MA chapter 53

conditions that eliminate injection sites

moles, scar, birthmarks, traumatic injury, redness, rash, edema, cyanosis, burns, tattoos, side of mastectomy, paralyzed areas, warts

triple check of meds 1st check

when taking it off the shelf

2nd check

when you prepare it

3rd check

before you put it back on shelf or just before administering it to patient

what do you double check with patient before giving medication

drug allergies

epinephrine must be administered by whom


how long should patient stay in office after administering a drug

10-20 minutes

rights of medication administration include

right patient,
right drug
right dose
right route
right date/time
right documentation

additional rights are

right reason
right to know
right to refuse
right technique

what is a scored tablet

medication can be broken into pieces along the scored line


between the cheek and gum


under the tongue

with an IM injection how long does it take to absorb

3-5 minutes

IV drug absorption takes how long

15-30 seconds

oral route absorption rate

20 minutes to 3 hours

subcutaneous absorption

3-5 minutes

inhalation therapy absorption

7-20 seconds

when should the sharps container be changed

when it is 2/3 full


within the upper layers of skin


beneath the skin


within the muscle


into the vein

tuberculin syringe holds

1 mL

tuberculin syringe calibrated in

hundredths of milliliter

insulin syringes are calibrated in

units commonly 50 U or 100 U


small barrel prefilled with a sterile drug


small glass or plastic container that is sealed to keep contents sterile


small bottle with a rubber diaphragm that can be punctured by a needle

how long does it take for an allergy test reaction

15-20 minutes

how long does it take for a tb test raction

48-72 hours

what drugs are given with a subq injection

insulin or heparin

when patients need regular subq injections what should you do

rotate the site

what are ID injections used for

allergy tests and TB tests

common Im injection sites

deltoid, vastus lateralis, ventro gluteal

common sites for subq injections

back between the shoulder blades, outer sides of the upper arm and thigh, and abdomen

common sites for Id injections

forearm and back

inhalation therapy administered through

mouth and nose

transdermal system

topical administration produces systemic effect.

how is transdermal system absorbed

through the skin directly into the bloodstream

a childs small size increases the risk of

overdose & toxicity

common site for infants and children injections

vastus lateralis

expect to be adsorbed in the least amount of time

200 ML of D5W IV

not a basic right of medication administration

right to refuse

greatest risk of overdose and toxicity from a medication?

6 year child with the flu

when performing a triple check, which of the following would you least likely do?

3rd check- just after you administer the drug

PT. is taking nitroglycerin tablet under his tongue. what route of administration is this?


you are injecting a medication ID. what would best let you know that you have done it correctly?

there is a wheal on the skin at the site

administering a suppository. what route of administration are you most likely performing


infant needs an immunization subcut. what site and what needle would be your best choice?

vastus lateralis, 25 gauge, 5/8 inch.

be done to improve PT. compliance?

Have PT. with multiple meds create an alarm, calendar, or chart

most complete medication documentation

4/12/xx phenergan 200 mg PO for nausea

Drug used to treat anaphylactic reaction


drug given by Z-tack


pulling skin and subcutanous tissue to side before inserting needle

Z track

requires passing a urinary catheter into badder to instill drug



document immediately after administering the medication to patient

drug interaction PT. takes both acetaminophen and codeine

both increased, causes a beneficial effect

bottle with rubber diaphragm


most rapid-acting and produces most immediate effect


charting meds administration

all chart entries must be factual, accurate, complete, current, organized, and confidential

PT. reports first shot hurt and skin irritation. PT still needs a second shot. best response

use z track method to reduce subcut. irritation

correct procedure for administering a medication

ask Pt. to say name and check label 3 times

administration rights

read drug label 3 times

administering a liquid drug

hold medicine at eye level with palm over label and pour correct amount

administer bicillin C-R intramuscular . needle length

1- 11/2 inches