PowerPoint Ch. 4-5

Visual literacy

the ability to examine and assess these images.

SmartArt graphics

visual representations of your ideas

Text Pane

allows you to create a message without concern for the graphic.

SmartArt style

used to change the look of your SmartArt graphic easily.

Clustered column chart

the default chart

Microsoft Excel worksheet

rectangular grid containing vertical columns and horizontal rows.


identifies by letters displayed above the grid


identifies by letters on the left side of the grid

active cell

the one surrounded by a heavy border


a box that identifies each slice of the pie chart and coordinated with the colors assigned to the slice categories


grid consisting of rows and columns


the intersections of rows and columns


the total number of rows and columns

review cycle

occurs when a slide show designer shares a file with multiple reviewers so they can make comments and changes to their copies of the slides and then return the file to the designer


a description that normally does not display as part of the slide show.


part of an object on a slide in another presentation that is open.


the area at the top of a slide


the area at the bottom of a slide

PowerPoint Viewer

included when you package your presentation so you can show the presentation on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed.

PowerPoint Show

it automatically begins running when opened .

Compatibility Checker

to see which elements will not functions

Mark as Final

the presentation becomes a read-only document


jumping to particular slides in a presentation


work together on a document