History 6-Benchmark

What route did traders use to exchange gold and salt in Africa?


How did the Songhai Kingdom use the Niger

People were fisherman, used the Niger as a
faster, easier way to transport goods for trade

Who was Mansa Musa? What is he remembered

King of Mali, Remembered for making a
pilgrimage to Mecca & showering the area with gold. After his trip, mapmakers began to include W. African kingdom on their maps

What did the Berber traders trade or share with the West Africans? (Hint: think carefully!)

Shared their Islamic religion when they brought salt and cloth to trade

What three religions began in the Middle East? How were they similar?

Judaism, Christianity, Islam - all monotheistic

Who is considered the founder for each of the
monotheistic religions?

Judaism: Abraham
Christianity: Jesus
Islam: Mohammed

What 2 polytheistic religions began in India?
Which one mostly stayed in India?

Buddhism, Hinduism

Describe the caste system in Ancient India.

The caste system was a social system in which
people are born into a particular level, or caste, and cannot change it during their lifetime. The caste system determined what jobs you could have and whom you could be friends with, marry, etc.

How did Hindu beliefs make it hard for Indians to try to make changes in the caste system?

Hindus believe in reincarnation. Under the caste system, the way to improve your caste level was to lead a good life and hope to be born into a higher caste during your next life.

Name two important contributions Indians have given to the world. (Note: This often includes not only inventions but new knowledge of the world.)

Math: Hindu-Arabic numbers 1-9 and the concept of zero; algebra
Medicine: medical instruments, advances in surgery
Astronomy: knew the world was round and rotated around the sun
They also contributed in the areas of art and

What is the native religion of Japan?


. Because Japan is an archipelago, what resource
was very valuable?

Land, ocean

What two things were traded in the feudal

Land was traded for loyalty in the feudal system. For example, samurai would fight (to show loyalty) for their daimyo, and the daimyo would give the samurai some of his land. The peasant would grow food for the samurai or daimyo (to show loyalty) and they

Would a samurai be similar to a knight or a king? Explain your answer.

The samurai is a warrior and therefore is more similar to a knight.

China influenced Japan in what 3 important

China influenced Japan's government, written
language, and religion (Buddhism).

Name 5 important Chinese inventions.

The seismograph, compass, paper, wood block
printing, and gunpowder are important Chinese

What was the Silk Road?

The Silk Road was a number of trade routes
stretching between China and Rome.

What kind of things were traded along the Silk

Religions (Buddhism, etc.), technologies (compass,
etc) and goods such as silk and spices were traded
along the Silk Road.

Be able to explain the basic beliefs of Legalism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Legalism: believed people were naturally evil and needed to be controlled through harsh laws and a strong central government
Taoism: believed finding inner peace was most important- had a strong connection with nature
Confucianism: believed each person ha