Earth and sky extra vocabulary


Physical weathering: as overlaying rocks erode, pressure is released and buried rocks expand upwards causing cracking along weaknesses.


Physical weathering: wster steepsminto cracks and freezes, and ad it freezes the water exoands which wedges the peices of rock.


Chemical weathering: minerals in rocks are dissolvded by water such as limestone. When water evaporates the minerlas come back out of solutions which is percipitation. And example of this is sinkholes. And happends when a sedimentary rock is cemented by s

Salagmites(bottom dwellers) and stagtities(top dwellers)

Chemical weathering: Form as acidified water and evaporates which releases the dissolved rock.

Macroscopic processes

Plant roots, animals burrows and termites are examples

Microscopic proccesses

Microorganisns like bacteria consume certain materials