Theology III Final Exam

What is inherent dignity?

Inherent Dignity is the worth or value we are born with just by being human, that gives us dominion over animals.

What are the 3 reasons why we have inherent dignity?

1. we are created in the image and likeness go God2. we have a soul—the spiritual part of the human body3. because Jesus chose to become one of us

How did Jesus give us inherent dignity?

Jesus gave us inherent dignity not by dying on the cross, but by choosing to become one of us.

What is the 1st Commandment?

I am the lord your God, you shall no others before me.

What is the 2nd Commandment?

Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.

What is the 3rd Commandment?

Keep holy the Sabbath day.

What is the 4th Commandment?

Honor your father and mother.

What is the 5th Commandment?

You shall not kill.

What is the 6th Commandment?

You shall not commit adultery.

What is the 7th Commandment?

You shall not steal.

What is the 8th Commandment?

You shall not bear false witness.

What is the 9th Commandment?

You shall not covet your neighbors's wife.

What is the 10th Commandment?

Do not covet your neighbor's goods.

Who is David?

Man who wrote about half of the Psalms

Who is Solomon?

Man who wrote much of Song of Songs

What are the 3 conditions for mortal sin?

1. serious2. full knowledge3. full consent

What is Purgatory?

All who die in God's grace but not perfect go to Purgatory to be purified.

Name and define the three states of the Church.

1. the Church on Earth is the Church militant2. the Church in Heaven is the Church triumphant3. the Church in Purgatory is the Church suffering

Which group accepted only the Torah as inspired Scripture?


Which group was a combination of a few elite Sadducees and Pharisees?


Which social group was the radicals or terrorists?


Which group didn't like Jesus because He was inclusive?


Which group was the political aristocrats?


Which group didn't believe in eternal life?


Which group rejected Temple worship because they saw it as being corrupt?


Which group lived in "monastic" desert communities, strictly adhering to the law?


Which group exaggerated their separation from others by wearing phylacteries, prayer shawls, etc.


Which Gospel was written in Syria or Palestine?


Which Gospel was written by a disciple of Peter and Paul?


Which Gospel was written in Greece?


Which Gospel was written in Antioch?


Which Gospel moves very quickly because the word "immediately" is used many times?


Which Gospel was called the Gospel of the Poor?


Which Gospel was written first?


Which Gospel was written to Jewish Christians, with many references to the OT and a lengthy genealogy as evidence for his claims?


Which Gospel was known as the "physician"?


Which Gospel was written last?


Which Gospel features Mary more than any of the other Gospels?


Which Gospel emphasizes Jesus' teachings?


Which Gospel emphasizes Jesus' actions?


Which Gospel was written by the same author as Acts of the Apostles?


Who is John Hyrcanus?

John Hyrcanus is the high priest and secular leader who purified the country of pagan influences.

Who is Herod the Great?

Herod the Great is the violent king who claims he is a Davidic king and rebuilds the Temple

Summarize the Old Testament in two thoughts.

1. God loves us.2. Trust in Him.

What name do the gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke share? What does this title mean? (not literally, just tell me why they have this title)

The gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke are all three synoptic Gospels. This title means that they are written similarly with similar thoughts and stories.

What the the two primary elements/intents of the Gospels? (Rephrased: What were the Gospel writers trying to prove?)

1. to prove that Jesus is the son of God2. to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of David

Name 3 reasons why the Gospels were written down.

1. eyewitnesses were dying off2. preserves original teachings3. Jews had texts4. they (I DONT KNOW WHO THEY IS) wanted to get the word out

What is the Messianic secret? What Gospel can it be found in primarily?

The Messianic secret is that no one should be told about the miracles Jesus performed. It can be found primarily in the Gospel of Mark.

Name one theme in the Gospel of Mark.

1. Jesus is the son of God2. the importance of the cross3. discipleship

Name two substantial differences between John and the other Gospels.

1. no parables2. the people immediately see Jesus as divine3. focuses on the temple, for Jesus is either leaving or going to4. Disciples automatically know Jesus is the Messiah5. miracles are long and explained

What is the incarnation?

God becoming man.

What is Theotokos?

Theotokos is Mary's title that means "God-bearer".

What is Fiat?

Fiat is Mary's unconditional "yes".

Give an example of the concept of the spirit vs. the letter of the law. Make sure to explain both aspects.

Since the rule was no baby power at the football games, it was later thrown at the next volleyball game. Spirit of the law is the meaning behind the words said or written, while the letter of the law is the words said or written.

Explain the connection between being Christian and being Catholic.

All Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians are Catholic.

What are Mary's last words in the Bible? What is the significance of this statement?

Mary's last words in the Bible are "Do whatever he tells you." This statement is Mary's message to us too, not just to the servants standing there listening.

Tell me the story about how and why John the Baptist died.

Herod was living with his brothers wife, Herodias. John spoke out against this which made Herodias angry so John was thrown in jail. At a birthday party for Herod he told Herodias daughter if she danced he would give her anything she wanted up to half the kingdom. She asked her mom what to ask for and Herodias told her the head of John the Baptist, so she did. Herod did not want to kill John but he did anyway so he would not look like a liar in front of the important people there.

Name the 12 Apostles.

1. James the Greater2. James the Lesser3. Judus4. Judus Iscariot5. John6. Simon Peter7. Simon of Zealot8. Andrew9. Phillip10. Thomas11. Matthew12. Bartholomew

God doesn't __________ the __________, He __________ the __________!" What does this quote mean?

God doesn't choose the qualified, He qualifies the chosen! This quote means that if God wants us to do something, He will make sure we are fit and able to do it.

What doctrine does the term homoousious refer to? Where was it declared and when?

The term homoousious refers to the doctrine stating that Jesus is made out of the same substance as God the Father. It was declared at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.

Name the 4 reasons why Jesus became man.

1. to save us from sin2. to be an example for us3. to give us inherent dignity4. to show us the love of God

Who is conceived in the Immaculate Conception?


What is the paten?


What is the sanctuary lamp?

candle that signifies Christ's presence

What is the lectionary?

book the readings are read from

What is the missal?

book priest reads from

What is the ambo?

podium the readings are read from

What is the purificator?

cloth used to clean the vessels

What is the chalice?


What is the alter?


What are the cruets?

small pitchers that hold water and wine

What is the corporal?

cloth in the center of the alter

What is the tabernacle?

container used to hold the Eucharist

What is the ciborium?

bowl used to hold the Eucharist

Name four complete reasons for going to Mass.

1. God the Father said so in the 3rd Commandment—"Keep holy the Sabbath day"2. Jesus said so by saying "Do this in memory of me."3. the Church says so in the Catechism4. God made us social beings so we should worship together5. we receive grace6. we receive the Eucharist

What are the form and matter of Eucharist?

Form: "This is my Body." "This is my Blood."Matter: bread and wine

What is the Transubstantiation?

when the bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ

What is the form and matter of Holy Orders?

Form: Prayer of ConsecrationMatter: oil and laying-on of hands

How often must we receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation if we are aware of any mortal sins?

once a year

What is the form of Reconciliation?

I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

What is the matter of Reconciliation?


Who helped Jesus carry His cross?

Simon of Cyrene

Who is Dismas?

The person who asked Jesus to be taken to Heaven with Him on the day He died

Who is Joseph of Arimathea?

The man who donated his tomb to Jesus

In what way did John recognize Peter's authority at the tomb on Easter Sunday?

John waited for Peter to get there before he went in

Name 3 reasons why the Resurrection is important.

1. fulfills the Old Testament and the New Testament2. gives us hope for our own Resurrection3. proves that Jesus is God

Explain the difference between perfect and imperfect contrition.

Perfect contrition is being sorry because we have offended God. It forgives venial sin on its own and it forgives mortal sin if we firmly resolve to go to Confession as soon as possible.Imperfect contrition is being sorry because we are afraid of Hell. It does not forgive sin on its own, only in Reconciliation.

What is the sacramental seal?

The fact that the priest cannot say anything about our confession to anyone. If broken, a priest could be excommunicated.

Name 4 reasons to confess to a priest.

1. Jesus told us to in John 20: 22-23—"He breathed on them and said, 'Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.'"2. makes us take responsibility for our actions3. we receive grace4. the priest gives us assurance our sins are forgiven5. the priest gives us advice to overcome sin

Name 3 common crucifixion practices.

1. victim would be required to carry the crossbar to crucifixion site (around 75-125 lbs.)2. person would be struggling to breathe (actual death was usually from blood loss and/or asphyxiation, for anywhere from 3-4 hours or 3-4 days)3. bugs and birds would usually burrow into and peck at the eyes, nose, and ears4. They are whipped with a flagella

What is signified by the curtain in the Temple being torn?

The curtain in the temple that separates the people from the dwelling place of God is torn in half. This symbolizes that the separation between us and God is no longer there.

What two things does Jesus teach us by His prayers in the Agony in the Garden?

1. Jesus is Human2. We need to trust in God and His plans for us

Contrast the ways Peter and Judas dealt with their betrayals of Jesus. Why is one response an acceptable attitude and the other is not (other than just the outcome - I'm not looking to hear about suicide!)

Judas despaired and did not believe that God would forgive him so he killed himself and Peter did

What was the first ecumenical council?

Council of Jerusalem

Saul was on the road to which city when he was converted?


What is known as the birthday of the Church?


Which subjects was Saul well educated in?

philosophyHebrew ScriptureGreek Literature

How did Paul die?


Who is the first to accept Paul after his conversion?


Who healed Saul from his blindness?


What category does the epistle "1 Thessalonians" fall into?


What category does the epistle "James" fall into?


What category do the epistles "1 and 2 Timothy" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Philemon" fall into?


What category does the epistle "3 John" fall into?


What category does the epistle "2 Thessalonians" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Romans" fall into?


What category do the epistles "1 and 2 Corinthians" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Jude" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Titus" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Philippians" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Colossians" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Galatians" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Hebrews" fall into?


What category do the epistles "1 and 2 Peter" fall into?


What category does the epistle "Ephesians" fall into?


What did the earliest Christians calls themselves?

followers of "The Way

Who was the first martyr? What was he accused of?


Explain what Catholics believe in regards to Papal Infallibility. Tell me the definition, how and when this is used, and common misconceptions about the doctrine.

Not the same as papal impeccability because we do not believe he is perfect. It means his teachings on faith and morals are considered accurate. When something is declared infallible it is not a new teaching it is simply to prevent confusion and to remind us what the church already teaches. The last time he spoke infallibly was in 1950 on the doctrine of the assumption. Ex Cathedra means from the chair of Peter and if something is not considered infallible or ex cathedra it is still believed to be accurate.

What is the form and matter of Confirmation?

Form: "Be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit."Matter: oil and laying-on of hands

How does the Mass reflect early Christian worship?

Early Christians would go to the synagogue on the Sabbath, then celebrate Eucharist on Sundays in private homes. Our masses reflect this. The Liturgy of the Word reflects their synagogue celebration and the Liturgy of the Eucharist reflects their private home celebration.

What is the issue debated in the first ecumenical council?

The issue debated in the first ecumenical council was "Do you have to be Jewish, therefore circumcised, before you become Christian?

How does Paul's Roman citizenship affect our faith today? What benefit did we receive that we wouldn't if he was not a Roman citizen?

As a Roman citizen he could appeal to the emperor and he was allowed to write letters in jail which are the same epistles we read in the bible today. We would not have those if he was not a Roman citizen

What is the general pattern for an Epistles?

1. Opening Formulaa. Senderb. Addressc. Greetingd. Remembrance2. Thanksgiving3. Body/Main Message4. Concluding Formulaa. Personal Greetingb. Final Blessing

What are 5 symbols of revelation and what do they mean?

1.different colored horseswhite, black, red, greeneach color represents the effects of the Jewish war against Rome2.144,000number of Jewish Christians that ran into the mountains to escape persecutionsome Christians believe this is the number of Christians going to Heaven12 x 12 x 1,000 = 144,000 12 symbolizes the 12 tribes of Israel 12 symbolizes the 12 Apostles1,000 symbolizes completion3.womensymbolizes maryor symbolizes the Church4.dragons symbolizes Satan5.beastssymbolizes corrupt government

What are the four last things?

Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell

What is judgement?

two different kinds of judgement1.Generalat the end of the world, the body and soul are reunitedthe whole person goes to Heaven or Helleveryone else sees where and why you go 2.Particularat the end of your life, you and Jesus face-to-facebefore the end of the world, all who die receive particular judgment

What is death?

effect of Original SinreincarnationGod wants us to be with Himtherefore, we do not believe in reincarnation

What is heaven?

defining characteristic: communion or unity with Godcommon questionsWon't it be boring sitting around playing harps all day?when we die, we do not become angelswe become saintswe learn of God's plan for uswe learn how each person has directly or indirectly affected us personallyWhat will our bodies be like?we do not knowphysical imperfections will be goneIs there sex in Heaven?yes and no...since we do not have bodies, there is no need to achieve the two purposes of sexunityprocreationmaybe there will be another way

What is hell?

defining characteristic: total separation from Godbelieve it was created to scare us into acting accordinglysome people question its existence it has to exist because Jesus talks about itSatan wants us to believe he himself does not even exist

When was the Sacrament of Eucharist instituted?

The last supper on holy thursday

When was the Sacrament of Holy Orders instituted?

The last supper on holy thursday

When was the Sacrament of Reconciliation instituted?

After Easter Sunday, when Jesus appeared the Apostles in the upper room

When was the Sacrament of Confirmation instituted?


What is the verse that talks about being made in the image and likeness of God? Write it out and give its citation (where it is found in the Bible).

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27