English 2-Tale Of Two Cities-Semester 2 Final Exam Plot Questions

Who is Cruncher's message for, and what is this gentleman's occupation?

Mr. Jarvis Lorry; a banker for Tellson's Bank

What was Cruncher's message and what was the reply? What do you think these messages mean?

Wait at Dover for Mam'selle"
"Recalled to Life

Why do the men in the wine shop refer to each other as Jacques?

The code name for a revolutionary

What is Dr. Manette doing when they enter the room where he was staying with Defarge?

Making shoes

When the reader is first introduced to Lucie's father, how does he respond when asked his name?

105 north tower

Darnay is on trial in London at the beginning of book two. Why is he acquitted?

It is revealed there is someone who looks like him.

Why does Madame Defarge knit?

She knits names into the registry fro the revolution.

What promise does Carton make Lucie? Where do you think this promise will lead him?

He will die for her and those she loves --> he will have to die

Darnay is innocent because

Carton says they look similar

Dr. Manette relapses after the wedding because

Charles Darnay tells him that his real name is Evermonde

What does Sydney Carton say he would do for Lucie at the end of the last chapter of Book II? Do you think he is trustworthy?

Die for her and her loved ones; yes, especially for Lucie

What is the Doctor's response to the combination if this information and the giving of his daughter in marriage?

Makes shoes for NINE DAYS (Evr´┐Żmonde is the family that imprisoned him)

after the relapse, what do Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross do?

They destroy the shoemaking bench and tools

Who is Madam Defarge's lieutenant in leading the women, and what does this "nickname" imply about her?

The Vengeance; she is the one who reeks or inflames vengeance, deals it and embodies it

What is Gabelle's urgent plea?

If Charles can save him (Gabelle only followed orders)

What is Charles's decision concerning Gabelle's plea? Why does he decide on this course of action? What does this say about his character?

He will go, he is noble and has a strong and honest character/personality to take the burden of an innocent servant

What horrible thing is located in the countryside of Tellson's in Paris? What makes it horrible?

Grindstone; since there was no food, it was used to sharpen bloody weapons

Where does Madame Defarge plan to end her revenge?

with the total extermination of the aristocrats

What happens between Ms. Pross and Mme Defarge?

A fight, and Ms. Pross shoots Mme Defarge in the head

What are the two major cities in a Tale of Two Cities

Paris and London

How does Carton trick Darnay when he visits him in prison?

He drugs him.

Which word best describes Carton's attitude at the end of the book?


There are 4 people who know the truth at the end of the book. Who are they?

Barsad, Mr. Lorry, the seamstress, and Carton

How do Sydney Carton's last words ends?

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done.