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Help yourself!

C? t? nhi�n nh�!


Ch?c ch?n r?i!

What have you been doing?

D?o n�y ?ang l�m g�?

Nothing much

Kh�ng c� g� m?i c?

What's on your mind?

B?n ?ang lo l?ng (ngh?) g� v?y?

I was just thinking

T�i ch? ngh? linh tinh th�i

I was just daydreaming

T�i ch? ?�ng tr� ?�i ch�t th�i

It's none of your business

Kh�ng ph?i l� chuy?n c?a b?n

Is that so?

V?y h??

How come?

L�m th? n�o v?y?

How's it going?

D?o n�y ra sao r?i?


Qu� ?�ng!

Of course!

D? nhi�n!

You better believe it!

Ch?c ch?n m�

I guess so

T�i ?o�n v?y

There's no way to know

L�m sao m� bi?t ???c

I can't say for sure

T�i kh�ng th? n�i ch?c

This is too good to be true!

Chuy?n n�y kh� tin qu�!

No way! (Stop joking!)

Th�i ?i (??ng ?�a n?a)

I got it

T�i hi?u r?i

Right on!

Qu� ?�ng!

I did it!

T�i th�nh c�ng r?i!

Got a minute?

C� r?nh kh�ng?

About when?

V�o kho?ng th?i gian n�o?

I won't take but a minute

S? kh�ng m?t nhi?u th?i gian ?�u

Speak up!

H�y n�i l?n l�n

Seen Melissa?

C� th?y Melissa kh�ng?

So we've met again, eh?

Th? l� ta l?i g?p nhau ph?i kh�ng?

Come here

??n ?�y

Come over

Gh� ch?i

Don't go yet

??ng ?i v?i

Please go first. After you

Xin nh??ng ?i tr??c. T�i xin ?i sau

Thanks for letting me go first

C�m ?n ?� nh??ng ???ng

What a relief

Th?t l� nh? nh�m

What the hell are you doing?

Anh ?ang l�m c�i qu�i g� th? kia?

You're a life saver

B?n ?�ng l� c?u tinh

I know I can count on you

T�i bi?t m�nh c� th? tr�ng c?y v�o b?n m�

Get your head out of your ass!

??ng c� gi? v? kh? kh?o!

That's a lie!

X?o qu�!

Do as I say

L�m theo l?i t�i

This is the limit!

?? r?i ?�!

Explain to me why

H�y gi?i th�ch cho t�i t?i sao

Ask for it!

T? m�nh l�m th� t? m�nh ch?u ?i!

In the nick of time

Th?t l� ?�ng l�c

No litter

C?m v?t r�c

Go for it!

C? li?u th? ?i

What a jerk!

Th?t l� ?�ng gh�t

How cute!

Ng? ng?nh, d? th??ng qu�!

None of your business!

Kh�ng ph?i vi?c c?a b?n

Don't peep!

??ng nh�n l�n!

What I'm going to do if

L�m sao ?�y n?u

Stop it right a way!

C� th�i ngay ?i kh�ng

A wise guy, eh?!

� � th?ng n�y l�o

You'd better stop dawdling

T?t h?n h?t l� m�y ??ng c� l�u l?ng

Say cheese!

C??i l�n n�o! (Khi ch?p h�nh)

Be good!

Ngoan nha! (N�i v?i tr? con)

Bottoms up!

100% n�o!

Me? Not likely!

T�i h?? Kh�ng ??i n�o!

Scratch one's head

Ngh? mu?n n�t �c

Take it or leave it!

Ch?u th� l?y, kh�ng ch?u th� th�i!

Hell with haggling!

Th�y k? n�!

Mark my words!

Nh? l?i t�i ?�!

What a relief!

?? qu�!

Enjoy your meal!

?n ngon mi?ng nha!

It serves you right!

?�ng ??i m�y!

The more, the merrier!

C�ng ?�ng c�ng vui

Boys will be boys!

N� ch? l� tr? con th�i m�!

Good job!

L�m t?t l?m!

Just for fun!

?�a ch�t th�i

Try your best!

C? g?ng l�n

Make some noise!

S�i n?i l�n n�o!


Ch�c m?ng!

Rain cats and dogs

M?a t?m t�

Love you love your dog

Y�u nhau y�u c? ???ng ?i, gh�t nhau gh�t c? t�ng ty h? h�ng

Strike it

Tr�ng qu?

Always the same

Tr??c sau nh? m?t

Hit it off

T�m ??u � h?p

Hit or miss

???c ch?ng hay ch?

Add fuel to the fire

Th�m d?u v�o l?a

Don't mention it!

Kh�ng c� chi

Just kidding

Ch? ?�a th�i

No, not a bit

Kh�ng, ch?ng c� g�

Nothing particular!

Kh�ng c� g� ??c bi?t c?

Have I got your word on that?

T�i c� n�n tin v�o l?i h?a c?a anh kh�ng?

The same as usual!

Gi?ng nh? m?i khi


G?n xong r?i

You 'll have to step on it

B?n ph?i ?i ngay

I'm in a hurry

T�i ?ang v?i

Sorry for bothering!

Xin l?i v� ?� l�m phi?n

Give me a certain time!

Cho m�nh th�m th?i gian


?? qu� m�a

Discourages me much!

L�m n?n l�ng

It's a kind of onceinlife!

C? h?i ng�n n?m c� m?t

The God knows!

C� Ch�a m?i bi?t

Poor you!

B?n th?t ?�ng th??ng

Got a minute?

?ang r?nh ch??

I'll be shot if I know

Bi?t ch?t li?n!

to argue hot and long

c�i nhau d? d?i, m�u l?a

I'll treat!

Ch?u n�y tao ?�i!