b. Congress of Vienna
c. Concordat of Worms
d. Jay-Z

Magna Carta

What was the name of France's representative body?
a. General Assembly
b. Parliament
c. Estates-General
d. Congress


What was the name of the religion practiced in the Byzantine Empire?
a. Eastern Orthodox Christianity
b. Roman Catholic
c. Lutheranism
d. Zoroastrianism

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

What is the English government's national treasury called?


A document made to limit the power of a monarch and fully define the rights and obligations of the feudal contract.

Magna carta

What is the name of the group within English Parliament that is made up of nobleman and Church officials?

House of lords

What is the name of the group within English Parliament that is made up of Knights and townspeople?

house of commons

The rights of habeas corpus guarantee what?

checks on royal power, right to a jury, protection to the nobles from illegal imprisonment

What dynasty of kings ruled France from 987-1328 A.D.

Capetian Dynasty

A group of the highest-ranking German noblemen who elected one of their peers as "King of the Romans" when a new ruler was needed.

Prince electors

What is the name of law code created, simplified, written, and distributed by Emperor Justinian I?

the body of civil law

The act of removing a person's right to Church membership, the sacraments, and contact with God. if this happens to you, you are expelled from the faith entirely.


What do we call the separation of the Church into two distinct branches of Christianity that was caused by a growing belief that the Pope was not the only personable to directly communicate with God?

the great schism

On what subject do the three religions hold different views?
a. life after death
b. Jesus' identity
c. Judgment Day
d. use of local languages

Jesus' identity

At what place was the first recorded Viking attack?
a. Paris
b. Lindisfarne
c. Hastings
d. Novgorod


Toward what city do Muslims pray?
a. Medina
b. Jerusalem
c. Damascus
d. Mecca


Which of the following is NOT one of the five pillars of Islam?
a. fasting
b. prayer
c. military duty
d. faith

military duty

What system of law regulates the family life, moral conduct, and the business and community life of Muslims?
a. Five Pillars
b. Shari'a
c. Sunna
d. Umma


What do Muslims believe about Muhammad?
a. he was the first and only prophet of Allah.
b. he was the only son of the one true god, Allah
c. he was a combination of god and man
d. he was the last and greatest of the prophets

he was the last and greatest of the prophets

what division of Islam believes that only a relative of Muhammad is qualified to be a caliph?
a. Shi'a
b. Sunni
c. Sufi
d. Fatimid


Technological advances to ______ helped the Vikings to become fast, successful raiders.
a. Axes
b. Long ships
c. Reading/writing
d. Beards

Long ships

How were conquered peoples treated by the Muslim Empire?
a. their religions were tolerated, but restrictions and taxes were imposed
b. they were treated very poorly
c. they were forced to give up their religions and convert to Islam
d. they were kicked ou

their religions were tolerated, but restrictions and taxes were imposed

who did muslims consider the "people of the book"?
a. Jews and Christians
b. the Greeks
c. only Muslims
d. Zoroastrians

Jews and Christians

What is the English translation of "Muslim"?
a. "one who has submitted"
b. "submit to the will of Allah"
c. "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"
d. "there is no god but Allah

one who has submitted

Who replaced the last of the "rightly guided" caliphs?
a. Abbasids
b. Fatimid's
c. Sufis
d. Umayyads


In which faith(s) are spiritual leaders required to remain unmarried?
a. Islam
b. Judaism
c. Catholicism
d. Islam and Catholicism


How did Muslim scholars help preserve European culture?
a. by translating the ancient works of Greece and Rome.
b. by halting 100 miles from Paris instead of conquering it
c. by building the Great Mosque at Cordaba
d. by exempting European scholars from p

by translating the ancient works of Greece and Rome

what place refers to "heaven" in the Viking religion?
a. Ballholla
b. Valhalla
c. Walhalla
d. Teigenholla


What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
a. Muhammad and the four leaders who followed him
b. the times during a day when Muslims must pray
c. the major duties required of all Muslims
d. the various divisions of Islam

the major duties required of all Muslims

The Carolingian Renaissance was
a. the rewriting of history by peasants
b. a revival of European learning and culture
c. a theatrical troupe
d. an artistic movement

a revival of European learning and culture

the most important gift a lord could five a vassal was
a. a gold ring
b. Taxes
c. A boat
d. a piece of land

a piece of land

______was a code of ethics that knights were supposed to uphold.
a. Chivalry
b. Vassalage
c. Fiefal
d. Bergstromism


Pope Gregory I, also known as Gregory the Great
a. Was crowned by pope Leo as the emperor of Francia
b. Invaded kingdoms to the north, creating a new Holy Roman Empire
c. Converted Charlemagne to Islam
d. Strengthened the power of the papacy and the roman

Strengthened the power of the papacy and the roman catholic church

The ______ was a set of unwritten rules that determined the relationship between a lord and his vassal
a. Vassalage
b. Feudal contract
c. Fief
d. Domesday Book

Feudal contract

Charlemagne's government was influential because it
a. just finna did it i guess.....
b. Used nobles as representatives to regions
c. Defeated the Romans and took control
d. Gave power to the poor citizens

Used nobles as representatives to regions

the name given to the Muslims living in parts of Spain during the Middle Ages that helped preserve Roman ideas and technology.
a. Ostrogoths
b. Moors
c. Huns
d. Magyars


the Franks were originally a ________ tribe that often fought the Romans until the Roman Empire collapsed, allowing them to create their own kingdom.
a. Hun
b. Scandinavian
c. Germanic
d. Turkish


According to John Green from the Crash Course videos, who is the exception
a. the mongols
b. Chung

the mongols

what was the name of the territory around Rome and in parts of Italy that was controlled by the Pope, giving them political power?

Papal states

Charlemagne was crowned as the first _______ by Pope Leo.

Holy Roman Emperor

Another name for the period known as the Middle Ages is its nickname, the _______

Dark Age

Finding a powerful noble to offer land and protection in exchange for military service is a simplified version of _______.


Contests held so that Knights could use and show off their fighting skills in the correct environment were called what?


Philosophical and theological system of explanation. an attempt by scholars t reconcile faith and reason.
a. Theology
b. Chanson de geste
c. Scholasticism
d. Algebra


________ is the spoken and written language of a particular region or group of people
a. Vernacular
b. Biblical
c. Philosophical
d. Complex


Joan of Arc brought the Hundred Years' War to a decisive turning point by
a. Spying on the English armies
b. inspiring the french army with her faith
c. fleeing to the english side
d. seducing King Charles V

inspiring the french army with her faith

the black death killed nearly 38 million people, resulting in
a. a decline in the power of feudalism
b. severe economic consequences
c. a large famine
d. all of the above

all of the above

when the french king persuaded church members to elect a frenchman as the new pope, what city did the pope move to?
a. jerusalem
b. avignon
c. rome
d. paris


after the hundred years' war, England faced more turmoil from
a. the egyptian army
b. upheavals within the government
c. the war of the roses
d. protests over high taxes

the war of the roses

What was architecture meant to glorify in the new Gothic style?
a. man's greatness
b. kyle's greatness
c. Mr. DeLorme's awesomeness
d. God's greatness

God's greatness

what type of curriculum did universities of time use?
a. theological
b. liberal arts
c. semesters
d. scientific

liberal arts

what is the first level degree you can gain from a university?
a. Associates degree
b. bachelor's degree
c. master's degree
d. doctorate

bachelor's degree

what battle saw 6,000 English bowmen defeat 36,000 french soldiers and mounted knights in a massive upset?

Battle of Agincourt

in what battle did the english almost completely destroy the french navy, giving them control of the English Channel for the rest of the war?

Battle of Sluys

What battle saw french forces continually sending in small, piecemeal attacks o which the English bowmen caused heavy casualties? crushing defeat for the french at the hands of Edward III

battle of crecy

in what battle did King Edward III of England's son, Edward the Black Prince, invade Gascony in mainland France and gain a huge victory?

battle of portiers

what was the first battle in European history where artillery was the deciding factor?

battle of castillon

what pope called for the First Crusade in 1095 in response to the Byzantine Emperor's call for help against Muslim invaders?
a. Pope Innocent III
b. Pope Ironic IV
c. Pope Eugene III
d. Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II

What monarch led the First Crusade to the Holy Land?
a. King Henry II
b. King Philip II Augustus
c. Byzantine Emperor Alexius II
d. No true leader

no true leader

In the First Crusade, during the siege of what city were the crusaders both the attackers, and the defenders before it was finally a crusader victory?
a. Antioch
b. Damascus
c. Jerusalem
d. Nicaea


What did the victorious crusaders of the First Crusade create in the Holy Land after their their conquest of Jerusalem?
a. Christianity
b. Fatimid Caliphate
c. Feudal States
d. Latin Empire

Feudal States

The second crusade is called for by what Pope?
a. Pope Innocent III
b. Pope Forness the Blessed
c. Pope Eugene III
d. Pope Urban II

Pope Eugene III

The Second Crusade was called for in a reaction to the fall of ________.
a. the county of Edessa
b. kingdom of jerusalem
c. Principality of Antioch
d. Majd's socks

the County of Edessa

Once the crusading armies of the Second Crusade reach the Kingdom of Jerusalem, what is their next plan of attack?
a. Sail to Egypt and march north to attack
b. Attack Damascus
c. Help fortify and defend the city from Saladin.
d. Make a test during P/T co

Attack Damascus

Under what Muslim ruler, do Islamic armies take back Jerusalem for their control?
a. Saladhim
b. Saladin
c. Jaffar
d. Salladen


What Christian Knight takes a charge of the defenses of the city of Jerusalem against the Muslim re-conquest between the 2nd and 3rd Crusade?
a. Orlando Bloom
b. Godfrey of Bouillon
c. Balian of Ibelin
d. Bartin of Lyon

Balian of Ibelin

the word crusade means literally "__________"
a. holy war
b. going to the cross
c. kill the infidels
d. god wills it

going to the cross

what European monarch fell into the Saleph river and died during the Third Crusade?
a. Alexius II
b. Richard the Lion-Heart
c. Philip III August
d. Frederick Barbarossa

Frederick Barbarossa

What was the first major Christian victory over Muslim forces of the Third Crusade?
a. Acre
b. Nicaea
c. Jaffa
d. Constantinople


How was King Richard the Lion-Heart killed?
a. Crossbow bolt to the heart
b. drowned in the Saleph River
c. Infected wound
d. Natural causes from old age

Infected wound

what pope called for the 4th Crusade in 1207?
a. Pope Innocent III
b. Pope John Paul II
c. Pope Eugene III
d. Pope Urban II

Pope Innocent III

Instead of attacking Muslims in the Holy Land, the 4th Crusade was centered around the taking of what city?
a. Acre
b. Venice
c. Jerusalem
d. Constantinople


What was the outcome for the majority of the children of the First Children's Crusade?
a. All died in a storm at sea
b. Sold into slavery
c. Pope told them to return home.
d. Made it to the Holy Land

Sold into slavery

What happened to the main (larger) group of children in the Second Children's Crusade?
a. all died in a storm at sea
b. Sold into slavery
c. Pope told them to return home
d. Made it to the Holy land

Pope told them to return home

What was the name of the boy who led the French youth in the First Children's Crusade?
a. Nicholas
b. Stephen
c. Karl
d. Nobel


One lasting impact of The Crusades was that it led to Kings of Europe having more control in their countries; a precursor to________?
a. Aristocracy
b. Abdication
c. Absolutism
d. Andolutism


By the mid 1400's, what 4 strong nation-states would emerge from Europe as a result of The Crusades?
a. England, France, Spain, Portugal
b. England, France, Spain, Italy
c. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal
d. England, France, Italy, Germany

England, France, Spain, Portugal

what phrase said by crusaders would become both the battle cry and a justification of actions for money?

god wills it

what are the names of the 4 "crusader states" that were set up by Christian Europeans in the Holy Land after winning the First Crusade?

Kingdom of Jerusalem, Principality of Antioch, County of Tripoli, County of Edessa

What is the Arabic word "caliphate" synonymous with in the west?


what two European monarchs led armies to aid in the 2nd crusade?

King Louis VII of France, Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III

what were the terms in the truce between King Richard the Lion-Hearted and Saladin to end the 3rd Crusade?

1. That muslims would still have control over the Holy Land but Christians and traders (unarmed) could come to worship
2. King Richard Lion-Heart got to keep control of his conquered cities along the Mediterranean

what 3 European monarchs led armies during the 3rd Crusade?

HR Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, King Richard the Lion-Heart, Philip II Augustus

The 3rd Crusade was nicknamed as or also known as the.........

the kings crusade

what two groups of European people undertook the 4th Crusade?

Crusaders and Venice

which crusade resulted in the Holy roman emperor negotiating a truce that gave Christians partial control of Jerusalem for 15 years

6th crusade

in the second children's crusade, what was the name of the German boy who organized it?


for the children of the First Children's Crusade, who two outcomes happened to them depending on what ship they were aboard?

1. drowned at sea because of storm
2. sold into slavery

Government with a sole ruler, wielding all of the power and decision-making within a country
a. Absolutism
b. Limited Monarchy
c. Republic
d. Monopoly


economic plan designed to quickly boost a nation's economy by decreasing imports and exports of goods
a. Laissez-faire
b. Capitalism
c. Mercantilism
d. Embargo


Built by an absolute monarch to help consolidate his power by keeping the state offices and high lords' close and under watch control
a. Paris Commune
b. The Leviathan
c. Eifel tower
d. Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

a concept where the idea of a mutual agreement between a ruler and his people sets rules for both sides and agrees to be governed by the general will of the population
a. natural rights
b. social contract
c. laissez-faire
d. Separation of powers

Social contract

rights which all humans are supposedly born with including the rights to life, liberty, and property
a. natural rights
b. Social contract
c. Laissez-Faire
d. Separation of powers

natural rights