History 368 test 2

Jefferson's idea of separation of church and state

He will be attacked as being atheist

Christian republicanism

use of the language of Christianity, this country is prodament christian and protestant christian.This is on a national level, everyone must come together.The virtue is universal.Without making connection in virtue, now the founding fathers will have to f

The Bill of Rights

Were meant for the citizens who owned land, native Americans, slaves are not guided under the bill of rights. Women have no status, until a couple of decades not all white men. They will only cover federal law.

Letters of Washington

a lot of letters are sent they are trying to find uniformity. He used different was to describe god. He is walking on a thin edge of a sword.

Jefferson letters

believed that anything to deal with religions is up to the states.Letter from Connecticut saying that they were grateful that he become president. They were hoping that Jefferson would be on there side. In the letter he said that there should be a wall be

( Idea of separation of Church and State)

Primary motivating factor as president
To keep everyone happy (keep the peace)
Will use it as a unify factor
what does church talk about or what does Washington think
he was raised in the Anglican church, he has a history of being a part of the establishe


Vice president
His father was a deacon in the presepaterin church
When john proposed to Abigail her father liked him but the mother was not to sure
They come out of the same mind set
He believes that government should play the moral role to be influenced


Thomas Jefferson
the Anglican church ( church of England)
his studies and experience in France was greatly impacted by the great enlightenment
when he becomes president he would have a strict church and state Like a wall
He is still an American Deist
he i