Michigan History Guide

How was the Erie Canal helpful to growth of Michigan?

It made it easier for people to get to move to its territory.

Why did the people living in Michigan want more people to move to its territory?

We needed more people to become a state.

Once the Michigan Territory ha 60,000 people living within its borders, what was the step they had to take in order to become a state?

A constitution was written and voted on.

Why did the tribes from the Three Fires get along so well?

They had similar culture and language.

Name three ways the People of the Three Fires adapted to their environment:

1) They ate foods near them.(fish, deer, berries)2) Their homes were made from things they could find around them. (woods, bark, animal skins)3) They moved their villages depending on the season.

Name three ways the people of the Three Fires modified (changed) their environment:

1) They cleared the land to plant crops.2) They cut down trees to build homes and canoes.3) They hunted for food.

Name three ways the early pioneers adapted to the environment:

1) They learned to travel without roads.2) They built houses using materials around them.3) They protected themselves from bad weather.

Name three tribes that belonged to the Three Fires.

1) Ottawa2) Potawatomi3) Ojibwa

Name some ways the American Indians helped the French fur traders.

They taught the French things they needed to survive. They traded with the French.

Name some of the ways the French helped the American Indians.

The French gave the American Indians weapons and metal items when trading for furs.

How did both the French settlers and the American Indians benefit from the fur trade.

They both got what they wanted. The French got furs to send back to France and the American Indians got weapons and other metal items.

Review the following order of events:

1) Michigan became the Michigan Territory.2) the Erie Canal opened.3) Michigan had enough people to become a state.4) Michigan voters adopted the first constitution.5) The Toledo Strip problem was solved.6) Michigan became a state.

Name at least three reasons why people wanted to move to Michigan.

1) Lumber industry2) Mining for Copper and Iron Ore3) Farming 4)Freedom (African American Slaves)

Review the following order if events:

1) Three Fires settled in Michigan2) French fur trade began3) The British took control of Michigan4) Michigan Territory was created5) Erie Canal made it easier to get to Michigan6) Michigan became a state

Why was Michigan a good place for farmers to move?

There was fertile soil.

Why did the lumberjacks in Michigan use the rivers?

They used the rivers to transport logs to saw mills.

Why did the Upper Peninsula become famous for its mining?

There were lots of minerals found here.

What were some of the natural resources mined from the Upper Peninsula?

Copper and iron ore are I mined in the Upper Peninsula.