Descartes Meditation #1 and #2

What is the objective of Meditation 1?

Descartes wants to rid himself of all prior beliefs he formerly accepted. Descartes wants certainty in his beliefs and to establish a firm and permanent foundation for scientific knowledge.

What are the dream argument and the malicious demon arguments about?

-The dream argument: We can't trust our beliefs based on perception in this example due to the fact we are uncertain whether we are in reality or asleep.
-Malicious demon argument: We can't trust our sense of perception due to the fact everything around u

3. Descartes says that he is going to discuss the nature of the soul, and 'corporeal nature', in the Second Meditation. What do these two words (i.e., 'soul' and 'corporeal nature') refer to?

the word 'soul' is plainly referring to the mind and 'corporeal nature' refers to 'material things'.

What, according to Descartes, are the entities with respect to which we have the most 'certain and evident' knowledge?

God and that aspect of human nature that he refers to as the 'thinking thing' (human mind).