Africa Test

What is Sudans main resource


Why is oil a problem/ issue for Sudan and South Sudan

Majority of oil is found in the South but the pipelines to export run through the Sudan

What are the 2 countries that refugees from Sudan traveled to during the 2nd civil war

Ethiopia and Kenya

What is the name for the group of 20,000 boys who became refugees during the civil war in Sudan

The Lost Boys

What is the majority ethnic group in South Sudan


What is the majority hernia group in Sudan


How man civil wars has Sudan had? How many years were between the wars?

2 civil wars, 11 years between

The (Hutu/Tutsi) people were targeted by the (Hutu/ Tutsi) led goverment

Tutsi were targeted by the Hutu

What is the term for the deliberate attempt to kill or hurt a certain group of people


What ethnic group was the majority but seen as lower class


What ethnic group was given power by Belgium even though they were the minority of the population


What piece of technology used in Rwanda during the genocide that lured people to churches and schools


What event happened on April 6, 1994

The Hutus presidents plane was shot down

From what did the movie 'Invictus' get its name

A poem

What is the name of the prison that Nelson Mandela spent time

Robben Island

How many years did Nelson Mandela spend time in prison

27 years

What is the term for the time of racial separation and discrimination in South Africa


What is the name of the Rugby team in South Africa

The Springboks

In what year did apartheid begin


During the apartheid non- whites were required to carry what with then

Passbook/ ID

What insect spreads Malaria


Why is AIDS such a problem and keeps spreading in Africa

Lack of education

Which 2 areas in Africa is piracy the biggest issue

Somalia and Gulf of Guinea (west Africa)

What do the west African Pirates generally tend to be looking for

Ships with oil or expensive cargo

What do Somali pirates generally tend to be looking for

Ships they can hold for ransom money

What would you say about Africa's economy between now and 2015

It is growing and many of the top 10 growth countries will be in africa

What do the Lesotho denim industry, Kati fish sausages, and SoleRebels Shoe company have in common

They were all started by entrepreneurs that were female

Which African country is the newest

South Sudan

If you hear the word 'apartheid' which country in Africa comes to mind

South Africa

Nelson Mandela was the former President of what country

South Africa

What continent had the most control of Africa


What is the term for when one country takes control and sets up government in a foreign land, such the European take-over of Africa


Which 2 countries from Europe had the most territories in Africa

Great Britain and France

Why was the slave trade profitable for Europeans

It was a source of cheap/ free labor

What is the term for the route between Europe, Africa, and the Americas

The middle passage of the trans- atlantic

Why did Africa experience so much conflict in its history and today

Poor planning of boundaries due to many ethnic groups

What country in Africa remained independent and was NOT colonized? (Set up for freed slaves)


What is the term for a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape something


What is the term for a person who had to leave their home but remain in their native country seeking refugee

Internally displaced person

What is the name of the organization that helps refugees by supplying food and water and also housing

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissions for Refugees)

In what year did the civil war in Somalia force many people to become refugees


What percentage of all Somali Refugees that have come to the U.S. Have settled in MN