Romeo and Juliet Act 5

How does Romeo feel at the start of Act 5?

He is very cheerful and feels as if something joyful is about to happen. Romeo dreams that Juliet found him dead which can be seen as foreshadowing

Who is Romeo's servant?


What is the irony in Balthasar saying that Juliet is well?

Juliet in reality is believed to be "dead" and Balthasar says that she is well because she is with the angels however her body is dormant in the tombs

Why does Romeo want ink and paper?

He is assumed to be writing a suicide note

What does the line "import some misadventure" suggest?

Something bad will happen

What does Romeo order Balthasar to do when dismissing him?

To get him some horses and he also assures him that nothing bad will happen

How will Romeo "lie next to Juliet" the next day?

He will buy some poison and join her in death

What is illegal in Mantua?

The selling of poison

Where does Romeo go to get the poison?

A begging pharmacist

What does Romeo wish to acquire before going back to Verona?

A speedy poison that will work as quickly as gunpowder exploding in a cannon

How does Romeo convince the apothecary to sell him poison?

He exclaims that the law has done nothing and convinces him by using money

How does the apothecary justify the selling of poison?

He/she does it for the money but not because they think its right

How does Romeo refer to the poison?

As cordial, good to the heart because it will end his mortal sufferings

Who does Friar Laurence send to Romeo?

Friar John

Why was Friar John not able to go to Mantua?

He was not able to go because he wanted a companion (bearfoot brother) who was caring for the sick. There he was suspected as having a plague and was locked up, slowing down his journey.

What is the Friar's plan since the message was not to Romeo?

Hold Juliet in his cell

What does the Friar say the message contained?

Great importance which may cause great harm since it was not sent

What does Paris ask his page as he enters Juliet's tomb?

To signal him if anything comes

What does Paris wish to do to Juliet's grave?

Decorate it and he will do this every night

Who enters the tomb when the page whistles?

Romeo and Balthasar

What does Romeo give Balthasar when entering Juliet's grave?

A letter to take to his father, this is most likely what the pen and paper were for

What does Romeo command Balthasar to do when he enters the tomb?

To give him a torch so that they can see and to not come down

What does Romeo want to get from Juliet?

A precious ring, which is most likely an excuse so that he can do it, he says that he will search the whole grave for it

What does Romeo compare the tomb to?

A hateful stomach that devours people

What does Romeo use to open the tomb?

A crowbar

What does Paris assume when he hears Romeo's voice and why?

He assumes that he is there to tamper with the dead bodies because he killed Tybalt

What does Romeo say to Paris when he declares a challenge?

He rejects and tells Paris to think about the people he killed. He tells him to leave before he kills him, Romeo hints at suicide when he says he came to harm himself

What does Paris say when Romeo denies his challenge?

He says he denies his appeal and draws

When Paris and Romeo fight who calls the watch (police)?

The page

Who loses the fight, Romeo or Paris?

Paris, he requests that he be lay in the tomb with Juliet

Who's family is Paris in?

Mercutio/ the prince's

What does Romeo blame for Paris's death?

Bad luck just as he blames himself

Who does Romeo bury Paris with?

A dead man

What does Romeo say Juliet does to the tomb?

Light it up with beauty

What hints to Romeo that Juliet may not be dead?

Crimson is in thy lips and in thy cheeks

What can't Romeo get over?

How beautiful Juliet is

What does Romeo compare himself to when he is about to die?

A pilot of a ship who is about to crash on the rocks

Who is the Saint of speed?


What does Friar Laurence think when he sees Balthasar?

Something ill has happened, and Balthasar does not come with because Romeo threatened him with death

What does Friar Laurence first see when he walks into the tomb?

Blood and weapons

What does the Friar blame for the plan being ruined?

Some greater force

What does Juliet say when she dismisses Friar?

She says she will not go

Why does Juliet say Romeo is cruel and what does she do afterwards?

He drank all the poison, and goes to kiss his lips to see if there is anymore poison

How does Juliet kill herself?

Romeo's dagger

Who comes to the vault after Juliet kills herself?

The Chief Watchman

What does The Chief Watchman do?

He observes the blood and weapons and sees all three dead bodies. He calls the prince and the two families.

Who are the two suspicious characters to the watchman?

Balthasar and Friar since they were in the vicinity

How does the reader know that the two families had made up?

They respect Romeo and Juliet and will erect statues. Also, the reader knows from the sonnet in the beggining