Practice Management Mid Term


science or philosphy of law


moral conduct and judgement; voluntary controls

Criminal Law

when a person commits a wrongful act against society
-ex) infraction of the dental practice act

Civil Law

when one person sues another for satisfaction of a personal wrong done to him
-ex) neglect of duties

Contract Law

covers specific agreements between people and violations of these agreements
-Implied or expressed (written or oral)

Breach of Contract

if either party fails to keep his part of an expressed contract, either written or oral


(prosecutor), party who files a complain with court


person against whom a complaint or suit is brought

Tort Law

covers the rights and duties of people towards each other and wrongs committed in violation of these rights and duties


failure of a professional to exercise reasonable care, which results in harm to another; negligent conduct by professional individual or a breach of a standard of care

Contributory Negligence

a situation in which the plaintiff's negligent actions or omissions have contributed to his/her own injury


People have the right to be treated with respect. They have the right to informed consent prior to treatment, and they have the right to full disclosure of all relevant information so that they can make informed choices about their care.


We respect the confidentiality of client information and relationships as a demonstration of the value we place on individual autonomy. We acknowledge our obligation to justify any violation of a confidence.

Societal Trust

We value client trust and understand that public trust in our profession is based on our actions and behavior.


We accept our fundamental obligations to provide services in a manner that protects all clients and minimizes harm to them and others involved in their treatment.


We have a primary role in promoting the well being of individuals and the public by engaging in health promotion/ disease prevention activities.

Justice and Fairness

We value justice and support the fair and equitable distribution of health care resources. We believe all people should have access to high-quality, affordable oral healthcare.


We accept our obligation to tell the truth and expect that others will do the same. We value self-knowledge and seek truth and honesty in all relationships.