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Hashem has mercy on us before we sin - even though he knows we will sin.

(2) ?'

Hashem has mercy on us after we sin by allowing us to do Teshuvah.


Hashem's mercy is powerful.


He lessens our suffering and punishment.


He has mercy on us even if we aren't worthy.

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He's patient and and gives us time before punishing us, giving us a chance to do Teshuvah.

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Hashem acts with chesed even if we don't have merits.


Hashem rewards us for our true selves.

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Hashem guards our mitzvot for thousands of generations (and those genertaions will be rewarded).

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Hashem forgives sins we did on purpose.


Hashem forgives sins we do to rebel against Him.


Hashem forgives sins done by accident.


Hashem wipes away our sins if we do Teshuvah sincerely.