To Kill A Mockingbird CH1-14

What did Jem say that was strange about the pants he retrieved from the Radley fence?

The pants were folded across the fence like they were expecting him and someone sewed up a tear.

What was the 1st item that Jem and Scout found in the tree in Chapter 7?

A ball of gray twine

What was the 2nd item that Jem and Scout found in the tree that caused Scout to shriek and throw the item to the ground?

two carved soap figurines (of jem and scout)

What was the most valuable item that Jem and Scout found in the tree?

a pocket watch

What did Nathan Radley do to the tree that upset Jem?

he filled the knot hole with cement.

What happened in Maycomb in Chapter 8 that had not happened since 1895?

it snowed

What happened to Mrs. Maudie's house in Chapter 8?

it burned down

What neighbor did the snowman that Jem and Scout made resemble before Atticus said they had to disguise it?

Mr. Avery

What item did someone put on Scout in the middle of night at the fire?

A blanket

Who did Jem think put the blanket on Scout at the fire?

Boo Radley

What does Mrs. Maudie say is the reason it is a sin to kill a mockingbird?

because they don't do anything bad- they only make music for us to enjoy

What do Scout and Jem say is Atticus's excuse for why he can't do anything?

he is too old

Who is Tim Johnson?

Harry Johnson's dog

Who shot the mad dog (Tim Johnson)?


What is Atticus's nickname?

One Shot Finch

Why were the children fascinated with the Radley house?

they had never seen the man who lived there come out

What was the 1st dare the kids made concerning the Radley House?

they dared Jem to touch the house

How did the Radley House acquire its reputation?

there were 2 sons who lived in the house with their mom. The younger brother "Boo" was in the "wrong crowd" and instead of being sent away for his crime his father kept him in the house and they have not seen him since.

Explain the Radley Family.

The Radley family consists of the youngest brother Arther who the kids call Boo, the older brother named Nathan who now acts as a dad because their dad died, and their mom.

How did the Finches originally come to Montgomery?

Simon Finch settled near Montgomery on the river and Atticus went to law school and his brother went to Medical School.

What was the "disturbance between the North and the South" that is talked about?

The Civil War

What shows us that Scout was a bright little girl?

she is very young and hasn't been to school yet and can still read and write in cursive.

How is the story being told?

the story is told from Scout's perspective (1st person) and is told as a memory.

Why was Scout's first day at school a terrible disappointment to her?

She gave the teacher a bad first impression and got whipped

Why did Scout continue to be bored in school?

she already knew everything that Mrs. Caroline was teaching

What did Scout tell Mrs. Caroline about Walter Cunningham?

Mrs Caroline was embarrassing Walter by offering him money that he couldn't pay back, so Scout told Mrs. Caroline to stop offering him money.

What evidence indicated that Atticus, in contrast to Miss Caroline, had respect for Walter's country manners?

Atticus invited Walter over for lunch and he engaged in a conversation that Walter would know and understand about farming.

What advice about human nature did Atticus give to Scout?

You don't know someone until you walk in their skin.

How did the children amuse themselves during Dill's second summer in Maycomb?

they played a game where they acted Boo Radley

How did Jem and Dill cause Scout to become closer to Mrs. Maudie?

they stopped including her in their summer activities.

What message was Mrs. Maudie trying to convey about Boo Radley?

she was trying to explain to Scout that when he was younger he was a very normal, and sweet boy.

Why do you think the neighbors concluded that a black person had been in Mr. Radley's collard patch?

because it was a time of racism and they wouldn't expect a white man to be digging in someone's yard.

Why was Jem willing to risk danger and ignore Scout's warning to retrieve his pants?

he didn't want Atticus to whip him.

Why did Scout fear that the world was coming to an end?

because it was snowing

Why did Jem confess to Atticus about the children's activities regarding Boo Radley?

because Atticus wanted to give the blanket back so Jem had to tell him everything in order for him to understand.

Why did Atticus decide not to have the children return Boo Radley's blanket?

he didn't want to cause attention to him or his actions

What was Mrs. Maudie's reaction to losing her house and what does this reveal about her?

mrs. maudie wasn't very sad and she was saying things like "she hated her flowers away" or "i needed that to be gone". this shows that she is a very positive person

Although Atticus told Scout that he was "simply defending a negro, what evidence showed that this was not a simple case?

he warned the kids of what people were going to be saying and he prepared them and he admitted that he wasn't going to win but it was worth a try.

Why did Atticus accept Tom Robinson's case knowing that he wouldn't be paid and that it would cause a tremendous furor?

Atticus says that he wanted to believe that everyone had a right to fair trial and he says that he would't be able to look at himself in the mirror if he didn't defend this man. He also says that if he can't do what's right then he can't tell Scout and Je

Why did Uncle Jack spank Scout? Why does Atticus say that she deserved this even after Uncle jack admitted his error?

she punched francis in the face; Atticus had recently told her to stay out of fights

What kind of case was Atticus referring to when he tells Uncle Jack, "I was hoping to get through life without a case like this"?

he is talking about a case that involves race and having to choose between what he thinks and what everyone else in the town will think.

What happened that change the children's perspective of their father and how did it change?

when Atticus shot the mad dog the kids began to think maybe Atticus wasn't as boring as they thought he was

Why did Jem destroy Mrs. Dubose's flower garden and do you think his punishment was fair?

he destroyed the garden because mrs dubose called Atticus a n-lover and this was the first time that an adult had spoke badly about Atticus. I think his punishment was fair because he needs to learn how to deal with what people will begin to say to him on

What Did mrs dubose do to frighten Jem ?

she gave Jem the camellia flower and showed him an act of kindness and forgiveness.

Why did Atticus feel that mrs dubose was "the bravest person I ever knew"?

because he knew the story behind her fits and thought she was very brave for going through all of that so that she could die pure of the drug.q

Why did Calpurnia fuss over the children so much before taking them to The Purchase?

she didn't want the people to think that she didn't take care of her children

How did Calpurnia's church differ from the white people's church?

they sang differently, they didn't have real pews, it was very boring inside of the church, and only 4 people that attended the church could read.

What did Jem and Scout learn about segregation and the inequalities between blacks and whites during their visit to Calpurnia's church?

they learned that the black people were a lot less fortunate than them and although the white didn't respect that blacks, the blacks respected most of the whites.
They also learned about the Tom Robinson case and how Tom was a great man who grew up at the

What did Scout mean when she commented that Calpurnia "had a separate existence outside our household" and that she even had a "command of two languages

Scout was trying to say that Cal lives two lives, one as a helper and nice lady in her house and another as another one of the blacks. When she says that she has a command of two languages, although Cal only speaks English, she speaks white English and a

Why did Atticus agree with Aunt Alexandra moving in for the summer? How did the children feel about this?

Atticus thought that she could help Scout out with things that he couldn't and she would be able to help them out a little during their hard time because of the trial. The kids didn't like this because Aunt Alexandra was very mean and she didn't treat the

Why could it be said that "Aunt Alexandra fitted into the world of Maycomb like a hand in a glove, but never into the world of me and Jem?" What sense of values did Aunt Alexandra try to impart to the children?

They say this because Aunt Alexandra is a very typical lady in Maycomb and everyone knows who she is since she did grow up there. She is just like every other lady who sits and has her friends over for tea. She is also very snobby and tries to teach the k

What did Scout find under her bed when Atticus made her to go sleep because her and Jem got in a fight?


How did Atticus react to Dill showing up at the house?

he was very welcoming and gave him dinner and a place to sleep

Who told Atticus that Dill had run away from home and was in the house?


What is lining?

in Cal's church, when Zeebo were to sing a line and since the people couldn't read they would repeat it back to him.

Who is Zeebo?

Calpurnia's son

Who is Heck Tate?

the sheriff

what is personification?

giving human characteristics to something not human

what is a simile?

comparing two things using like or as

who is mrs stephanie?

the neighbor gossip

who is mrs maudie?

the neighbor who's house burned town

Who are the Cunninghams?

the poor, polite farmers who don't like taking handouts? (Walter)

Who are the Ewells?

their father is a drunk, they don't obey the laws, they don't go to school, and they are mean people

Who is Mrs. Caroline?

Scout's first grade teacher

What did Jem and Scout say was the best part of their summer?


What was Atticus' childhood nickname?

One-Shot Finch

How do the children attempt to contact Boo Radley?

they try sending him a note

What did Scout hear coming from the Radley house after the tire incident?

a laugh

what is a metaphor?

comparing two unlike things

What did Scout THINK was under her bed?

a snake

What is Jem's real name?


Who is Tom Robinson?

the black man who Atticus is defending

What is Boo Radley's real name?


Who is Mrs. Dubose?

a mean old lady who is addicted to morphine

Why did Nathan Radley SAY he filled the hole in the tree?

because "the tree was dying

What is Scout's real name?

Jean Louise Finch