Black History Month Study Guide

What two places are considered for Equiano's birth?

North Carolina or Africa.

What specific skill did Robert King teach Equiano?

To read and write

What was unique about the way Equiano paid to publish his book?

He made a subscription on it so people would pay beforehand.

What was he name of the project Equiano supported that aimed to return former slaves living in England in poverty back to Africa?

Sierra Leone Project.

Who is "Sweetness"?

The mother.

When the daughter grows up an moves away, what is pretty much the only reason they contact each other?

She sends her mom money

How was the narrator's marriage affected by the child?

It ended and her husband left her.

What college did Morrison graduate from?

Cornell and Howard University.

The mother in Sweetness very shockingly admits to considering doing what to her child?

Killing her own daughter.

Who helps Douglass learn how to read?

Mrs. Auld.

How does Mrs. Auld treat Douglass when he arrives.

Like every human should be treated

What name did a Royal Navy officer give Equiano?


What are the approximate dates for the beginning and end of the abolition movement in England?


What was "wrong" with the narrator's baby in Sweetness?

She was "too dark

Why does the narrator say she had to treat the girl so poorly when she was young?

So she would keep her head down and wouldnt get hurt

At the end of Sweetness what do we find is happening to the now grown daughter?

That her daughter is now pregnant.

When Equiano joined Phipps' expedition, what specifically did they set out to find?

To find a passage to India across the North Pole.

What VERY important thing did Equiano achieve due to this learned skill?

He wrote an autobiography

Explain the modern day "fair trade" movement:

The fair trade movement is a movement where its equal when you trade.

Who is credited for putting Equiano in a situation where he could learn to read and write?

Michael Pascal