Schuster semester 2 exam

Ch1 in what part of the world were the first people to have originated from?

Southern Africa

Ch1 around what time period did the first homo sapiens or Neanderthals appear?

100,000 years ago

ch1 which well known historical period brought about the end of the old stone age?

the ice age

ch 1which of the following is considered by many to be the single most important advancement in human history?

the development of agricultural methods

ch 1what is considered to be the first real city?

catal hayuk

ch 1the following are examples of stone age craftsmen except: tailors, blacksmith, carpenters, home builders


ch 1 during what time period did people begin to develop metals used for various purposes?

the bronze age

ch 1 who were the first inhabitants of Mesopotamia?


ch1 what resources did the people of Mesopotamia use to construct their homes and buildings?

sun-dried bricks

ch1 Mesopotamians were responsible for creating all except: the dome, agriculture, city states, the arch


ch1 a priest in Mesopotamia society would fall in what social class?


ch1 What is the main reason for the eventual fall of Mesopotamia city states?

fighting between city states

ch1 what civilization is considered the world's first real empire?


c1 most of the laws in Hammurabi's code focused on protecting which people?


c1 Mesopotamians are responsible for creating all that are still common today except: astronomy, mathematics, organized religion, an advanced form of writing

organized religion

c1 old stone age

Paleolithic era

c1 new stone age

Neolithic era

c1 able to have more movements than homo sapiens which made it better for traveling and hunting

homo erectus

c1 1st modern humans


c1 what were cities like jericho referred to?

Neolithic farming villages

c1 the first real civilization


c1 first to create city states and had a theocracy


c1 282 laws focused on strict laws with harsh punishments

Hammurabi's code

c2 process done in Egypt to prepare body for afterlife


c2 what are pyramids made from?


c2 who built pyramids?


c2 most pyramids were built under the rule of which pharaoh?


c2 how long did it take to build the great pyramid?

70 years

c2 early Egyptian lifestyle centered around what?

farming and agriculture

c2 this ruler united upper and lower egypt


c2 what is the biggest problem face by archeologists when excavating ancient historical sites?

damaging artifacts

c2 what is unique about the flow of the nile river?

flows from south to north

c2 type of religion of Egyptians?


c2 all were gods of Egypt except: isis, seth, horus, zeus


c2 the Egyptian god re (ra) is known in human form as


c2 this period lasted from 2050bc till 1652 bc

middle kingdom

c2 it is during this kingdom that most pyramids were built

old kingdom

c2 this period is referred to as the golden age of egypt

middle kingdom

c2 what did men have to do to get accepted into afterlife?

change their name to osirus

c2 during what kingdom was the role of the pharaoh focused on the people?

middle kingdom

c2 what was unique about trade in Egypt?

trade by sea and land

c2 most significant pharaohs came from what kingdom?

middle kingdom

c2 what was the most significant advancement of middle kingdom?

world's first canal built

c2 this pharaoh ruled for 67 years

Ramses II

c2 this ruler expanded the empire to its largest size

Thutmosis II

c2 this was the first female ruler in world history


c2 these rulers turned Egypt into a monotheistic nation

Amenhotep and akhenaten

c2 what proved to be the demise of the new kingdom?

the desire for wealth and power

c2 what was the most important aspect of ancient Egyptians success?

few other civilizations to challenge their strength

c2 who was the last pharaoh?

Cleopatra VII

c2 Egypt was at one point ruled by all of the following countries except: roman empire, soviet union, france, great britain

soviet union

c2 in what year did egypt gain its independence?


c2 this leader was responsible for industrializing egypt

Muhammad ali

c2 this leader overthrew the government and became the first real president of egypt

gamal Abdul nasser

c2 who was assassinated in 1979?

anwar sadat

c2 who was thought to have ties to the assassination of anwar sadat?


c2 what was the purpose of Pan-Arabism?

to unify all of arab, or middle eastern peoples

c2 who is the current president of Egypt?

abdel Fattah saeed elsisi

c2 what was the importance of the nile river?

flooding was good for farming

c2 Egyptian class system?

pharaoh and family
wealthy military nobles priests
craftsmen merchants scribes
common workers farmers
slaves criminals

c2 youngest pharaoh; his tomb was not robbed and much could be learned from it about the egytpian history


c3 what group of people of responsible for creating the world's first real alphabet?


c3 these people were at one point enslaved by the egyptians


c3 what was essential for the formation of the jewish faith?

the Hebrews captivity with the Babylonians and persians

c3 the religion of Zoroastrianism was practiced mainly by what people?


c3 Zoroastrianism is monotheistic focusing on what god?


c3 under this ruler, Persia reached its greatest height


c3 what percent of US is jewish?


c3 what percent of world is Christian?


c3 how many major crusades to the holy land were there?


c3 what was the major reason for crusades?

to spread Christianity to the middle east and preserve the holy land

c3 all were positive outcomes of crusades except: end of feudalism, improved mid east banking system, better relations between Europe and middle east, new trading routes between east and west

better relations between Europe and middle east

c3 all of the following were negative outcomes of crusades except: Christians kicked out of holy land for good, countless unnecessary deaths, religious intolerance, extensive land destruction

Christians kicked out of holy land for good

c3 what country is the wealthiest in the world?

united arab emirates

c3 what was the importance of the camp david accords?

created peace between Israel and egypt

c3 what is unique about turkey in comparison to other middle eastern countries?

people are allowed to practice whatever religion they choose

c3 muslim hero of crusades


c3 five pillars of islam?

1) say everyday there is no god but allah and Muhammad are prophets
2) pray 5 times a day facing the east
3) almsgiving
4) fast during Ramadan
5) at some point, take pilgrimage to mecca

c3 this person led the PLO

Yassir Arafat

c3 terrorist group recognized by the UN in 1990

PLO (Palestine liberation organization)

c3 1st prime minister of israel

david ben gurion

c3 world religion populations for Christianity, Islamic, and jewish?

Christianity- 32, Islamic- 23, jewish- less than 1

c4 all of the following are true about Africa except: there are more indigenous animals in Africa than any other country, more is known of Africa than any other country, Africa is 2nd largest country, Africa has more ethnic diversity than most parts of wo

more is known of Africa than any other country

c4 what kingdom lasted from 0-800 AD?


c4 what was considered the first of the African kingdoms, aside from Egypt?


c4 all of the following were aspects of Africa except: history told through oral tradition, belief in one god, intense loyalty to kingdom, Africans were the first to insert words into music

belief in one god

c4 all of the following European countries had African colonies except: English, French, Spanish, dutch


c4 how many slaves were sent to the Americas?

10 million

c4 what were the causes of the beginnings of racism towards Africans?

African life experiences made them an inferior people, Africans had no developed human experience, lack of Christian morals

c4 what were major resources in Africa?

ivory, gold, diamonds

c4 who do people feel is responsible for apartheid?

cecil rhodes

c4 who showered the people of mali with so much gold that its value decreased?

mansa musa

c4 what is imperialism?

countries extended political or economic or military power over a weaker country

c4 kingdom with capital at timbuktu


c4 1 of the 1st missionaries to go to Africa to evangelize and convert; bit by a snake and an African tribe saves him

david livingston

c4 business man whose goal was to exploit africa

henry stanley

c4 Boer war(between whom? relation to wwI? outcome?)

boers/Afrikaners vs british, last major conflict before WWI, showed decline of great Britain and beginning of end of imperialism

c4 what is nationalism?

pride in one's nation

c4 what is apartheid?

legal segregation of whites and blacks

c4 fought apartheid and was imprisoned for 27 years

nelson mandela

c4 student activist, arrested and interrogated, beaten to coma and tied to the back of a car to set an example for other blacks, martyr

steven biko

c5 ideology centered around Tao; the way through duty and humanity, optimistic


c5 ideology that believes people shouldn't interfere with nature; realistic


c5 ideology where order is necessary because people are evil; pessimistic


c5 world's 1st ever drug war, Chinese traded drugs to the british for money

opium war

c5 policy in which other people could enter china

open door policy

c5 result of open door policy and fear of losing culture, men who did opium were meant to defend china but were responsible for rebellion

boxer rebellion

c5 what is the longest Chinese dynasty? shang Zhou qin qing


c5 which dynasty was the first to use infantry and cavalry together? Zhou song shang tang


c5 which dynasty finished the great wall? song tang ming qing


c5 this Chinese ruler was known for cruelty towards Chinese people


c5 the terra cotta warriors were created for a ruler from this dynasty: qin qing song tang


c5 during what dynasty did the Chinese population reach 60 million? mongol han tang ming


c5 who is considered to be one of the most ruthless conquerors in world history?

Genghis Khan

c5 all are true about the tang dynasty except: they created the civil service exam, they invented the primitive flamethrower, they moved the Chinese capital to Beijing, they were eventually overrun by turkics

they moved Chinese capital to beijing

c5 what Chinese philosophy believes that nature should take its course?


c5 which Chinese philosophy is most pessimistic?


c5 which philosophy believes is the Tao, or the way, involving individual duty and humanity in life?


c5 which of the following rebellions within the Chinese government and the general unhappiness of the people? boxer rebellion, white lotus rebellion, taiping rebellion, all the above

all the above

c5 father of modern china

sun yat sen

c5 successor of sun yat sen; isolationist and opposite of sun

chiang Kai

c5 what is command economy vs mixed economy?

command: government controls all aspects of the economy & mixed: promotes trade(free enterprise

c5 what did the reunification of hong kong with china cause?

it influenced their social economic position

c5 massacre: liberals wanted reform and mixed government and others wanted communism; prime minister was a communist so their were revolts and the government used violence

Tiananmen square massacre

c5 India caste system?

royals & priests
wealthy upper class
merchants craftsmen
untouchables(social stratification)

c5 in india, this religion didn't get along with islam


c5 in india, he led a resistance through nonviolent protest and became a symbol for peace


c5 what was the salt march?

march to the sea led by Gandhi for independence

c5 what did the british want from india? what did they oppress in india?

salt, religious freedom

c5 what was the relation between india and Pakistan like?

Pakistan is a separate muslim state because they didn't want budhism in india

c5 in japan, what is Shintoism?

religion that has veneration for nature and emperor

c5 who was tokugawa shogunate?(Japanese)

best shogun(golden age)

c5 what is the role of a shogun?

leader of the country

c5 what was matthew perry's role in open trade policy?

he forced japan to open its doors, and Japanese isolationism from the rest of the world ended

c5 What was pearl harbor?

December 7 1941, japan planes attacked pearl harbor on Oahu

c5 What is well know about the Japanese leaders, tojo, and yamamoto?

tojo: executed for war crimes, Japanese hitler
yamamoto: head of navy, US shot down his plane and the downfall of japan was blamed on him

c5 What were turning points for the US in WWII?

battle of midway-turning point
battle of coral sea- 1st US win
Guadalcanal- 1st ground battle & won by US

c5 what was the battle of Okinawa?

invasion of japan, lots of death, showed there needed to be another way

c5 What was Iwo Jima?

bloodiest battle, close to mainland of japan, set the stage for invasion

c5 how were the bomb droppings of WWII decided?

wanting a swift end, enough to get the point across but not too many deaths

c5 What happened to the Japanese government?

government was reconstructed and they were barred from having a military

c5 what is the 38th parallel?

a line that separated north and south Korea; a demilitarized zone

c5 What were the US containment efforts to stop the spread of communism?

they aided the south; police action

c5 this person was a general that wanted to invade China but president Truman disagreed so he spoke openly about his opinion and was forced into an early retirement

Douglas macarthur

c5 who was the leader of the south korea democracy (edu. in America)?

Syngman Rhee

c5 who was the leader of the communist north korea?

Kim II Sun

c5 what is a demilitarized zone?

38th parallel; fenced are with military

c5 what was the Tonkin golf incident?

the leader of the democracy part of Vietnam got thrown out because he had an American education and communism came to the 17th parallel

c5 Who was the leader of north communist Vietnam?

Ho Cho Mihn

c5 who was the leader of the south democracy Vietnam?

Ngo Dihn Diem

c5 what is a police action?

military action where war is not declared

c5 The proposal by great Britain to grant indian independence in 1947 drew opposition from muslim leaders. Their view was that they were denied a voice in the hindu dominated independence movement. as a result, indian muslims wanted:

a separate independent muslim country

c5 Most of the major conflicts that occurred in the world during the 20th century can essentially be traced back to what?


c5 What was Japan's main objective in WWII?

to gain more land so they would be looking upon as a greater world power

c5 the aftermath of the atomic bombs added what term to the English language?


c5 Why was Nagasaki chosen as a sight to drop the bomb?

Tokyo was too large of a city, and the death toll would be too high, so Nagasaki was chosen because it was a large enough city to get the point across

c5 What European country controlled Vietnam prior to the war?


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north korea


south korea



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