CDCR Sergeants Study Guide

Incident Package

- 7219
- Holding Cell Logs
- 115's
- 804's
- 3014 report of findings if allegations
- Incident Commander critique
- First and second manager review
- IST training sheets if applicable
- Staff 7219
- Copies of 114D, 114A(1), 128B(1) (notice of hearing), 128B chronos (enemy, compatibility, counseling)
- Fax cover sheets
- Cost analysis
- UOF clarifications

Lawsuits affecting CDCR

COLEMAN- Inmates with mental health issues. Heat alert system.
� 1st stage - 90 degrees outside, inmates go in.
� 2nd stage - 90 degrees inside, extra showers Medical notified.
� 3rd stage - 95 degrees inside, ice water nurses make rounds.
ARMSTRONG - DPP ADA inmates with disabilities CCR3085.
� CDC 1824, request for reasonable modification.
� CDC 1845 is RFRA granted by MD.
PLATA - Access to adequate, constitutional, timely care with continuity between institutions within a safe and secure environment. Request for Medical services: CDC 7362 form.
CLARK - DDP inmates with developmental disabilities, screening and recognition.
PEREZ - Adequate dental care.
VALDIVIA - Parole revocation process.
MADRID - Madrid PBSP ad seg.

Housing Codes

S - Single Cell Status
R - Sex Offenders
DDP DP* - Armstrong
�DP* disability affecting placement.
�DN* disability NOT affecting placement.
�M- Mobility V- Vision
H-Hearing W- Wheelchair
�DPO - intermittent wheelchair needs.

Clark Codes

NCF: Inmate received a passing score on Phases I or II cognitive tests and did not require adaptive functioning evaluation.
NDD: Inmate initially identified as DD1 has been reevaluated and found not to require adaptive support services, or a mainline inmate failing or not receiving Phase I and II but found not to require adaptive support services. These inmates should be reevaluated for DDP placement if problems with adaptive functioning arise. This inmate must always have an SA disciplinary hearings, CDC Form 114D reviews.DD1: This inmate can function successfully in a GP setting in a designated DDP institution consistent with other case factors and usually does not require
prompts to initiate activities of self-care and daily living.
DD2: This inmate can function successfully in a GP setting in a designated DDP
institution consistent with other case factors. However, this inmate requires prompts to initiate self-care and/or daily living activities and may have victimization concerns.
DD3: This inmate requires placement in a highly structured, specialized program in a designated DDP institution capable of meeting his/her needs. The
inmate can be trained in elementary self-care skills, master sight reading of survival words, and can perform simple tasks in a correctional setting.master sight reading of survival words, and can perform simple tasks in a correctional setting

Classification of Inmates

- 0-18 points-
� level I. Open dorm without armed perimeter.
- 19-35 points-
� level II Open dorms with secure perimeter.
- 36-59 points-
� level III. Cell construction, fenced perimeter and armed outside coverage.
- 60 or more points-
� level IV. Secure perimeter, inside and outside armed coverage, inside cell construction, and outside cell
construction in newer prisons

Staff Disciplinary Process

? Preventative
- Training = IST and OJT
- Orientation
- Expectations, verbal or written
- Your own demeanor
? Corrective
- Verbal counseling
- Training = IST and OJT
- ECR (CDC 1123)
? Adverse
- Suspension
- Reduction in pay or rank
- Termination

Employee Counseling Record ECR1123

Employee information
Documented discussion
Action Plan
Follow up date

Letter of Instruction

Facts - dates and times
? Why it was a violation
? Previous discussions
? Expectations and date to meet them
- Supervisor
- Employee
- Warden authorizing placement in employee

Employee Discipline Req for AA

? Memo documenting actions
- Includes sections of govt code violated
? Copies of post orders
? Copies of post order signatures
? Copies of pert training
? Copies of FLSA's
? Signature block moving up to inc warden.
? Warden request for OIA (cdc 989 form)

115 RVR Sergeant Review

? Work your way outside in
? Does crime meet CCR section, is CCR section correct
? Is it individualized not forced into a cookie cutter
? All boxes filled in
? Statute of limitations followed
? Sgt supplemental required?
- Possession of Alcohol
- Disposition of contraband
? Use Computer to check and verify
- Release date
- TABE Score
- MHSDS Code
- Clark code (NDD or higher requires staff assistant)
- Staff assistant for non-English or illiterate
? Get 1154 log number
? Double check all before signing typed copy
? Ensure CO understands process (OJT) before serving

115 RVR process

Written by staff ASAP
Reviewed by Supervisor, Classified by LT
804 to records (ABC <24 hours, others 48 hours)
ABC and in MHSDS then 115MH (DEF 128c and cont)
Unusual behavior then 115MH
Must be issued < 15 days from date of discovery
IE assigned & Staff Assistant 3315 (d) (1) & (2) respectfully
Must have SA<4.0 or language barrier, illiterate or complex RVR, may be
waived but Effective Communication must be documented and reason waived.
IE assigned if housing status, complexity or further evidence needed. Works for SHO - interview witness, gathers evidence submits report
Cannot hear < 24 hours unless inmate waives in writing.
Must be heard in within 30 days, unless extension is granted or complexity/or ongoing investigation.
Give all copies to inmate & wait 24 hours . (may waive)
Reviewed by Captain then CDO, then issued to inmate within 5 day

At Admin115 Hearing (Title 15 Section 3314)

? 30 days of privileges
? 40 hours extra duty
? CTQ x 10 days on RDO's or 5 consecutive days ? Trust account hold for property violations
? Verbal counseling or 128a
? Not guilty
? Dismiss in the interest of justice
? Suspend
? Inmate can file a 602 within 30 days of final receipt

RVR Classification (Title 15 Section 3313)

? Must be classified by Capt, PA3, CC3, or
experienced CC2, LT or PA2. except if facility has only one LT then an experienced Sgt may classify
? Person who classifies cannot adjudicate

RVR POST Adjudication

Upon conclusion, the RVR is forwarded to the Captain and CDO for final review and signatures, final copies to I/M within 5 days of signatures.
Complete the Unit Disciplinary Logbook 1154.
Four Copies of the RVR needs to be distributed.
For a guilty finding, the Original Blue Copy goes to the Unit CCII if the
inmate is in Administrative Segregation due to possible SHU term. Otherwise, send it to records for placement into the C-File disciplinary
For a finding of not guilty or dismissed in the interest of justice, issue the
Blue Copy to the inmate and the White Copy to Records so records will know to remove the 804 and any other documentation pertaining to that RVR from the inmate's C-File.
The Unit Office receives a copy of the final RVR for the disciplinary book
The Chief Disciplinary Officer (CDO0 receives a copy of the final RVR.
The CDO's office is the Associate Warden, which in turn will be sent to Master Registry who keeps track of all RVR's regardless of the outcome.
The inmate has 30 days to file an appeal. Time starts when issued final copies

Emergency Operations Plan

Stages -
� Incidents for which it is determined that containment and control can be achieved by on-duty personnel.
� Incidents for which it is determined that containment and control cannot be achieved by on-duty personnel and which may require the assistance of off-duty personnel.
� Incidents for which it is determined that containment and control cannot be achieved by prison personnel/resources and personnel and/or material assistance are required from intra-agency (YACA) mutual aid, or local mutual aid providers.
� Incidents for which it is determined that containment and control cannot be achieved by personnel/resources available from the prison, intra-agency (YACA) mutual aid, or local mutual aid providers. Additional personnel and/or material mutual aid, through the California Office of Emergency Services (OES), is required.

Sexual harassment

? Train staff on EEO issues give expectations verbally or in writing.
? Lead by example
? Issue arises determine EAP or EEO
? Remove plaintiff from area of harassment for non-
confidential discussion, document.
? Ask what they want to be done
? Resolve at lowest level
? If removal from area necessary, remove both, don't showsides
? Advise supervisor
? Notify EEO coordinator verbally immediately
? Forward written report to EEO coordinator < 3 work days
? Follow up

PREA responsibilities

Locate the PREA manual to ensure compliance
"Ensure Victim does not use toilet, remove clothing, shower, or drink any liquids
"Notify ISU LT, Captain, AW, CDW, Warden/AOD, CMO "Rape Crisis Center for Victim advocate
"If immediate supervisor
- Scribe going for time logs, preserve crime scene - Separate victim and suspect
- Notify Watch Commander
- Assign escorts and Evidence Officer
- MH screen before re-housing victim, explain why
- Temp assign "S" status on suspect and victim in SOMS (single cell)
"Attachment C - Victim restricted information form (confidential)
"Attachment H - Post Sexual assault questionnaire

I/M Work Incent Train Prog

? Train staff
? Ensure time cards (1697) are done daily and accurate
? Ensure 1697s are turned in on time and filled out correctly
? Time codes
- S time = absence auth by institution issues (lock down
- X = worked, RX worked RDO, HX worked Hol
- A = absent H = Holiday
- E = excused absence
? Max hours 150

CCR 3321 Confidentiality

? Why (MESA)
- Knowledge of Medical or Psych info would harm inmate
- Info would Endanger anyone
- Jeopardize Safety and Sec of Institution
- Info Classified by Another agency as classified
? Must be signed by CC2/Cpt or higher
? Reliability based on
- Previously provided accurate info
- Other sources confirm info
- It is self incriminating
- Part of info has been proven true
? Must include
- Statement of facts
- Reason for conf
- Reason deemed reliable and approval
? CDC 1030 is used to use conf info against an inmate

Form 22 IR for Interview

? Sign, date and return golden rod
? 3 work days to answer (keep pink copy)
? Unhappy inmate keeps copy (canary)
? Supervisor - 7 calendar days to answer (keep photocopy)
? If unhappy, attach to 602 and submit.
? If delayed, may submit 602 for timestamp then return stamped 602 with completed form 22
? Shall not be used for
- ADA - or medical request
- Staff complaints
- I/M disciplinary, records or classification

Inmate Appeals 602 (Title 15 Section 3084)

? 30 days to file
? Time line
- 1st Level 30 days (Appeals Coordinator.)
- 2nd level 30 days (Warden/Regional Dir/Designee)
- 3rd level 60 days (Director's level)
? Once every 14 days
? Emergency threat of irreparable harm
- Straight to 2nd level and done in 5 days
- Appealed via fax to 3rd level & 5 day response
? Visit Appeals go straight to 2nd level (15 day response)

Use of force (Title 15 Section 3268)

? It is the Policy of CDCR:
- To accomplish dept functions with minimal reliance on force.
- Employees may use reasonable force as required in the performance of their duties
- But unnecessary or excessive force shall not be used
? Options
- Verbal
- Physical strengths and holds
- Chemical
- Baton
- Less lethal
- Lethal
- Unconventional

Use of force 2

? Reasonable Force
- Remember GOES
- The Force that an objective trained and competent correctional employee, face with similar facts and circumstances, would consider necessary to
� Gain compliance with a lawful order
� Overcome resistance
� Effect custody
� Subdue an attacker

Use of force 3

? Unnecessary force
- The use of force when none is required or appropriate
? Excessive force
- The use of more force than is objectively reasonable to accomplish a
lawful purpose
? Non - deadly force
- Any use of force that is not likely to result in death
? Deadly force
- Any use of force that is likely to result in death.
? Immediate Use of Force
- To respond without delay to an imminent threat
? Controlled Use of Force
- Planned
? Non conventional Use of Force
- Not specifically trained or authorized but may be necessary and reasonable or unnecessary and/or excessive

Use of force 4

? Remember DARE
? Deadly force will only be used to
- Defend an employee or other persons from an immediate threat of death or GBI (which may result in death
- Dispose of Animal injured or violent
- Stop acts such as Riots or arson that constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the security of the institution or may cause death or escape
- Prevent Escape

Use of force 5

? Pubic Safety Statement
- This is the employee's oral statement. This statement helps determine the general circumstances of the incident, assess the need for resources, set the perimeter, locate injured persons, and determine the nature of the evidence to be sought.
- It shall provide basic information such as the number of persons involved in the incident, the number not yet in custody and number and direction of shots fired.
- The statement shall not include, and the employee should not be asked to provide, a step-by-step narrative of the incident or a motive for his/her actions.
- The supervisor shall capture the essence of the oral statement in writing and submit it to the Incident Commander.

Hunger Strike

Sgt/LT interview I/M for reason and start date
"Generate 128B documenting date and time of discovery,
last meal, reason, grievance related? Send to All, Medical, Mental health, Custody and Inmate
"Notify Health Care Staff (RN) and AW/AOD
"Cell search documenting all foods and drinks and document on a 1083 (property form). This is done daily.
"After 72 hours Warden shall notify Assoc. Director
"If group, same however it is an incident (837).


? Adequate staff to
- Maintain focus on the big picture
? Make sure all parties receive necessary medical attention
? Notify supervisor and ISU ? Establish crime scene
- Set perimeter
- Limit access
- Take notes = people (involvement?) and objects? - Preserve evidence
? Relieve gunner if mini shot, Mini as is, safety on, and switched by armory sergeant.
? May or may not assign scribe

Scenario 2

? Decontaminate inmates
? Discuss with incident commander re:
disposition of yard
- Yard recall or resume
� Controlled
� Stripped
� Clothed body searches
? Equipment Check
? Possibly -inmate count and staff accountability

Scenario 3

? Have Inmates on out-count as applicable
? Complete 114D Package
- 114D
- 114a-1
- Bed-card with picture and state ID
- Bed move in SOMS
- 7219
- 1030 copies if issued
- DECS print out
- Property receipt
- Pertinent medical forms for tracking of apptointments and medication
? Ensure all staff write concise and comprehensive reports before leaving work
- Use of force review, screen reports, proper grammar and verbiage
? Assist IC with 837
- A = synopsis
- B-1 = Inmates involved
- B-2 = Staff involved
- B-3 = Visitors involved
- C = individual reports

Use of restraints

? Transporting inmate
? Likelihood of violence or escape
? Under direction of medical staff to prevent self injury or suicide
? Not for punishment
? Not on neck or restrict breathing or
? Not to a fixed part of a vehicle

Evidence Preservation

? Be safe use PPE at all times
? Isolate the location
- Barriers and Limit Access
? Search the Scene
- Systematic process and do not disturb
? Photograph the Scene and evidence
- Overall, Approach, Close up, and Relational
? Document the crime scene
- Document everything seen and done, create log (scribe)
? Identify evidence
- Type of evidence, relation to crime, use markers
? Properly Package, Store, and Secure Evidence
- Bag, tag, label, document, type of container, warnings, what and where, where stored. Log it and write it.

Sergeant Tours

? Look for hazards
? Review Log Book
? Talk with Staff' request feedback on concerns and needs
? Review
- Clark binder
- 24 hour log
- Inventories
- Heat list
- Mandatory postings
- Uniforms
- Shadow searches and counts
- Post Orders
- Inmate time cards up to date
? Address concerns and seek feedback

Useful Data

? POBAR is in Govt Code 3300
? Post Orders can be no more than 4 pages (per DOM) does not include supplements.