English Vocab

Assurance (n)

the state of being sure about something
- syn: certain

Ceaseless (adj)

without pause
- syn: nonstop

Coercion (n)

use of force to persuade someone
- syn: intimidation, pressure

Dominion (n)

the power to rule
- syn: control, power

Expansive (adj)

covering a large space or area
- syn: widespread, big

Furtive (adj)

done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed
- syn: hidden, undercover

Mired (v)

the cause to become stuck in something (ex: mud)
- syn: trap, entangle

Placid (adj)

calm and steady, not easily upset or excited
- syn: peaceful

Sepulchral (adj)

very sad and serious
- syn: grave, obscure

Taciturn (adj)

tending to be quiet , not speaking frequently
- syn: reserved, silent

Carnage (n)

the killing of many people
- syn: mass murder

Cumbersome (adj)

hard to handle or manage because of size/weight
- syn: inconvenient, heavy

Elaborate (v)

to develop
- syn: present

Elaborate (adj)

made/done with great care or with detail
- syn: detailed, perfected, embellished

Monotonous (adj)

used to describe something that is boring because it is always the same
- syn: repetitive

Ostracize (v)

to not allow (someone) to be included in a group
- syn: reject, exclude

Plod (v)

to progress or develop slowly
- syn: drag

Putrid (adj)

decayed with usually a very bad/disgusting smell
- syn: rotted, decomposed

Scarce (adj)

very small in amount or number
- syn: limited, few

Suave (adj)

behaving in a relaxed/confident way in social situations
- syn: polite, sophisticated

Destitute (adj)

without resources or possessions
- syn: needy, poor

Detract (v)

to take away (especially from the value, beauty, or importance)
- syn: devaluate, lower

Emancipate (v)

to set free (especially from legal, social, or political controls)
- syn: release, liberate

Flamboyant (adj)

excessively showy, tending to attract attention
- syn: flashy

Impetus (n)

a driving force (anything that causes action)
- syn: stimulant

Intermittent (adj)

not continuous
- syn: infrequent, interrupted

Maxim (n)

a general truth/rule of conduct
- syn: a saying

Obligatory (adj)

- syn: mandatory, unavoidable

Vagabond (n)

a person who wonders from place to place
- syn: journeying, moving

Wheedle (v)

to persuade someone to do something by saying nice - things
- syn: seduce, charm

Alacrity (n)

cheerful willingness
- syn: enthusiasm, joy

Deduce (v)

arrive at a conclusion by reasoning
- syn: conclude, deduct

Encumber (v)

fill or block up a place so that action or movement becomes difficult
- syn: load, overburden

Haphazard (adj)

lacking any obvious principles
- syn: disorganized

Ubiquitous (adj)

seeming to be seen everywhere
- syn: universal, everywhere

Traverse (n)

something that crosses or lies across
- syn: cross, intersect

Sustenance (n)

food and drink regarded as a source of strength
- syn: nutrition

Ingenious (adj)

a person who is really clever
- syn: intelligent, smart

Inexplicable (adj)

unable to be explained or accounted for
- syn: incomprehensible, enigmatic

Incontrovertible (adj)

not able to be denied or disputed
- syn: established, unquestionable

Allude (v)

to refer to in an indirect way - using "to"
- syn: to suggest

Dote (v)

to show excessive affection for
- syn: idealize, worship

Implicate (v)

to show to be involved with something (especially illegal/dishonest)
- syn: incriminate, assosiate

Lament (v)

to feel or express guilt
- syn: regret, hurt

Monetary (adj)

of or relating to money
- syn: financial

Pensive (adj)

deep in thought, dreamily thoughtful
- syn: reflective, dreamy

Pomp (n)

a showy or dignified display
- syn: splendor, ceremonial

Stilted (adj)

artificially formal in a manner
- syn: unatural, formal

Subjugate (v)

to bring under control
- syn: conquer, overcome

Trauma (n)

a severe body injury, emotional shock
- syn: suffering, injury, damage

Avarice (n)

uncontrollable desire to have/get money
- syn: excess, selfishness, greed

Bucolic (adj)

of or relating to the country life
- rural, countrydide

Commodity (n)

something that is bought/sold, something/someone that is useful/valued
- syn: goods, vendible

Conspicuous (adj)

very easy to see or notice
- syn: distinct, noticeable, evident

Didactic (adj)

designed/intended to teach people something
- syn: educational, instructive

Indoctrinate (v)

to teach to fully accept the ideas/opinions/beliefs
- syn: convince, influence, instruct

Juxtaposition (n)

the fact of 2 things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect
- syn: closeness

Perturb (v)

to cause (someone) to be worried or upset
- syn: confuse, annoy

Venerate (v)

to show/feel deep respect for someone/something that is considered great or holy
- syn: worship, honor

Zealot (n)

a person who has very strong feelings about something (religion, politics) and wants other people to feel the same
- syn: extremist