English Study Guide

Jean Louise Finch

What is Scout's full name?


Who taught Scout to read?


Who taught Scout to write in cursive?

Mr. Cunningham owes Atticus for legal work

Why does Mr. Cunningham give Atticus things like: stovewood, a sack of hickory nuts, similar and holly?

Pours syrup on his food

In chapter 3 when Walter Cunningham comes to visit, what does he do that disgusts Scout so much?

He has lice

Why does Miss Caroline want to send Burris Ewell home on the very first day of school?


In chapter 3, what does Atticus say Mr. Ewell spends his relief check on instead of food?

2 pieces of Wrigley's Gum

What were the first items Scout found in the knothole?

Charles Baker Harris

Who asks to marry and gets engaged to Scout?

They offer ice cream

In chapter 5 the kids offer an enticement to Boo for coming out. What was it?

Look in the window at the Radley house.

In chapter 6 on Dill's last not before returning to Meridian, Dill and Jem have a plan they attempt to carry out under the cover of darkness. What is it?

They don't and climb under it.

When sneaking around the Radley yard how do the kids get the gate to stop sqeaking?

A shotgun

What weapon does Mr. Radley fire at he kids (or at least in the air)?

He takes off his pants

After getting shot at... Jem gets his pants caught on the high wire fence behind the Radley place. How does he get himself free?

Someone stitched them up

When Jem goes back for his pants, what does he find?

He fills in the hole with concrete

What does Mr. Nathan Radley do to the tree with the knothole?

He's angry

How does Jem react to Mr. Radley filling the knothole?

Watch with chain and knife

What is the last thing Jem and Scout find in the knothole?

The tree is dying

What reason does Mr. Radley give for filling the knothole?

Miss Maudie

Whose house burns down? (Chapter 8)

Arthur Radley

While watching the fire, who puts a blanket around Scout?

The flue

Where did the fire most likely start?

Tom Robinson

Who is Atticus defending?


Against what charge is Atticus defending Tom Robinson?

Uncle Jack

Who stays with Atticus, Jem, and Scout for a week every Christmas?

Aunt Alexandra's

Whose house do Article, Jem, and Scout go to every Christmas day?

Air rifles

In chapter 9... what present do Jem and Scout get for Christmas?


Who does Scout fight at Aunt Alexandra's?

A chemistry set

In addition to air rifles, what does Scout say Jem got for Christmas?

Heck Tate

What is the full name of the Maycomb County Sheriff?

Atticus, with a rifle

Who shoots the mad dog?

Mrs. Dubose

Who is the crazy lady whose house Scout and Jem pass to go downtown?

Morphine addiction

What illness does Mrs. Dubose suffer from?

A twirling baton

What does Jem buy for Scout with his birthday money?

He wrecks Mrs. Dubose's flowers and breaks it over his knee.

What does Jem do with Scout's twirling baton on their way back from downtown?

To her church

In chapter 12 with Atticus away every day for two weeks at the state legislature, where does Calpurnia take the children?


Which character tries to bar the children entrance to the First Purchase?

Zeebo and Reverend Sykes

Who welcomes the children to the First Purchase?

Aunt Alexandra

Who comes to live with Atticus, Scout, and Jem for the second half of the book?

He's very quiet

Why does Scout feel it wouldn't make much of a difference if Uncle Jimmy had come with Aunt Alexandra?


In chapter 14 what does Jem discover under Scout's bed?

Mr. Underwood

Who owns the local newspaper?


Who diffuses the situation with the second mob seen in chapter 15... the one downtown.


What does Jem say Mr. Dolphus Raymond has in his brown paper bag?


What does Scout confirm Mr. Dolphus Raymond has in his brown paper bag?

The day of the accused rape incident

When did Mayella say that she asked Tom to chop up her chiffarobe for kindling?

Guards shot him as he tried to run away?

How was Tom killed?


What was Tom Robinson's wife's name?

The Gray Ghost

What book did Atticus read to Scout at the end?


To kill a mockingbird is considered a what?